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List of Medical Representative Resumes( 23 )

»Medical Representative : Sales, Marketing, Meeting Doctor And Patient, Managing All Worked, Like Cash, Purchasing, & Billing, Shop Retail, Counter Sales (133 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Highly organized and dedicated with positive attitude,Able to handle multi task under high pressure,Thrive on working in challenging environment. (715 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Pharmaceuticals, Searching top companies brands in uttrakhand (494 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Handling of microscope and other instruments Preparation of media, Inoculation and streaking of bacteria (525 views )
»Medical Executive : Achieving Primary & Secondary Target, Driving Distribution & Coverage, Channel Partner Management (554 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Differentiated instruction, Demonstrating real world connections, Good Communicator, People Oriented, Be Transparent, Decision making. (293 views )
»Medical Representative : Sales Skills, Strong interpersonal and communication skills (1230 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Responsible For Generation of Prescription on Different Products,Basic Computer Operation & Hardware & Network (829 views )
»Medical Representative : Identifying the customer needs and communicating to the management, Making relationships between the sales and service, Developed customer relationship and promoted the products. (1016 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Accounting with Tally, Prepare Financial Statement, Analyze Financial Performances, Basic Computer Knowledge and operation (1108 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Organising conferences for doctors and other medical staff, Building and maintaining positive working relationships with medical staff and supporting administrative staff, Managing budgets (for catering, outside speakers, conferences, hospitality, etc.) (2968 views )
»Medical Representative : Responsible for generation of Prescription on different products, Responsible for overall development of the entire territory, Launching of company’s new products, Responsible for the achievement of sales targets. (1633 views )
»Medical Representative : Responsible for generation of Prescription on Different productes, Responsible for overall development of the entire terittory, Launching of company�s new products, Responsible for the achievement of sales Targets. (1234 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Good Analytical Skills, Organized and well structured at work, Easily mix with people (2687 views )
»Medical Representative : Selling of gastro product, Orthopedic product, Antibiotic Inj and Tablets (1344 views )
»Fresher Medical Sales Representative : Making presentations to doctors, practice staff and nurses in GP surgeries, hospital doctors and pharmacists in the retail sector (2142 views )
»Fresher Medical Representative : Formulation and evaluation of Losartan Potassium dispersible tablets using various super dis-integrants (19605 views )
»Medical Representative : sales (1835 views )
»Medical Representative : Sales (2025 views )
»Medical Representative : Time Bound Assignment (2034 views )
»Medical Representative : Maintaining Detailed Records, Reviewing Sales Performance (2152 views )
»Medical Representative : R&D, F&D, Production (1750 views )
»Fresher Pharmaceutical Sales Representative : Operating Weighbridge Through ERP (1946 views )