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Lead Instrumentation & Control Design Engineer Resume Sample, Experience : 8 years

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Name of the Candidate:Aneez
Name of the Post Applied:Lead Instrumentation & Control Design Engineer
Job related skills / software:Planning, Scheduling and Cost control for EPC contract of Instrumentation projects, Design, Engineering and Execution for Instrumentation, Control and other Automation projects, Cost/Man-Hour Estimates and Feasibility reports, Procurement and Construction supervision.
Category:Design Engineering
Sub Category:Instrumentation Design Engineer / Designer
Years of Experience:8 years
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):more than 1 lakh
Highest Qualification attained:M.Tech. : Master of Technology
Major / Specialization:Electronics and Communications
Email Id:aneezsmail AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Aneez Mohommed
Lead Instrumentation & Control Design & Commissioning Engineer
+ 966558563461
aneezsmail AT gmail.com

Career Objective :
To be part of multi-disciplinary detailed engineering group to design and implement projects in petrochemicals refineries, Oil and Gas industries and to utilize the caliber productively and effectively for a professional life with fulfillment.

Summary :
Possess six years of professional experience in developing, designing and installing control instruments and Systems.
In-depth knowledge of data sheets, instrument drawings, I/O wiring diagrams, P and IDs, calculation and specifications
Extensive knowledge of Instrumentation & Automation Design for processes industries.
Possess command over verbal and written communications.
Knowledge of local EPA and USEPA regulations.
Skilled in designing, installing & commissioning and supporting Environmental Monitoring based instruments and systems
Familiar with industrial standards, Primavera and AutoCAD
Extensive knowledge of instrument communication systems and approaches of measurement technologies
Extensive knowledge in configuring RF, GSM, GPRS and Wired communication systems.
Knowledge of various Telecommunication systems.
Knowledge of various instrumentation communication protocols.
Hands on experience in installing and maintaining Instruments and Systems.
Well acquainted with DAS , Monitoring & Control Software.
Extensive knowledge of latest technology Instrumentation products and Applications.
Extensive knowledge of water quality monitoring sensors.
Well acquainted with computer software & hardware.
Knowledge of motor drives and transducers.

Educational Summary :
Master of Technology – Electronics and Communication, Graduated in 2006,First class
Master of Science – Electronics , Graduated in 2004, First class

Professional Experience :
Gulf Advanced Control Systems, Rastanura, Saudi Arabia
2007 JULY -Present
Lead Project Engineer Instrumentation and Control
Planning, Scheduling and Cost control for EPC contract of Instrumentation projects
Design, Engineering and Execution for Instrumentation, Control and other Automation projects
Cost/Man-Hour Estimates and Feasibility reports.
Procurement and Construction supervision.
Selection, Sizing and Specifications of Field Instruments, Analyzers, Safety systems, Data Acquisition and communication systems.
QA,QC & safety procedures developments and implementation.
Experience in Executing offshore projects for plant intake protection and Discharge channel monitoring-Water quality and Oil Spill Detection Systems
Experience in analyzing Design & IFC drawings.
Develop Monitor and Implement policies and procedures for Electrical and Civil Subcontractors on EPC contracts.
Monitor and verify client standards implemented.
Analyze and implement Method statement and Risk assessment for various tasks.
Monitor critical activity tasks and schedules.
Weekly and Monthly progress reporting to Client and Management.
Handled customer application and service supports.
Guide team members for acquiring and processing site requirements for projects.
Allot required resources.
Set up complete Project Execution schedules using Primavera.
·Participating in techno-commercial negotiations for getting final contract.
Co-coordinating with customer & principles in executing & maintaining business relation ships
Guide Engineers & Technicians in calibration, commissioning, servicing and Maintenance of different types of Instrumentation devices & systems (electronic & smart) of different manufactures using in Oil, Gas, Desalination and Power generating Industries.
Coordinating, after sales service for the existing customers, relationship management with customers for ensuring customer satisfaction and new business generation.

