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Name of the Candidate:Adarsh Toraskar
Name of the Post Applied:GIS Engineer
Job related skills / software:Quantum GIS,Autodesk Map, 2DManager, Spatial Factory, Arc GIS, Geomedia, Global Mapper
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:Geologist/ GIS Analyst
Years of Experience:5 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:M.A. / MA : Master of Arts
Major / Specialization:Geography
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Curriculum Vitae :
Toraskar Adarsh Vishwanath
VASAI - 401208

Mobile : +917798491936
EMAIL ID :Adarshtoraskar12 AT gmail.com

To lead a challenging career, capitalize by experience in the field of Auto Cad, Arc GIS & GIS. Where I can contribute to the growth of the organization using my skills and hard work as well as to improve my personal and professional skills. To put forward my sincere and honest services towards an organization have its roots in GIS and Remote Sensing. To obtain GIS Analyst position that fully utilizes my experience and abilities. Long-term relationship with a company that is rapidly expanding and offers good advancement potential.

** Hard working with good communication skills.
** Self-Motivated, quick intake and self-starter.
** Flexible and easily adaptable to any working environment.

** 5 Years 1 Month experience as GIS Analyst / GIS Service / Production
** Experience in handling & Problem Solving for Production Team Members.
** Strong relationship management, communication skills with the client and subordinators.

6 Months Experience in “Genesys International Corporation Ltd. Mumbai (Andheri)”
As Senior Executive - GIS Engineer
(22nd Feb 2016 to Present Working On Genesis Of A New Generation’s payroll)

1) Project Title : Pan India
Software :Arc Map 10. Quantum Gis 2.12, MS-Office
Project Description : Create a Base Map, India Build Land Base Project. Road digitization, Attribution,

2)Project Title : KBJNL- Krishna Bhagya Jala Nigam Ltd
Software :Arc Map 10. Global Mapper, MS-Office
Project Description : The Company is responsible for planning, investigation, estimation, execution, operation and maintenance of all irrigation projects coming under the Upper Krishna Project (UKP). The Company is also responsible to obtain Government of India's clearance and execute the UKP Create a Base Map, India Build Land Base Project. Building, Attribution, Merging.

1 Year 5 Months Experience in “Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. Mumbai (Andheri)”
As Executive - GIS Engineer CumCad Engineer
(27th Oct 2014 to 22nd Feb 2016 On Aadi’s payroll )

1)Project Title : RJIL 4G Project (Reliance 4G Telecom)
Software :AutoCAD 2015, Arc Map 10.2 Arc catalog, GIS-NE-7.1 MS-Office

Auto CAD :
** Conducts Route survey with field of the data. To resolve conflicting information and ensure the accuracy.
** To perform Quality Check and Quality Assurance as per Reliance Standards.
** To check Network with Land base & submit the same.
** Preparing of SLD Drawing as per Network requirement.
** Involved in planning team to close the residency path and to clear obstruction route by diverting the OSP as per our field.
** Interacting with construction team to close the data updation which has been received from field.
** Route Planning & drawing.

** Acquiring Survey data (in shp format) from Field Survey office (FSO) for creating Telecom Network in Arc GIS 10.1 using customize tool.
** To Perform Overall QA/ QC in Arc GIS 10.1
** Asbuilt data updation in GIS as per the data received by construction team in validation with ITP signed which has been issued for billing and as confirmation required by commercials.
** Updation of data related to DIT and blowing of fiber which help’s the management to reconcile the material before billing.
** Understand the capabilities of a GIS, Navigate through the Network Engineer interface Query information from data in Network Engineer
** Introduction to GIS, Add spatial data to the map; manipulate view using the map tools; query and edit features, Network Engineer environment
** View sample Telco data set; introduce the concept of database versioning; view existing features and connections; conduct a network trace, Collaborating and reporting, Generate bill of materials; trace, splice, span migration and connections reports

