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Network Administrator Resume Sample, Experience : 6 years

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Name of the Candidate:Jamil Ahmad
Name of the Post Applied:Network Administrator
Job related skills / software:Install, configure and maintain server hardware and operating systems, Develop custom programs to aid in systems management, Assist in resolving service related issues and recommend solutions
Category:IT / Computer2
Sub Category:IT Technical Support
Years of Experience:6 years
State:Andhra Pradesh
Salary Expected per Month(Rs):25,000 to 30000
Highest Qualification attained:M.Sc. / MSC : Master of Science
Major / Specialization:Information Technology
Email Id:mdjamil1984 AT gmail.com
Are you looking for job now?:Yes
Can the recruiter contact you?:Yes
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Resume Format / CV Sample Template / Example / Model :


Jamil Ahmad
Email  : mdjamil1984 AT gmail.com
Contact : +91 9868451066
Address  : A/13, Street-2, New Brijpuri, Delhi 110051

Objective  :
Seekingan opportunity to work on cisco devices as well as on others too as a Network Support Engineer, Network Security Engineer

Location Preference  :
Anywhere in the world.

Work Experience  :
Total 6++ years (Abroad : 3++ years, Domestic: 3++ years)
Ahmed Ibrahim Al Matroody Trading Est., Sept 2011 – Jan 2013
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Network and Computer System Administrator

Job Profile  :
Install, configure, and support an organization's local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet system or a segment of a network system. Maintain network hardware and software. Monitor network to ensure network availability to all system users and perform necessary maintenance to support network availability. May supervise other network support and client server specialists and plan, coordinate, and implement network security measures.
BST Engineers & Contractors Co. Ltd., India Jun 2009 – July 2010
IOCL Panipat Refinery project (Haryana) , India
System Administrator

Job Profile  :
Install, configure and maintain server hardware and operating systems
Develop custom programs to aid in systems management
Assist in resolving service related issues and recommend solutions
Assist in developing plans, schedules and requirements for the deployment of systems
Evaluate potential equipment, components, and software
Maintain current and correct documentation
Monitor emerging threats for area of responsibility
Ensure security of network assets including routers, bridges, cabling, and network protocols
Collect and analyze information regarding security breaches and anomalies
Implement response plan for various types of threats and attacks
Develop partnerships to enhance security while protecting privacy
Develop monitoring protocols for threat and attack detection
Implement appropriate recovery plans for every critical function
Interface with vendors to resolve hardware and software problems and recommend solutions
Assist in developing effective processes and procedures

MAN Enterprise, Doha, Qatar July 2007 – Apr 2009
The Peal Qatar project, Qatar
System Administrator

Job Profile  :
Install, configure and maintain server hardware and operating systems software
Identify hardware and software problems and recommend solutions
Identify service related issues and recommend solutions
Maintain current and correct documentation
Scan computers for security vulnerabilities using available technical tools
Detect misuse and violations
Install and maintain anti-virus software
Remove unneeded services and software
Maintain adequate system logs and backups
Communicate with employees and partners before and during security incidents
Educate employees on security policies and their responsibilities
Apply vendor-supplied fixes necessary to repair security vulnerabilities
Assist in the evaluation of potential equipment, components and software
Assist in developing plans, schedules and requirements for the deployment of systems
Assist in developing effective processes and procedures
Document and understand the local technical environment

Larsen & Toubro Engineering and Contracting Ltd. India. May 2006 – Jun 2007 :
L&T Hazira Project, Surat, Gujarat, India.
Assistant System Administrator

Job Profile  :
Worked with Senior System Administrator
Responsibilities  :
Implemented various types of security techniques….

Effectively resolved  :
Security related issues…..
Gateway related issues….

Accomplishments  :
Successfully resolved many networking issues

Certification Programs  :
CISCO  : CCNA R&S, CCNP R&S, CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CCIE Security
EC-Council  : Ethical Hacking (CEH)
Microsoft Corp  :
Server  : Windows NT, Windows Server 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 & 2008 R2, ………………………Windows Server 2012 (MCITP2012 or MCSE2012), Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2013.
Others  : UNIX/LINUX Server and Network Administration
Desktop  : Windows (95, 98, XP, Vista, 7 & 8)
Others  : Red Hat Linux (RHEL6), Fedora, Back Track, Kali Linux, VMware, Citrix.

Educational Qualifications  :
2012  : M.Sc.

IT from SMU, Gangtok with 64% of marks.
2010  : B.Sc. IT from SMU, Gangtok with 64% of marks.
2006  : 2 years Advance Diploma in Software Engineering (ADSE) from ICC Yamuna Vihar, Delhi with Grade ‘A’.
2004  : B.Sc. Chem. (Hon) from JP UnivChapra, with 84% of marks.

Knowledge Preview  :
Managing Cisco Internetwork
IP Routing-RIP, RIPv2, RIPng, EIGRP and OSPFv2 & OSPFv3, EIGRP Route Summarization and Filtering
OSPF Route Summarization, Filtering and Default Routing, OSPF Virtual Links and Frame Relay Operations
IGP, Internal BGP and BGP Route Filtering, BGP Path Control
MED Concepts and Configurations
GRE Tunnels and IPv6 ISATAP Tunnels

Branch Office Networking  : DSL, NAT, DHCP, BOS etc.
L2&L3 Switching and STP, MLS (Multi Layer Switching)
IP Telephony, LANs and VLANs, Integrating Wireless LANs

Implementing AAA using IOS and the ACS Server  : Cisco Secure ACS, RADIUS and TACACS etc.
Mitigating and Controlling Threats using ACL, Implementing Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewalls
Configuring Basic Firewall Policies on Cisco ASA, Cisco IPS/IDS
Using VPNs for Secure Connectivity, Implementing IPSec Site-to-Site VPNs and SSL VPNs Using Cisco ASA
Address Translation, Access Control, Web Content, CTP, IPv6
Java and ActiveX Configuration, Verification and Filtering
Modular Policy Framework, Protocols and Policies
MPF Policies, Class maps, Policy maps Service Policies etc.
Multimedia and Policies, RTSP and H.323 Connections and Application Inspection, Policy Configuration
IPSec Remote Access Server and Client, ISAKMP, XSUTH Authentication Methods

SSL VPNs  : Clientless and Any Connect Client
Advanced Features of the ASA, Transparent Firewall, Contexts, Failover, Network Attack Prevention and SSM Cards, LBF, PIX & ASA Cabling
AIP-SSM Card and CSC-SSM Card, ASDM Access, ASDM Configuration Screens and ASDM Monitoring Screens
WAN and IPv6

IT Skills  :
Well versed with  :
Win (95,97,98,2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8), Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Back Track, Kali Linux.
Programming in C/C++, Java, PHP, HTML, DHTML, XML, and CSS (Sufficient of each).
MS Office, Internet Application, Google Ad Planner etc.
Ethical Hacking and Implementation of Cisco Security.

Academic Projects  :
Completed a project on  :
Employee management in C++
Hotel management in C++

Personal Details  :
Nationality  : Indian
Date of Birth  : 16-Feb-1984
Permanent Address  : A/13, Street No. 2, New Brijpuri, Delhi-110051
Language known  : English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic and Others

Country Code  : IND
Passport No.  : F7730684
Nationality  : INDIAN
Sex  : Male
Date of Birth  : 16th FEB 1984
Date of Issue  : 02nd JUNE 2006
Date of Expiry  : 01st JUNE 2016


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