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Front office Receptionist / Secretary >> Office Admin/ Clerk/ Facility Manager 
Admin/Record Keeper Resume Sample, Experience : 7 years



Name of the Candidate:Pravin
Name of the Post Applied:Admin/Record Keeper
Job related skills / software:Providing guidance and monitoring performance of front office executives, Coordinating with vendors for new ID cards and Business cards
Category:Front office Receptionist / Secretary
Sub Category:Office Admin/ Clerk/ Facility Manager
Years of Experience:7 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:M.A. / MA : Master of Arts
Major / Specialization:History
Email Id:pravinkaranjule00 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Summary  :
Dedicated and technically skilled business professional with over a decade of versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as an administrative manager, strong organization, communication and relationship building skills. Eager to bring strong administrative skills to growing company in need of top level support

Job Description :
Security  :
** Handling the vendor management of security agency
** Supervision of vehicle log of company vehicles handling by the agency
** Invoice receipt and processing

House Keeping & Pest Control Services  :
** Maintain a clean, hygienic and healthy work environment
** Contribute to Continuous Quality Improvement
** Monitoring the duty and performance of the housekeeping staff
** Ensure that the pest control agency follows the SLAs
** Receipt and processing of the Pest control invoice and submitting the same to Finance team for processing with due approvals

Company Driver Management  :
** Ensuring that all the drivers are groomed properly
** Ensuring that the drivers are motivated well and performing their duties without any issues
** Administer drivers OT
** Log book management

Company Vehicle Management  :
** Ensuring that all the vehicle is maintained properly as per the manufacturers instruction
** Diesel and log book verification on a weekly basis
** Mileage verification and diesel consumption check

Travel Desk Management  :
** Ensuring that all travel requests are processed on time
** Ensure that all travel requests are duly submitted with the necessary approvals by the Associates either thru Email or thru hard copy
** Identify and discuss with vendor on the cheapest fare and ensure that the same is booked resulting in cost reduction and savings for the company
** All invoices to be received from vendor on a weekly basis and the same to be processed within 5 days from the receipt of invoices with the necessary travel requests
** All Cab, Train, Flight bookings MIS reports shall be sent on a weekly basis to the management team and no deviations shall be accepted in this regard

Front Office Management  :
** Providing guidance and monitoring performance of front office executives
** Coordinating with vendors for new ID cards and Business cards
** All invoices to be received from vendor on monthly basis and the same to be processed within specified timeline
** Meeting management (Allotting rooms, providing stationary, Providing Software & Hardware facilities)

Asset Management  :
** Maintain all the assets of the organization with regards to admin department
** Mapping all the assets against the respective users and ensure that the tracker is updated on a weekly basis and the data collated shall be updated on the common folder of Admin team
** All asset movement to be maintained with the GRN Nos with security for all incoming materials and gate pass with returnable / not returnable status for all items taken out of the office
** All Assets to be insured as per company rules
** All assets shall be reconciled at the end of every financial year and the same sent to respective stake holders
** Maintaining the stock of the company branded items and ensure that they are distributed as per the approvals received

IT Administration  :
** Monitoring performance of IT administrators
** Supervision of various Annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) for systems , laptops , printers and other IT related items
** Ensuring that all data backup is taken as per Sr Mgt instructions
** Ensuring that all POs, Agreements and contracts of the CO are maintained in a shared folder and access to the folders to be issued on Directors approval

Contracts and Agreement  :
** Handle all contracts and agreement pertaining to Admin & Facilities
** Maintain a tracker of all contracts and agreements
** Discussing with the respective vendors and lessors for various contract/agreements finalization or renewal
** Negotiate with the existing vendors for reduction / discounts on agreements / contracts/AMC and finalize the same
** Make the agreement and getting it signed by Authorized signatory
** Ensure that all the documents are scanned and kept in a central folder for access to key people for invoice processing , references etc
** Interact with all vendors and service providers and ensure that all the SLAs are followed as per agreed upon terms
** Maintaining good relations with various lessors and ensure that no issues are occurring

Cafeteria Services Management  :
** Ensuring that the cafeteria is always good and clean and ready for food consumption
** Ensure that the food provided is of hygienic quality and nutritious
** Ensure that water and other requirements are maintained
** Ensure that the pest control activity is regularly conducted in cafeteria area to ensure hygiene and cleanliness

Liasoning Activities with Govt Departments  :
** Liaisoning with Police department
** Ensure that there are no issues in smooth functioning of the office under all circumstances
** Ensure that all legal and statutory requirements are taken care and timely payments are made to the respective departments
** Ensure that approvals are taken for out of pocket expenses in advance before committing to any official
** Handing over of gifts and other items to the Govt departments during festival times.

Imprest Cash Handling  :
** Ensure that the A/cs are closed on a weekly basis
** Ensure that the approval is taken from GM (HR & Administration) and handing over the same to A/c and Finance team
** Ensure that a monthly tracker be maintained on the same
** Ensure that on a monthly basis all balance to brought to Nil and then take fresh advances

Seat/ Space Management  :
** Ensure that Associates are assigned work station within 24 Hours of joining the organization
** Discussion and meeting with HR team on hiring plans and seat requirement and forecast and plan for the same
** Ensure that a sign off is taken during handing over during joining and that the F&F form is signed off with the receipt of the company assets like SIM card , pedestal keys and also check from the IT team on the system updates
** Handing over of the SIM card to the Associate and then ensuring that the sign off is taken on receipt of SIM card and send the mail to Communications team who will in turn activate the SIM on receipt.
** Ensure that the insurance for the building is paid on time.
Coordinate with Finance and A/cs team and follow up and update core Admin on the same

Admin Budget  :
** Ensure that the monthly budget is sent on time
** Ensure that the expenses are tracked on each head and send the MIS to management on deviation / variation or extra spending
** Ensure that the deviations and variations are brought to notice to Director and justifications provided on any extra usage
** Ensure that the tracker is reconciled with the Finance and Accounts team on a monthly basis and the tracker be sent to GM & Director
** Any other budget related requirements

Experience  :-
** Working with Pashmina Developers as Admin from May-2015 –Till Date.
** Worked with Puraniks Builders as Admin/Record Keeper from March-2014 to April-2015
** Worked with Loha Group of Companies as Admin from October 2013 to March-2014.
** Worked with Maitreya Group of Companies asAdmin from March-2009 to September-2013.
** Worked with Crompton & Greaves as Library Trainee from June2008 to March-2009.

Academic Qualifications  :-
** BLISC – Pune University
** MA I (History) – Pune University
** BA (History) – Mumbai University
** HSC – Mumbai University
** SSC - M.G.M. School – Ambernath

Other Qualifications  :-
** Capable of Working in Ms-Word, Ms- Excel, MS-office, Ms- PowerPoint. Also able to Handel operative system like win XP, Win 2007, Win2008.
** Passed English AT 40 w.p.m. GCCI Examination in year 2000. (‘A’ Grade)

Personal Details  :
Mobile no  : 8424970099
Email ID  : pravinkaranjule00 AT gmail.com
Current Address  : A/4 Sai-Deepak CHS, Jaibai School Road, Katemanivali, Kalyan (E) 421306.
Date of Birth  : 21st Nov. 19981.
Marital status  : Married
Interests  : Reading about real life motivational stories; travelling to explore various places, culture & people; learn more about upcoming trends
Languages Known  : English, Hindi and Marathi

Date  :
Place  :


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