Training Certifications :
Teledyne API on Various Analyzers (CO,CO2,H2S,SO2,O2,NH3,N02) San Diego, CA,USA
Teledyne API on Air Quality Monitoring Station San Diego, CA,USA
Teledyne Monitor labs on Continuous Emission Monitoring systems, Englewood, CO,USA
Teledyne Monitor labs on Opacity Monitors and Flow systems, Englewood, CO,USA
Teledyne Monitor labs on RegPerfect DAS system Englewood, CO,USA
Metone Inc on Weather Monitoring Instruments and Sensors, Grants Pass, OR, USA
Baselien-mocon Inc on Gas Chromatograph Analyzers Lyons, CO USA
YSI on Water Quality Instruments Sales & Product Training, Manama , BAHRAIN
Teledyne ISCO Waste water Monitoring Instruments Sales & Product Training ,UAE
Scintec on Upper air monitoring SODAR , Rastanura, DAMMAM ,Saudi Arabia
Interocean Systems on Oil Spill Detection, Rastanura, DAMMAM, SaudiArabia
Agilaire LLC on Data Acquisition Systems ,Rastanura,Dammam,Saudi Arabia
Dekati Particulate Monitoring Systems, Rastanura,Dammam,Saudi Arabia
Air Quality Monitoring Stations, Jubail ,Saudi Arabia
Air Clean Systems, Particle mass monitors, Rastanura,Saudi Arabia
Teledyne ISCO, Waste water Monitoring Instruments, Rastanura, Saudi Arabia

Projects Completed :
Oil Spill Detection & Early warning systems with RF communication and DCS interfacing at Intake channel of Rabegh Electricity ,660 X 2 MW Power plant located in Rabigh,KSA.
Water Quality Monitoring system with RF communication and DCS interfacing (pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, BGA,DO, Salinity, Turbidity, TDS and Depth) at Intake and Discharge channel for Rabegh Electricity, 660 X 2 MW Power plant located in Rabigh, KSA.
Rain water run off monitoring and Alarm System using GSM/GPRS communication for Saudi Geological Survey, Jeddah.
Weather Monitoring Station(WS,WD,TEMP,HUMIDITY,SR,RAIN & BP) System using Direct wired communication for Saudi Geological Survey, Jeddah.
EPC contract of Air Quality Monitoring station installation (CO,CO2,O2,H2S,SO2,NOX,NH3,THC,BTEX,PM10,2.5) for Saudi Aramco.
EPC contract of Weather Monitoring Stations installations for Saudi Aramco.
Water Quality Monitoring Stations(pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, BGA, DO, Salinity, Turbidity, TDS and Depth) for KFUPM,DHAHRAN
Water Quality Monitoring Stations(pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, BGA, DO, Salinity, Turbidity, TDS and Depth) for SWCC,JUBAIL
Water Quality Monitoring Stations(pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, BGA, DO, Salinity, Turbidity, TDS and Depth) for KAUST,JEDDAH
Water Quality Monitoring Stations(pH, Conductivity, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, BGA, DO, Salinity, Turbidity, TDS and Depth) for Royal Commission ,Yanbu
EPC contract for Installation of Auto sampler and Sampling line at Sea Water Cooling Return line of 3 Meter Diameter FRP pipe for Marafiq ,Yanbu
EPC contract for Installation of Auto sampler for Marafiq, jubail
EPC contract of Oil Spill Detection and Early Warning System installation at Plant intake for SWEC,Shoiba.
Air Quality Monitoring Stations(CO,CO2,O2,H2S,SO2,NH3,THC,BTEX,PM10,2.5) for ESCO,Jeddah
Upper air Monitoring SODAR system for ESCO, Jeddah
Waste Water flow meters for Marafq,Jubail
Complete Laboratory implementation for SGS,Jubail.
Waste water samplers for Saudi Qayan,Jubail
EPC contract for Installation of Three Opacity Monitors at Duct of Marafiq,Yanbu
Mobile Continuous Emission Systems(SO2, NOx, CO, THC and CO2)for ESCO,Jeddah
Mobile Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (SO2, NOx, CO, THC and CO2) for SGS,Jubail.
EPC contract of instruments for the Waste Water network.

The instruments are Pressure sensor, level sensor and Depth measurement sensor.

Areas of Interest :
To develop and design Engineering systems for Various monitoring and Control applications and Automation projects.
Research and Develop custom Instrumentation and Control application solutions
To design Instrumentation systems that operates effectively, efficiently and in safely way.

Personal Details :
Name : Aneez Mohommed
Date of Birth : 02-05-1980
Relationship status : Married.
Current location : Saudi Arabia
Iqama status : Transferrable

References :
Provided up on request.


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