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Molecular Biology Lab Instructor Resume Sample, Experience : 2 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Molecular Biology Lab Instructor
Job related skills / software:DNA/ RNA Gel Electrophoresis, Gel Doc Systems
Sub Category:Lab Technician
Years of Experience:2 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:M.Sc. / MSC : Master of Science
Major / Specialization:Biotechnology
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Objective  :
To implement myself and the technologies which I have learnt during my studies and my experiences in the R&D labs for the welfare of human beings in the field of biotechnology. To use my knowledge in best possible way for the betterment of the environment and to secure a position in biotech environment.

Educational Qualification  : Two Higher Degrees
Sr No Degree/Diploma Year of Passing Marks Main subjects studied University
B.Sc Biotechnology (H.) 2004 65% MolecularBiology,Genetics,Immunology,Microbiology ,Animal Biotech. ,Recombinant DNA Technology,Plant Biotech.,Animal cell culture,Biophysics,Cell biology Ranchi University
M.Sc Biotechnology 2007 75% Animal cell culture,Cell Biology, Biomolecules,Microbial physiology andGenetics,Bioprocessing,Enzymology,MolecularBiology,Immunology ,Environmental Biotech. Behrampur University

Experience  :
1. At Himedia Labs Pvt Ltd .Mumbai  :
Role  : Molecular Biologist.
Duration  : October 2007 – Till date
Responsibilities  :
Practically  :
Worked as a lab instructor to teach practicals of Himedia protocols of molecular biology and animal tissue culture to researchers and scientists coming for training.
Worked in projects for Isolating genomic DNA from different sources like bacteria, yeast, fungi, blood, plants (ginger, mint, sugarcane leaves), and mammalian tissues for Himedia using spin column based techniques.
ELISA ,Immunological techniques, Gel Electrophoresis, Gel Doc system, Nanodrop and spectrophotometer. ,
PCR amplification of genomic bacterial DNA, RFLP, SDS PAGE, Hemoglobin Gel Electrophoresis, Hemoglobin solubility test
Given presentation on the different aspects of molecular biology, its significance and basics of molecular biology.
Interacted with different marketing executives regarding the advertisement and follow up of Himedia Products.

Projects Undertaken  :
Successfully completed the unique and complicated project individually for detection of sickle cell disease ,and trait, thalasemia minor and major by hemoglobin gel electrophoresis in Agarose gel by using Tris glycin buffer, first time launched that hemolysing solution for hemoglobin separation without using Potassium cyanide.
Detection of sickle cell disease, and trait, thalasemia minor and major by hemoglobin solubility Test.
Demonstration for these three project for health ministry of Maharashtra in Haffkins.serum institute
Performed successfully many research oriented protocols like SDS PAGE for protein separation
Presently working in standardizing teaching kit protocol for transformation in bacteria and producing recombinant strains
Well worse practically with all animal tissue culture techniques
Worked on different cell lines(Jurkat,BHK,CHO)cell lines
Perform routine work of seeding, splitting and counting of cells

Techniques known  :
PCR, Protein, DNA and RNA Gel Electrophoresis, Gel Doc Systems, SDS PAGE
Nanodrop and all the emerging and advance Molecular Biology related practicals
Centrifuge machine(Research and table top),UV transilluminator, Micropipette,Spetrophotometre,Densitometer,Polyacrylamide Gel electrophoresis unit


At Geochemical Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Raja Industrial state, Mulund, Mumbai (Lab with NABL accreditation and ISO certified)
Role  : Biotechnologist
Duration  : April 2007 – October 2007(6 months)
Responsibilities  :
Practically  :
Deal with absolute quantification of genetically modified products with the help of RT PCR.
Microbial limit test of variety of food products and water samples leading to detection of different micro organisms if present in food and water samples.
Testing of different genetically modified products with the help of RT PCR.
Project Undertaken during Degree Education  :
Project done on Recombinant DNA Technology from Shreedhar Bhat’s Laboratory, Biotechnology products, Services and training center. (Recognized by Karnataka Biotechnology and information Technology Services).
Works  : Preparation of recombinant (DNA) by using PUC18 (Vector DNA) and PUC19 (insert DNA){Gene}.
Isolation and Screening of Pectinase Enzyme from Geomarine Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Under the Supervision of Dr.T Charles John Bhaskar, Research Scientist, MD, Geomarine Biotechnologies Chennai.
Parasitaemia in case of Plasmodium falciparum in disease Malaria from military hospital Laboratory, MH Namkum, Ranchi Under the supervision of Col. (Dr.) R. K. Choudhary (AFMC Pune),Dept. of Pathology.
Study about ECG.

Techniques learnt practically during Degree Education  :
Practical knowledge of immunological techniques
Practical knowledge in Microbiological techniques.
Knowledge about Inorganic and organic chemistry.
Handling of instruments related to Microbiology.
Laboratory handling of instruments in Molecular Biology.
Practical knowledge of Biochemical techniques.

Training/Certification during Degree Education  :
Have taken ISO training in Himedia
Training in Clinical pathology under the supervision of Dr. KK Sinha (HOD, Dept of biochemistry and pathology), RIMS, Ranchi.
Training in Institute of animal Health Care and production (A Govt .Research institute).
a) Study about Diseases effecting animals.
b) Production of Bacterial and Viral Vaccines for animals.
c) Biological test of Different Vaccines.

Documentation and computer knowledge :
Experience of preparing brochures for various finalized protocols for the kits sell by Himedia.
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point, Acrobat

Awards & Achievements  :
University Topper of my batch during Graduation and was in top 10.
University topper with Distinction marks in MSc Biotechnology in Berhampur University.

Extra Curricular Activity  :
Debating, Participation in science related seminar and paper presentation in Biotech seminar.
Hostel prefect of women’s college ladies hostel, Ranchi.
Presented seminars on biotechnology in Tech fest of Gandhi institute of Engineering and Technology.


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