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QC Coating Inspector Resume Sample, Experience : 18 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:QC Coating Inspector
Job related skills / software:Consumables Certificate Verification
Category:Site / Construction
Sub Category:NDT Technician / Welding Inspector
Years of Experience:18 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:Diploma
Major / Specialization:Mechanical
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Having (overall 18years)12 years experience in the field Material inspection, welding & coating inspection, and NDT inspection with reputed oil and gas, refineries, power plant, petro chemical and pipeline.
I have good knowledge in welding inspection, coating inspection and NDT destructive tests and knowledge on applicable code and standards.
** A challenging position in quality control inspection profession.
** Material documents verifying as per code & project specification
** Qualifying welding procedures.
** Qualifying welders.
** Face client or third party audits.
** Test packs documentation.

General Information  :
Working in quality control department for past 12 years at various positions in countries like Saudi, Qatar, U.A.E. Familiar with international codes and standards like ASME Sec V, Sec VIII, Sec IX, API 1104, ASME B31.3,31.4, 31.8,API6D,ISO14313 & ISO 5208

Major Clients  :

Educational Qualification  :
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech (R.V.D University)

Technical Qualification  :
CSWIP 3.1 (Cert. No.35824)
Certified welding inspector (AWS / Cert. No.06070111)
Painting inspector NACE Level 1 (Cert. No.227201)
Certified H2S course (ETSDC ABU DHABI UAE)

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
Radiography Testing (RT)
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
Liquid Penetrate Testing (PT)

Technical Proficiency  : Familiar in P.C operation (MS-Word, Excel, Hardware)

Projects  :
Inspects materials, products, and work in progress for conformance to specifications, and adjusts process or assembly equipment to meet standards.
Collects samples for testing, and computes findings.
Reads dials and meters to verify functioning of equipment according to specifications.
Analyzes and interprets blueprints, sample data, and other materials to determine, change, or measure specifications or inspection and testing procedures.
Tests and measures finished products, components, or assemblies for functioning, operation, accuracy, or assembly to verify adherence to functional specifications.
Observes and monitors production operations and equipment to ensure proper assembly of parts, or assists in testing and monitoring activities.
Marks items for acceptance or rejection, records test results and inspection data, and compares findings with specifications to ensure conformance to standards.
Confers with vendors and others regarding inspection results, recommends corrective procedures, and compiles reports of results, recommendations, and needed repairs
QC inspector for 26”24”12”10”8”4” 3PPL (poly propylene/polyethylene) coated pipe lines Asab full field development
QC inspector for 14”x 4KM P.E coated pipeline from habsan ABS through Gasco(OAG PROJET)
QC inspector for 40”24”16”10”x and small diameter Shop releasing for all welded spools with
Visual inspection (HGCE PROJT)
QC inspector for Sulfur recovery expansion plant at Habsan (Abudhabi)
QC inspector for 12” x 21KM Glass re-in forced epoxy pipeline from ruwaiz
QC inspector for Sulfur recovery expansion plant at Raslaffan through Mekon. (Qatar)
QC inspector pipeline for 52”x carbon steel Khalifa stadium cooling water (ABU DHABI)
Welding for on 10”, 8” pipeline and floating and storage tanks at TAKREER refinery through
Ram sis engineering respectively (ruwaiz)

Job Involved in WESCO
JOB NO  : W/4/1200933, W/4/1200907, W/4/1200818
To prior the start review the all documents as per project specification
To coordinate with adco and petofac respective persons
Witness of Hydro test for Valves as per Adco project specification P14333 and Reference Code & API-6D/ ISO 14313/API598/ASTM16.34
To review all valves supplied with EN10024 3.1 certificate, a combined material and hydro test certificate.
All valves include  :
ISO 9001  :2000,ENAC Certification
ISP 9001  :2000, UKAS Quality management
In project playing such a valves ball valves, Gate valves, Check valves, Globe valves such as (manual operation & Actuators Valves)

Job Involved in OGASCO :
JOB NO  : 1207/1252
To prior the start review the all documents as per project specification
To coordinate with adco and petofac respective persons
Witness of Hydro test for pig launcher receiver and Temporary test header for spools as per project specification P14333 and Reference Code B31.4 & 31.8
10Oct 2010 to 31May 2011  : C.A.T / PETORFAC ADCO PROJECT UAE
Position  : Sr.Welding inspector
Project  : ASAB FULL FIELD DEVELOPMENT (Project No P1433/1207/1252)
Jobs Involved  :
Study and understand the project scope and specification as well as the ITP’s and method statements
Material receiving inspection which compliance with reference & verifying documents.
To carried out test of procedure qualification and WPQT.
To maintain the record of welder qualification record.
Make the RFI to clients and carry out the inspection with respective ITP, identify and generate the NCR
Report any major quality issues to the quality manager of the project team
Carry out inspection of work in progress including checking if the right procedure is followed for the pipeline as well as the check for the qualification of the pipe line personnel and the kind of material use for the process
Inspection carried out bending which IP (Inter section point) as latest revision drawings.
Inspection carried out fitting welding of line pipe & visual inspection and carry out the mechanical inspection after the line has been fully installed and generate the punch list with the A,B,C category items clearly and initiate the hydro testing approved procedure
Generate daily activates report and weekly make the reports of welder repair rate for welding review meeting for the client
Witnessed the UT, HT, & MPI as project requirement.
To carried out cathode protection pad

Jan 2010 to Oct2010  : M/s. JEYA RAM ENGINEERING:
Position  : QC ENGINEER
Project  : BHEL, TPL, L&T
Construction of well hook-ups (Oil, Gas, and Steam), flow lines & pipe lines on newly developing oil gas field.
Qualifying welding procedures & WPQT for piping and vessels welding activities of visual inspection.
Review NDT reports and radiographs.
Preparation of daily progress & Final test pack reports.
Witness NDT inspection methods (UT//MT/PT).

