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QA/QC Welding Inspector Resume Sample, Experience : 17 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:QA/QC Welding Inspector
Job related skills / software:Liquid Reentrant/ Magnetic Particle Testing
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:NDT Technician / Welding Inspector
Years of Experience:17 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Seeking a challenging and dynamic position in the oil & gas industry including responsibilities dealing with clients, customers and allied activities in mechanical Piping, fabrication & welding. I have total 17 years experience in Construction.

Around 17 years experience in India as well in Saudi Arabia, in the field of steel plant, petrochemical, Refinery, offshore & onshore(Doha Qatar Phase#3) shop fabrication industries related to oil field in Engineering and Inspection activities, such as Tank, Vessel, Drums, Heat Exchangers trouble shooting in stationary equipment and Rotatory Equipment (compressors, pumps, generators etc.) piping related activities like approval of test packages, preparing for hydro test, clearing erected spools for service, Review modification of isometric drawings, G.A. Drawing (P & ID), Carrying out hydro tests and documentation etc. presently working with Saudi Arabian export refinery project (SATORP) Jubail, KSA.

Diploma in mechanical Engineering
Certified Welding Inspector, Certified by American Welding Society
AWS – CWI Certificate NO  : 09032761

NDE Certificate course Awareness in  :
Ultrasonic Testing
Radiographic Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Liquid Reentrant Testing

Working Experience  :(15 years and continued in gulf)
Contractor  : Star International
POSITION  : QA/QC Inspector(mechanical)
DURATION  : From April 2009 to January 2011
Conversant with ANSI, ASTM, ASME, API, AWS Codes and Standards.
Witness of Mechanical test for PQR & Welders performance Qualification test as per Approved WPS.
Review the Approved Quality and Inspection plan.
Review with Approved Drawings, Governing Standards and Specifications.
Review fabrication/Erection, documents and work quality in terms of specification, workmanship and other variables as indicated in the abovementioned documents as per requirements of QC standard operating procedure and client’s specification.
Perform surveillance fitup and visual inspection of all piping and welding works from piping prefabrication to field installation.
Verify/Review weld parameters of SAW, SMAW, MIG, FCAW &TIG process to be within range as specified in approved WPS during the shift on daily basis and maintain the records for CS/LTCS/&NACE/SS/& DUPLEX/LOW ALLOY/SS CLAD/CuNi materials.
Quality surveillance, Welding Inspection, Documentation & Dimensional Check as per codes & standards.
Ensuring workshop personnel are working to the correct procedure and process
Inspection of all welding activities prior, during and after, which include material check, qualifications and welding equipments (Randomly).
Witness NDT Test UT, MT, PT, Leak Test, visually accepted joints to cope up with the NDT percentage requirements per line class & welders performance % age.
Closely Monitor the performance of welders, repair of welds, analyses the causes and initiate preventive and corrective actions.
Monitoring & Review of Preheat/post heat & PWHT of piping joints..
Witnessing Pneumatic and Hydro Testing etc.
Review all NDT reports and operator and evaluator certification validity and required level, record drawings, Material and weld traceability for proper documentation as per project specification requirements
Preparation of NCR/CAR/Technical Queries and follow up.
Coordination with company & subcontractors.

Contractor  : AYTB
PROJECT  : Various projects(Aramco/sabic)
POSITION  : QA/QC – Welding Inspector
DURATION  : From Sep 1998 to May 2009
Conducting the Welder and Welding Operator Qualification Test as per ASME Section IX (SMAW, GTAW & GMAW)
Establishing and qualifying WPS & PQR to applicable specification / codes and standards.
Monitoring production welding including welders as per ASME 31.1 Power piping.
Preparation of NDE reports as per ASME SectionV and client requirement.
Preparation of Weld joint History and Welder Control Chart.
Overall inspection activities of Pipeline Fabrication, erection, testing, flushing and commissioning.
Inspection of Equipments, placement alignment and maintaining protocols.
Inspection of motor / pump coupling alignment and documentation.
Witnessing PT, MT, UT and RT film interpretation.
Inspection coordination with client inspectors.
Preparing and Reviewing the Drawing related to modification & improvements.
Witness and Inspection for Hydrostatic and Pneumatic tests.
Witness and Inspection for water fill test as per API Std.
Review and interpretation of NDE results as per Standards.
Monitoring the welding activities as per WPS and Quality system procedure.
Established procedures such as Welder Control, Welding Consumables, Inspection and measuring equipment Calibration.
Conducting training for welders regarding Quality.
Training the welders in the position they are to be improved.
Involvement in the 25% & 75% Internal Quality Audit.
Review and approval of Quality Assurance Plans and Inspection Test Plans.
Verification of receiving materials with related Drawings and Specifications.
Preparation and Reviewing of Welding Procedure Specification, Procedure Qualifications and Welders Qualification Tests.
Review of Test Packs and Inspection of the Piping Loops as per Isometrics, Checklist and issuing Punch Lists.
Inspection of weld visual.
Witnessing Pneumatic and Hydro Testing of Piping, Tanks and Equipments.
Interpretation of Radiographs and witnessing of MT, UT and PT Examination.
Participating in Internal Quality Audits.
Rising of Non Conformance Reports and Field Deficiency Reports.
Witnessing of Positive Material Identification and Hardness Test...
Review of PWHT charts
Prepared weld maps, as built drawings and weld history.
Preparation of NCR’s subject to quality requirements & Standards and advising for corrective actions

COMPANY  : Hindustan petroleum, Mumbai , India
Contractor  : Neo Structo Construction Ltd
POSITION  : Assistant QA QC ( welding/ Piping)
DURATION  : Dec 1993 to Jun 1996
Witness the preparation of welds for the qualification of the procedure and the Welder qualification tests
Visual examination shall be carried out on all completed welds in accordance With API 1104 SEC 9 and GS PLR 420 SEC 12for visual inspection prior to being examined by NDT.
Welding consumables inspection
Pipe bevel visual inspection (Auto& manual bevel)
Monitoring welding activities as per WPS (Auto& manual
Parameter check during welding for each welders and reporting
Witnessing welder qualification test& PQR
Visual inspection for post weld (Auto& manual )
RT film interpretation for daily welds as per codes and standards
Weld repair inspection as per repair welding procedure
Review the test packs
Reporting daily weld and NDT inspection activities to QA/QC dept and client and etc…
Carry out visual and dimensional checks of piping spools, equipment, skid and offshore structures as per approved drawing.

Ensure post weld heat treatment is carried out as per approved procedure
Witness hydro testing of piping/vessel as per hydro test procedure
Witness hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of valves
Witness calibration of various instruments like pressure gauges, pressure switches, pressure transmitters and pressure safety valves etc…
Ensure welding as per approved welding procedure qualification and contractor deploys , handling and backing of welding consumable
Review and approval the NDT procedure submitted by the contractor
Carry out material identification and radiography film interpretation , ultrasonic corrosion survey , MT,PT inspection Review of NDT reports and maintain all related files and records
The detailed internal and external inspection of pressure vessels, heat exchangers , columns , direct and indirect fired heaters, storage tanks and other items of associated equipments
Perform UT thickness / scanning and visual inspection as required and compare with the previous documents to note corrosion level highlighting and submit
Inspection and testing of all static equipment of process plants and pipelined and provides analysis of equipment condition
To assist the inspection section head to prepare long and shortterm inspection business plans and budgets
To comply with all work permit, policies and procedures
To check condition of safety relief valves, prescribes repairs, as required and witness relief pressure setting, including hot setting where needed
Carried out visual inspection of welded joints before offer for radiography and MPI

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