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HR Personnel Manager Resume Sample, Experience : 6 years

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:HR Personnel Manager
Job related skills / software:Recruitment & selection activates, Implant Trainees to Students Of Various Colleges, To prepare challan summary for PF, To prepare ESI challan summary and ESI challan of our company in online.
Category:HR, Recruiter
Sub Category:HR Manager
Years of Experience:6 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:M.Com. : Master of Commerce
Major / Specialization:Accounts
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Tiwari Pramod Durgaprasad.
E mail  : tiwarip_d AT yahoo.com
G mail  : Pdtiwari76 AT gmail.com
MO  : 9427457390. 8000191154.
Phone  : 0268 – 2549682.

Personal Detail  :
Date of Birth  :12th September 1976.
Language Known  :Gujarati, Hindi, English.
Blood Group  : O +ve.
Hobbies / Interest  :Cricket, Reading, Volleyball.
Marital Status  : Married.
Address  :26, Staff Quarters,
kalian Kunj,
Mill Road,
Nadiad – 387001.
Dist – Kheda.
State – Gujarat.

Education Qualification  :
Degree Board/Uni. Year of Passing Grad/class
LL.B Gujarat Uni. April 2005 First Class
B.Ed Gujarat Uni. March 2000 First Class M.Com. Gujarat Uni. April 1998 Pass Class
B.Com. Gujarat Uni. March – 1996 Second Class
H.S.C. G.S.E.Board March – 1993 Second Class
S.S.C. G.S.E.Board March – 1991 Second Class

Additional Qualification  :
Computer Proficiency  : M S Office, Excel, Power Point, Internet Surfing, Ami Pro, Gujarati G W P, Saral

Experience  :
1.Company- Department- Period
Mafatlal Industries Limited. Nadiad Unit- HR & PERSONNEL-01112007 to Till date

1 Recruitment & selection activates.
2 Implant Trainees to Students Of Various Colleges.
3 P.F.
4 E.S.I
5 E.D.L.I
11 Independent correspondence work.

To fill up the various forms i.e. No. 19, 10C, 10D, for resigned employees as well as superannuation pension.
Form No. 20 & 10D. these forms are filled up in the case of death of employee.
Fill up the form for Gr. Ins. Scheme in the case of death of employee who is on muster roll.

Form No.31 for advance from PF  :
1. Housing, 2. Marriage. 3. under Para 68 N.N.
All necessary documents are to be collected from concern employees and to be checked and advised to the employees in the matter.
To enroll the new entrant in the company and prepare Form No.2A
[Revised] & register in online.
To fillup the Form No. 2A (Revised) for the change in Nomination..
To comply the query from PF authority if any regarding above mentioned all forms with supporting documents.
To prepare L.S.M. in the case of death.
To prepare unemployment form in case of resigned employee.
To prepare break of service form in case of resigned employee.
To maintain PF Nos. Regis. For new members in online.
To maintain the filing of all the data in online & register.
To prepare Form No.3A from VETAN System. For resigned staff/semiclerk inbetween contribution period.
To prepare data file for Form No.3A from ORG Sys. For resigned workers inbetween cont. period.
To prepare monthly return as under
Form No.5 for new members.
Form No.10 for resigned employees.
To prepare Form No.2 A.
Monthly report summary from ORG.Sys.

For PF/FPF contri. Data.
To prepare challan summary for PF.
To prepare Employees & Employers contri. Challan of. PF. & generated in online.
To prepare Gr.Ins.Scheme return.
To prepare control total for ORG.Sys. & Vetan Sys.
To make correction in ORG for annual report.
To get prepare Form No.3A & 6A from IT dept.
To get prepare EDLI report from IT dept.
To get prepare all necessary of PF & ESIC IN ONLINE.

4 E.S.I  :
To fill up the various forms i.e. No. 28, 32, 37, 53, 25, 26, 71, 72, 86, 1B, 16 A etc.
To receive the accident report form dept. and check /prepared it onlineto sent it Copy E.S.I. authority.
To prepare F.I. report to be sent to FI office.
To receive resume duty information from TK office.
To enroll in onlinethe new entrant in the company and prepare TIC to be sent to ESI authority.
To complied of query if any from ESI authority regarding accident cases of Employees of any type of medical or cash benefit.
To maintained Form No.15 Register as per ESI Act.
To takeout monthly summary from ORG and VETAN System for Worker/Staff.
To prepare ESI challan summary and ESI challan of our company in online.
To prepare payment position of ESI cont. to be sent to ESI authority.
To prepare Employer Cont. report to be sent to TK.
To prepare o/s dues of ESI cont.
To get prepare in online H/Y return Form 6 & 7 as per ESI act and to be sent to ESI Authority.
To prepare Dispensary Data file for all employees in online.
To prepare date of joining filein onlinefor half yearly return of E.S.I.
To prepare data for ESI inspection.
To solve the query if any from ESI authority.
To maintained all incoming & out going employees in online.

5 E.D.L.I [ Gr.Ins.Scheme]  :
To prepare return of OUT GOING / INCOMMING employees.
To collect the details of deceased members regarding nomination etc.
To fill up the EDLI benefit form of nominee of the deceased member who were on Pay roll.
To prepare covering letter.
To make the entry in EDLI reg.

To get prepare all annual return of PF/ESI IN ONLONEetc.
To get prepare monthly PF/ESI IN ONLINEstatement.
To get prepare monthly summary report of PF/ESI.
To update the data of ESI/PF IN ONLINE.
To make correspondence with ESI/PF authority.
To make all workout in Gujarati & English Comp.Sys.
To prepare all the statement related to PF / ESI / Retirement etc.

To get prepare retirement statement of staff / worker on computer.
To prepare dept. memo in Guj. For workers/ staff who are going retire.

2.Company Period
Mafatlal CoOperative Consumer Society Limited. Nadiad 01022005 to 31102007
Nature Of Work Done  :
Purchase of sales of materials for our sops.
Manpower Planning.
Liaison with Government and semi Government Authority for Audit work For Mill Cloth shop, Grain shop.
Manpower planning and Working in Diwali Cloth Sales, Diwali Farsan and Summer Cloth sales.

Yours Faithfully
Tiwari Pramod Durgaprasad.


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