Oct 2007 to Dec 2009  : M/s Consolidated Construction International Company UAE:
Company  : A third party inspection company from Egypt having middle east base in Dubai with branch offices in most of gulf countries, carrying out third party inspection, construction activities in gulf and African countries.
Job & Responsibilities  :
To verify whether Q.C.P is approved.
To conform that verification of materials and consumable related to welding
Qualifying welding procedure specification (WPS) piping, pipelines & hot tap welding and ensuring approval of WPS.
Qualifying welders for piping, pipelines & Hot tap welding.
Carrying inspection before, during, after welding and also for GRE jointing as per the requirements of approved WPS & Q.C.P.
Daily updating of reports for Welding & GRE jointing.
NDT coordination with NDT personnel, reviewing Radiographs films.
Witness hydro testing and preparing the final test pack.

Painting  :
Checking whether Q.C.P is approved.
Certificate verification of consumables (Abrasives, paint and equipment) and also approval of it
Checking the storage of consumables.
Assessment of substrate condition before blasting.
Checking the quality of compressed air in both blasting and at the time of painting application.
Checking weather conditions (Steel temp., ambient temp., dew point, relative humidity).
Checking the surface profile & cleanliness after blasting.
Checking whether correct paint material used as per the required paint system.
Checking the batch No, shelf life, mixing ratio of paint before application.
Checking the stripe coat & over lap application are as per the requirements.
Checking the wet film thickness during paint application.
Ensuring the over coat interval time and curing of the paint are followed, before application of the subsequent coat.
Checking the visual inspection of painted surface and final dry film thickness measured.
Carrying out the test to ensure the adhesion of paint system.
Checking pinhole detection on painted surface to see for any repair.
If any repair found, to be repaired and again carry out the pinhole detection test.
Daily visual report updating.
Ensuring the above all, carried out according to the approved Q.C.P

Coating  :
Checking whether Q.C.P is approved.
Certificate verification of consumables (Abrasives, paint sleeves and equipments) and also approval of it.
Checking the storage of consumables.
Assisting in qualification of sleeve operators with sleeve manufacturer.
Assessment of substrate condition before blasting.
Checking the quality of compressed air before blasting.
Checking weather conditions (Steel temp., ambient temp, dew point, relative humidity).
Checking the surface profile & cleanliness after blasting
Checking the shelf life of epoxy primer and cure.
Checking the mixing ratio and minimum temp.

before primer application.
Checking the pre heat temp. before sleeve application.
Ensuring the proper heating during application of shrink sleeve.
Ensuring the entrapped air is evacuated from shrink sleeve.
Checking the overlap and sleeve edges are as per the requirements.
Final visual inspection of sleeve applied.
Carrying destructive test (Pull Through) to ensure the adhesion of sleeve.
Daily visual report updating
Carrying final holiday by high voltage holiday detector.
Ensuring the above all, carried out according to the approved Q.C.P

2006 to 2007 : M/s Gulf Steel Works K.S.A
Position : QC Welding Inspector
Project : Japan Gas Corporation 7209, 7210
Company : Manufacture of pressure parts for Saudi aramco / JGC / Hawaiah
Jobs Involved :
Carried out NDT Inspection Methods (/MT/PT/) for fabricated columns, shells, tubular & Pipe Joints at site and fabrication yard.
QC Inspector for 52”x carbon steel vessel and liter of 750, 1000, 1500 storage tanks
QC Inspector for stainless steel tank capacity of 10,000 liters

2006-2004 : M/s Sharp tanks & Structural’s private ltd.
Position : QC Supervisor
Company : A leading ISO-9001 company who is specialized in manufacturing of tanks and structural’s.
Jobs Involved :
Supervision of fabrication work of water and oil storage tanks & structural’s at fabrication shop preparation of daily, weekly report status of production. Preparation of technical offer, Proposals for tanks & structural’s of commercial division.

2004-2003 : M/s Ram sis Engineering Abu dhabi
Position : QC Inspector
Project : Sulfur recovery unit -119
Job Involved :
Carried out inspection on leveling of jacked piping work for sulfur plant and floating tank
Reviewed electrodes and filler metals chemical composition upon supplier as per test certificate with conforming to ASME SECII PARTC.
Ensured electrode baking storage condition and is as per manufacture recommended
Execution of all vessel intermediate and final dimension inspection in construction shop as per
Requirement of the approved drawing and quality plan

2003-2002 : M/s Trags electrical limited Qatar
Project : Infrastructure site Khalifa stadium – Energy stadium energy centre 635
Position : QC inspector
Company : Construction of stadium cooling water works at Qatar
Jobs Involved
QC Inspector for 52”x carbon steel pipeline stadium for cooling water
Supervision of work force involved in erection & commissioning pipe lines.
Preparation of reports involved in production, reporting daily & weekly production status
NDT coordination with sub Contractor.

Client : Barony Petroleum Refinery, Bihar
Position : QC Inspector
Jobs Involved :
Maintenance of all required test certificates for material and calibration
Maps asbuilds and weld history.
Attending weekly project quality meetings and fulfilling the client’s. . Maintained of all required welder qualification, equipment calibration and test certificates for materials Raised request for inspection (RFI) to project third party.
Inspection as per approved inspection and test plan (ITP) for the release of piping spools


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