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Fresher PHP Developer Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:PHP Developer
Job related skills / software:Web Development / Programming, Web Systems Administration (Apache, Linux, UNIX, MySQL,PHP), Database Design and Query Optimization, JavaScript Statements,variables,Data Types,Operators,Conditions,Loops, CSS Grouping, Display, Positioning, Align, Navigation Bar
Category:Web Design
Sub Category:Php Developer
Years of Experience:0 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.E. / BE : Bachelor of Engineering
Major / Specialization:Computer Science
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Objective  :
I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see projects through to completion. I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges, and I have a genuine interest in php, java & .net

Areas of profession  :
I have php/mysql certification . I completed my php/mysql courses in RCS bangalore . i have good knowledge in following areas  :
PHP 5 / MySQL web developer :
PHP/MySQL connect to a database.
PHP/MySQL create database and tables.
PHP/MySQL insert into.
PHP/MySQL select.
PHP/MySQL update.
PHP/MySQL delete.

HTML Heading and Paragraph.
HTML Links.
HTML Images.
HTML Tables.
HTML Forms.
HTML Colors.

JavaScript :
JavaScript Validation.
JavaScript Statements,variables,Data Types,Operators,Conditions,Loops.

CSS Styling Backgrounds, Text,Fonts,Links,Lists,Tables.
CSS Box Model,Border,Outline,Margin,Padding.
CSS Grouping,Display,Positioning,Align,Navigation Bar

Skills  :
Web Development / Programming, Web Systems Administration (Apache, Linux, UNIX, MySQL,PHP), Database Design and Query Optimization.

Technologies :
PHP (5&4), MYSQL, HTML4, HTML5, JavaScript, MySQL, SQLite MVC (Model View Controller), Apache Web Server

Applications and Environments :
Netbeens (6.7.1, 7.0.1), MS office and Linux office tools,Apache, LAMP, WAMP

Operating Systems :
Ubuntu (9.10 to 12.10), Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 7 and 8

Personal :
Fast learning, Working under pressure, Analytic & Problem Solving Skills., Team player and also have the ability to work independently.

Education  :
IMPACT college of engineering ,Sahakar nagar| Bangalore
University  :V.T.U |Belgaum
Examination passed  : July2012 | Second class | (50%)

2) Plus Two | Science :
Vijaya Higher secondary school pulpally|Wayanad, Kerala
Board  : Board of Higher Secondary Examination, Kerala
Examination passed  : March 2007 | Second class | (58%)

3) SSLC  :
Nirmala High School Kabanigiri | Wayanad, Kerala
Board  : Board of Public Examination, Kerala
Examination passed  : March 2005 | First class | (64%)

My Basics :
Server side language(PHP)Hypertext Preprocessor, used to server side scripting.Experience in basic PHP methods.
How web servers, Configure web server, monitoring and maintaining servers.

Workingexperience in LAMPP, XAMPP, WAMPP.
HTML4,HTML5 –Static page creation using non programmable language, Hyper TextMarkup Language (HTML).
CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, used to attractive styling web pages, experience in table less and dynamic page styling. Cross Browser Design concept.
JavaScript – used JavaScript to dynamic actions in client side pages.
Web ServicesWeb service to connect web servers over the Internet for data sharing.
Databases – MySQL, Experience in database management, generate queries, and integrate MySQL with PHP, etc.
Design Software – Net-beens is my favorite in programming, and also used dream viewer to design web pages.
Linux – Experience in Linux system handling, basic Linux commands knowledge etc.

Anonymizing networks such as Tor have independent nodes in separate administrative domains . if some users misused such networks—under the cover of anonymity. Web site administrators cannot blacklist individual malicious users’ IP addresses ,they blacklist the entire anonymzing network. To blacklisting misbehaved users network I introduced the project nimble.

A seminar : on “MONEY PAD SYSTEM”.
Money pad is a form of credit card or smart card similar to floppy disk which is introduced to provide secure e-cash transactions.

Declaration :
I do here by declare that all the information given above are true in best of my knowledge.

Place  :
Date  :


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