Project Development : (4G Project) RELIANCE JIO (Contract)
** Handle Area from Bandra to Mira Bhayander.
** Preparing & submitting All daily progress report to the higher management in terms of consolidation of status reports, issues raised, key dependencies and milestone achievements.
** Accountable for carrying out technical research about new & emerging open-source technologies.
** Community development task.
** Planning & Route survey before OFC execution & MIS Report.
** Supervising the Teams in Implementation of work according to standards & quality.
** Licensing with Vendor, Govt. Authorities and, MIDC, PWD, PNP, ZP.
** Supervision of HDD work, Micro trenching, open trenching, ducting, DIT & cable pulling.
** HDD work, Chambers installation, DIT & Cable blowing.
** Daily coordination with field site engineer team.
** Material management & follow up with vendors.
** All back office activities like daily updating of site measurement reports, progress reports, all survey reports data & giving all back office support to field team & management.

Project Description :
As-Build Updation, Civil route As built drawing, Cable Routing drawing, Route Planning drawings, Survey for Civil route, Copper route & Fiber route, Survey for additional routes & for connecting New Buildings, Fiber Audit data drawing, Fiber route As built drawing, Fiber Audit data updation as per data from Audit Team, Maintenance Data updation as per data received from respective Locations

Data rectification and updation, Giving required data as per requirement to maintenance team, Maintaining Data, Copper updation, Updating new network in GIS, All back office activities like daily updating of site measurement reports, progress reports, all survey reports data & giving all back office support to field team & management, Create KML on Google Earth as per Planning

2 Months Experience in “Aadi It Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ghansoli (Technocity, Mahape)”
As Executive - GIS Engineer
(11th Aug 2014 to 22nd Feb 2016)

1) Project Title : Landbase Digitization (Reliance Telecom)
Software :AutoCAD 2004, Arc Map 10
Project Description : Satellite Images Digitization using ARCGIS 10.0, Road network Analysis,India Build Land Base Project. Building, Area, Road Geometry, Attribution, Merging, Parcel Mapping, Poi Data Verification, Building overlaps, Create new Buildings, Edge matching, snapping, Topology And, AOI Distribution.

2 Years Experience in “Genesys International Corporation Ltd. Mumbai” As Executive - GIS Engineer (6th Aug 2012 to 10th Aug 2014)

1) Project Title : Reliance Vijay (Reliance Telecom)
Software :AutoCAD 2004, Arc Map 10.
Spatial Factory
Project Description : LIDAR, Pano Processing, Building Creation, Road line creation using Spatial Factory Software.

2) Project Title : Reliance RJIL Project(Reliance Telecom Fiber)
Software :AutoCAD 2004, Arc Map 10. Spatial Factory
Project Description : Fiber Network Planning, Fiber Distribution, Fiber networks Material selection in accordance to the design and customer requirements, Capture the User Information Data from Survey Report, Design the fiber cable network routing, Splitter & Cable type selection using Auto Cad Software, Land base Adjustment (AOI: - Area of Interest) base on All Features Apart from above-mentioned projects also worked on Parcel Mapping & Ortho Interpretation Survey of Proposed Fiber Route and 45 m On both Side Of The Optical Fiber Route

3) Project Title : Pano Processing Project
Software :Arc Map 10. 2DManager Pano Viewer Adobe after Effects (Adobe cs3)
Project Description : 360 degree Image QA /QC, 360 degree Image Enhancement, Tagging Land Base Project. Base Mapping Work Nature, Generating tag According to pano view And Giving Attribution, India Build Land Base Project. Building, Area, Road Geometry, Attribution, Merging, Parcel Mapping, Poi Data Verification, Building overlaps, Create new Buildings, Edge matching, snapping, Topology

4)Project Title : Land Base Project
Software :Arc Map 10. 2DManager
Project Description : Create a Base Map, India Build Land Base Project. Building, Area, Road Geometry, Attribution, Merging, Parcel Mapping, Poi Data Verification, Create new Buildings & Topology.

5)Project Title :Phoenix Project
Software :Arc Map 10. 2DManager
Project Description : This is a video shut project in which include to Base Map Creation Data Collection Pano Processing in task of Base Map Creation using Quekbird imagery as per Imagery captures the POI, Road Center line Building Footprint and Hydro feature Create a Base Map, Create new Buildings & Topology.

