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Commercial Manager Resume Sample, Experience : >20 years

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Name of the Candidate:Vijayendra
Name of the Post Applied:Commercial Manager
Job related skills / software:Export, Import, Logistics, Marketing, Sales, Administration, Supply chain management ( Purchase), Handling Imported Products, Order procurement, Order execution, Customer servicing, Payment realisation
Category:Export Import
Sub Category:Commercial Manager
Years of Experience:>20 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):80,000 to 90,000
Highest Qualification attained:M.B.A. / MBA : Master of Business Administration
Major / Specialization:Marketing
Email Id:vijayendrakrishnojirao AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Name  : K.Vijayendra
Mobile No. 9341158151
E-Mail  : vijayendrakrishnojirao AT gmail.com

Objectives  :
To work in an environment where talent is recognized and hard work is rewarded
To pursue challaenging and rewarding career with an opportunity for professional growth to become competitive for global working environment.
To work with full dedication in an environment where I can constantly learn and successfully deliver solution to various problems.
To work in an organization which will give opportunity to learn and grow along with the organisation and to shoulder the responsibilities assigned to meet any challenge.
To become a part of result oriented team involved in implementing innovative and new ideas in tune with quality standards and present day technologies.

Career Summary  :
Work Experience  : 25 Years
Sl.No. Company Name period Position Held
01 Karnataka State Govt, DC Office Mysore 1973 to 1978 Admn.Asst.
02 K.R.Mills. Mysore 1979 to 1980 Executive
03 Deepak Insulated Cable Corpn, Mysore 1980 to 1984 Executive
04 Bells Controls Ltd, Mysore 1984 to 1990 Asst.Manager
05 Jay Electric Wire Corpn, Mysore 1991 to 1995 Dy.Manager
06 VWF Industries Ltd, Mysore 1996 to 2001 Sr.Officer
07 Falcon Tyres, Mysore 2001 to 2002 Dy.Manager
08 Am Tech Packs Ltd, Mysore 2003 to 2004 Dy.Manager
09 Planet Pickles Pvt Ltd, Bangalore 2004 to 2007 Commercial Manager
10 Southern Batteries Pvt Ltd, Bangalore 2008 onward Commercial Manager

Job Profile ( Nature of Work)  :
Export / Import / Logistics / Marketing / Sales / Administration
Supply chain management ( Purchase)

Educational qualification  :
M.B.A. -European Management Association, Luxemborg.
M.A. – Karnataka University Dharwar
B.Sc., -University of Mysore Mysore.

Training  :
Have undergone training in Export & Import conducted by State Bank of India and Government of Karnataka.

Personal information  :
Name  : K..Vijayendra
Date & Place of Birth  : 5th June 1952, Mysore
Father’s Name  : H.Y. Krishnoji Rao (late)
Religion & Marital Status  : Hindu, Married
Postal Address  :
No.46, Ground Floor, BHEL Layout Society
2nd Cross Rajarajeshwarinagar,
Bangalore 560 098
Telephone Number  : 9341158151 / 080 32509561
Language Known  : English, Hindi, Kannada & Marathi
Computer Skill  : Conversant with M.S. Office package

General Skills  :
A) Good communication & Negotiation-Skills & Self motivated.
B) Possess good P.R.& Presentation skills
C) Ability to work under pressure in a -Competitive environment
D) Problem solving ability & Motivation
E) Patience, Determination & winning --mentality.
F) Monitoring & providing customer support
G) Ensuring customer service & satisfaction.

01.Handling the following and have undergone effective training  :
a) Export – Import Policy and Licensing
b) Export – Import – Procedures
c) Export – Inspection Procedures
d) Export – Import documentation (Pre-shipment and Post-shipment)
e) Export – Packaging(packing credit facility)
f) Export Import – Insurance
g) Export – Import – Control formalities of Reserve Bank of India
h) Export – Import –Banking activity
i) Export – ECGC

02. Handlingimported products, Order procurement, Order execution, Customer servicing, Payment realisation
03. Fetching quotation from foreign suppliers or through their overseas Agent and negotiation of prices and timely delivery of goods
04. HandlingOpening of Letter of Credits and execution of Letter of credit
05. Preparation of different types of Import-Export licences.
06. Handling – preparation of Pre-shipment and Post-shipment documents
07. Handling – Appointment of & f Agents. Co-Ordinating and Monitaring with C & F agents in customs clearances and formalities.
08. Handling – Timely negotiation of documents with Banks And realisation of Exports proceeds.
09. Handling – Preparation of Bank Certificate of Exports and other Certificates.
10. Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports on Import-Export orders.
11. Planning – Import & Eport orders based on existing stock and production planning.
12. Monitoring Export orders effectively to reach the target.
13. Co-Ordinating effectively with clients regarding delivery schedules & supply status.
14. Handling Customer complaints and Co-Ordinating with Quality control dept & Tech.dept
15. Identification of new Export market areas.

