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Fresher Oracle/ SQL Developer Resume Sample

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Name of the Candidate:[Private]
Name of the Post Applied:Oracle/ SQL Developer
Job related skills / software:Schema and User management, Installation of Oracle on Windows and Linux platforms with operating system environments, Knowledge of PL/SQL scripting and SQL scripting, Troubleshooting of Oracle network and difficult ORA-errors.
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:SQL/ Oracle Developer
Years of Experience:0 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):Negotiable
Highest Qualification attained:B.Tech. : Bachelor of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:[Private]
Are you looking for job now?:No
Can the recruiter contact you?:No
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Objective  :
Seeking for a job in an esteemed organization with challenging atmosphere where my ideas and talents can be utilized for the development of humankind.

Educational Qualification  :
 B TECH (ECE): SCITM engineering college, Semilguda, Orissa. (62%)

Technical Key Skills  :
1 Platform  : Windows Family.
2 Programming Languages  : C, C++,Html,Java.

3 Database  : Oracle
Schema and User management.
Space maintenance as per requirement for tablespace and segment.
Knowledge of hot backup for 24*7*365 environment with or without using RMAN.
Knowledge for database health monitoring using traces files and alert.log.
Creating object oriented tables in pl/sql.
Installation of Oracle on Windows and Linux platforms with operating system environments.
Knowledge of PL/SQL scripting and SQL scripting.
Troubleshooting of Oracle network and difficult ORA-errors.
Awareness of STATSPACK reports and AWR reports for tuning of Oracle.
Basic level technicality of LINUX and UNIX platforms.
Oracle forms and reports.

Key Strengths  :
Ability to learn quickly and adopt any Environments.
Positive attitude and confidence
Interesting in solving typical problems.
Enjoying working in different work culture environment
Analyze myself every aspects and ensure to have leadership skills hard working.

Hobbies  :
Watching Different types movies.
Listening Music.
Quickly adaptable to new environments.

Training  :
Computer Hardware and networking from CTTC, Bhubaneswar.

Academic Projects  :
Configuration of LAN from CTTC, Bhubaneswar in the year 2008.

Description  :
A LAN is a high-speed data network that covers a relatively small geographicarea. It typically connects workstations, personal computers, printers, servers, and other devices. LANs offer computer users many advantages, including shared access to devices and applications, file exchange between connected users, and communication between users via electronic mail and other applications.

LAN data transmissions fall into three classifications  : unicast, multicast, and broadcast.In each type of transmission, a single packet is sent to one or more nodes.In a unicast transmission, a single packet is sent from the source to a destinationon a network.A multicast transmission consists of a single data packet that is copied and sent to a specific subset of nodes on the network.A broadcast transmission consists of a single data packet that is copied and sent toall nodes on the network.
In networks using CSMA/CD technology such as Ethernet, network devicescontend for the network media.

When a device has data to send, it first listens to see if any other device is currently using the network. If not, it starts sending its data. After finishing its transmission, it listens again to see if a collision occurred. A collision occurswhen two devices send data simultaneously. When a collision happens, each devicewaits a random length of time before resending its data. In most cases, a collision will not occur again between the two devices. Because of this type of network contention, the busier a network becomes, the more collisions occur. This is why performance of Ethernet degrades rapidly as the number of devices on a single network increases. Normally CSMA/CD networks are half-duplex, meaning that while a device sends information, it cannot receive at the time. While that device is talking, it is incapable of also listening for other traffic. This is much like a walkie-talkie. When one person wants to talk, he press the transmit button and begins speaking. While he is talking, no one else on the same frequency can talk. When the sending person is finished,he releases the transmit button and the frequency is available to others.When switches are introduced, full-duplex operation is possible. Full-duplexworks much like a telephone—you can listen as well as talk at the same time.

Declaration  :
I hereby state that all the details furnished in this resume are completely true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief

Date  :
Place  :


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