6)Project Title :Landbace Project (Golf Capture)
Software :Google Earth & Google Map

Project Description :
The client is a leading satellite navigation system company with offices across the UK and Europe. They have also been a constant leader in GPS navigation technology and design.

The main objective of this project is digitizing/mapping the golf courses in United Kingdom and Europe. This data capture involves the features that one comes across when a golfer plays the game. The reference inputs are the place marks (pinpoints) that represent the location of Teebox, Fairway, Green, Hydrology, Cart path, Bunker, Tree and Vegetation. The scorecard contents information of no. of holes in a game along with their Par & yardage details

7)Project Title : Pilot Project:
Software :AutoCAD 2004, Arc Map 10. Spatial Factory,
(Only basic knowledge of this software - Geomedia, Ladybug cap pro, Photoshop, Sketch Up 2015)

Project Description :
Create A Base Map, Digital Road Survey and Documentation of Ireland Country, All Geographical feature And Road feature for (Mobile Map application). Parcel Mapping, Create a shape file & KML file, QA / QC Attribution, merging, overlaps, Edge matching, snapping

8 Months Experience in “Wattera Industrial Estate Pvt Ltd Mumbai (Vasai)”
As “AutoCad Operator”
(8th Nov 2011 to 31st July 2012 )

1)Project Title : LED Light Planning
Software :AutoCAD 2004, MS-Office

Project Description :
Drawing and presenting lighting plans, Creation and sharing of lists such as equipment inventories, gel cuttings lists, cable allocations etc. Noting of data and, as important, changes such as cue lists, focus notes, equipment shortages. Calculation and communication including power requirements, circuit information, weight loadings. Lighting Designer tools such as beam angle calculation and experimentation, design choices such as gobos (templates/patterns)

** Working with as Senior Executive - GIS Engineer in Genesis Of A New Generation group
** Worked with Aadi It Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
** Worked As Gis Executive In Genesys International Corporation Private Ltd.
** Seeking assignments in coordination, planning, execution, implementation and operations.
** Able To Coordinate Multiple Projects Simultaneously.

** M.A. Appear ( Geography ) From Mumbai University, Mumbai (Maharashtra)
** B.A. ( Hindi & Geography ) From Arts & Commerce College Phondaghat, Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) in 2012
** Diploma in “Remote Sensing & GIS” from S.K.P.College of Arts, Commerce & Science, Sawantwadi. Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) in 2012
** Diploma in “Office Automation & Hardware And Networking” Form Raj Computers Academy Vasai, Dahanu - Palghar (Maharashtra) in 2015
** Diploma in “Diesel Mechanic” Form Kohinoor Technical Institute Kankavli, Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) in 2012
** Diploma in “DOEACC(C.C.C.)” From Yogeshwar Computer Phondaghat, Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) in 2009
** H.S.C from Arts & Commerce College Phondaghat, Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) in 2009.
** S.S.C from Madhyamik vidyalaya School lore no 2, Sindhudurg (Maharashtra) in 2007.

IT Skills
Operating Systems : Windows 98/2000/NT 4.0/Me/XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7/Window 8 & 8.1

Software Packages :
** Quantum GIS,Autodesk map (Auto Cad) 2015 & 2016
** 2DManager, Spatial Factory, Arc GIS 10 & 9.3,
** Arc catalog, GIS-NE-7.1, Photoshop (CS6), Coral Draw,
** Sketch Up 2015, Geomedia, Global Mapper
** Ladybug cap pro, html5, flash, Microsoft office
** Pano Viewer, Adobe after Effects (Adobe cs3)

Personal Dossier:
FATHER’S NAME : Vishwanath Pandurang Toraskar
NAME : Adarsh Vishwanath Toraskar
DATE OF BIRTH : 6th September 1991
LANGUAGE KNOWS  : Marathi, Hindi and English.
SEX  : Male
HOBBIES  : Playing cricket, Traveling, Reading Books, Swimming, Dancing, Listing Music & Watching Movies.

Declaration :
I hereby Toraskar Adarsh Vishwanath declare that the above-furnished information is true to the best of my Knowledge and belief.

Date : 10th August 2016
Place :Vasai


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