PlanningCashflow-against actual collection & realisation of Export proceeds
17.Maintenance of ImportExport documents and important licences etc.,
18.Liaisoning with Government departments like Customs, Central Excise, Banks, Chamberof Commerce, Export Promotion Council, Etc.,Co-Ordinating with Priduction dept,Quality control dept, and Packing dept
19.Arranging Bonded Warehouse

Logistics Activities :
01. Handling domestic and international transport activities
02. Arranging quotations from different transport companies and C & F Agents
03. Negotiation of tariffs
04. Finalising the contracts and releasing the orders
05. Follow up with the transport and C & F Agents for timely delivery schedule
06. Follow up with Accounts dept for timely payments to transport companies
07. Associating with Accounts dept to open Letter of Credit, Hundies, Marine Insurance and fire Insurance policies, Indemnity Bond etc.,
08. Co-ordinating with Branch office, Corporate office, Regional office, for timely delivery and distribution.
09. Monitoring transport companies and C & F Agents for establishing effective Logistic network.
10. Arranging meetings with stores dept, planning dept and despatch dept.
11. Arranging monthly Logistic report
12. Planning outstation visits once in a month
13. Visiting local potential transporters as stand by for smooth flow of goods
14. Selecting international C & F Agents who can give all services under one roof and whose offices are updated with latest information and communication systems to ensure smooth flow of operation.

Handling of Indigenous and imported products, Order procurement, sales execution, Customer servicing and Payment realisation.
Handling of customer complaints, Co-ordinating with Q.C. Personnel and Technical staff.
Indentification of new Market areas and potential customers.
Preparation of Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly and Annual sales report.
Sales plan based on existing stock and production planning.
Sales targets(party wise) and monitoring.
Handling orders on hand including backlogs and despatch of goods as per schedules.
Interact with clientsregarding delivery schedule, supply ststus and collection of payments
Co-ordination effectively with Branch office, Regional office and area sales office to meet the sales targets.
Appointing and monitoring the activities of Dealers, Agents, and Authorised distributors and stock lists in order to establish an effective marketing network.
Cash flow – Vis-à-vis Actual collection.
Associating in preparation of sales promotion.
Handling submission of quotation, order procurement, order editing, despatches as per delivery schedule and timely realisation of payments.
Planning marketing tour once in a month.
Planning outstation market exhibitions, Seminars, Meetings, Workshops etc.,
Planning for potential customers to increase the market & sales net work.
Planning sales promotion.
Arranging meetings with the Planning dept and Accounts dept.

PURCHASE ACTIVITIES (Supply Chain Management) :
Preparing purchase order after receipt of purchase requisition which are duly approved.
Arranging quotation from different parties.
Preparing comparative statement.
Negotiation of prices.
Finalising the purchase order and releasing the purchase order.
Follow up with the Accounts dept for timely payments to suppliers.
Associating with the Accounts dept to open inland Letter of Credits, Hundies, Bill of exchange.
Marine insurance policy and Fire insurance policy, Indemnity Bond etc.,
Associating with the Logistic dept in finalising the contracts with the road transporters.
Arranging meetings with the stores dept, Production dept, Accounts dept.
Arranging weekly and Monthly reports.
Planning outstation purchases once in a month.
Visiting local suppliers and outstation suppliers for smooth and timely supplies of materials.
14. Monitoring effectively with the stores dept for inventory control.

Customer Service Management  : Determinining the customer requirement, providing timely information to the Customer and satisfactorilly fulfilling the customer Order .
Procurement  : Sourcing, planning, including inventory and forecast demand, in collaboration with all suppliers to meet customer requirement.
Manufacturing Management  : Daily planning according to the daily production by interacting with operations.
Inventory Management  : Inventory of Raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods.
Supplier relationship Management  : To streamline and make more effective the processes between existing customers and potential customers
Demand Management  : Coordinating the demand forecast of all customers and sharing the forecast with all suppliers to fulfill customer immediate requirement.
Vendor Evaluation & Performance measurement  : Periodic evaluation for the up gradation of vendors


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