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List of Java / J2EE Developer Resumes( 35 )

IT / Computer2 >> Java / J2EE Developer( 1077 )

»Java Trainer : Conducted online Training, Trained and mentored trainees on assignments and project work, Evaluated and graded assignments, tests and project work, Delivered specialized training sessions. (271 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : UI Technologies, Database Softwares, JSE Technologies, JEE Technologies, Servers, Frameworks, IDEs (1314 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Advance Java Programming, Computer Network, Computer Graphic Computer, Object Oriented Programming, Data Communication Network (2277 views )
»Fresher Java Technical Lead : HTML, XML, JavaScript, Search Engine Optimization (1093 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Core Java, JDBC , Servlets, JSP, Spring (Core, MVC), hHbernate. (2792 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Core Java, Advanced Java, SQL, C & Core Java (2495 views )
»Fresher Java Software Engineer : Java, Core Java, JSP, JDBC, Spring MVC, Servlet, Hibernet, J2EE, Advance Java (1598 views )
»Fresher Java Software Engineer : C, Java, SAP ABAP, Full Stack Web Development With Java, Database Fundamentals, Skill Training and Assessment (1250 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Spring, Html, JavaScript, Jquery & Angular JS, C, C++, Java, Oracle, MySQL (1753 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Java, J2SE, J2EE, SQL, Data Structure, Apttitude, PL/SQL, Oracle (2653 views )
»Fresher Java/SQL Developer : JAVA, Clear understanding in ‘OOPS’ concept, Method overloading and overriding, Proficient knowledge about ‘Polymorphism’ and ‘Encapsulation’, Collections, exceptions, and thread (2900 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : C,C++, Core Java, Advance Java, MYSQL,Oracle, HTML,CSS,Bootstrap,JavaScript (1750 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Proficient with OOPS concepts like Inheritance, Abstraction, Polymorphism & Encapsulation, Familiar with features like Constructor, Overloading, Overriding, Aggregation & Typecasting (2062 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Java, Angular, NodeJs, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL, MongoDb (1503 views )
»Java Developer : Data Structures, Object oriented Programming with C++, Operating System, Java, C, C++, HTML, Java Script,CSS (1947 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : J2EE, Servlet, JSP, Actively participated in organising college festivals, Actively participated in international level blind programing and top coder event (1978 views )
»JAVA Developer : Understanding the Requirements and Functional Specifications of the application, Developed Application based on Struts framework using MVC design patterns. (2098 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : C, Java and SQL, ORACLE, Eclipse, Notepad++, Edit Plus, Improved power quality bridgeless converter based multiple outputs (1919 views )
»Fresher Java Software Engineer : Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Concepts, Database Management System (DBMS), Networks, Web developer (1754 views )
»Fresher Java Software Engineer : Java and J2ee, Software development, SQL,C,C++,JAVA languages, HTML,JAVA SCRIPT,CSS, Oracle (2083 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Good command on C, Basic knowledge of Core Java, CDMA Technology (2868 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Languages C,C++, DBMS Packages Oracle, Operating Systems, Web Designing HTML. (1912 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Android, Object Oriented Programming (C++, Java, J2EE), Web Technologies (HTML, XML), Java Technologies (Core java, Servlet, JSP, JDBC), Web Server(Apache Tomcat, Glassfish), Tools/IDE’s(Eclipse,Netbeans), Framework(Struts,Hibernate(Beginner)). (2144 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : C, C++, JAVA, HTML, SERVLETS, JSP, Oracle, Linux. (4359 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : C, DS, C++, Core Java, SQL, Network Security, Visual cryptography based authentication, Student Learning Center. (2018 views )
»Fresher Java Development Engineer : C, C++, Java SE, Java EE, Oracle, MySql, MS SQL Server, HTML, JavaScript, XML/Web Services, JSP/ Servlets, Spring, Hibernate (2131 views )
»Fresher Java Programmer : C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Netbeans, Eclipse, SQL, XML (2223 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Programming in C, C++, Basic JAVA and J2EE, HTML/XHTML, Java Script,PHP, RDBMS, Swings, AWT, Network. (2002 views )
»Fresher Java Developer : Java, JEE/JSE, HTML, Oracle/MY SQL, Credit Card Fraud Detection (2029 views )
»Fresher JAVA/J2EE/J2ME Developer : C, C++, Core Java, J2ME, J2EE, Data structure, OS, Database Management System, CN, HTML, JavaScript, PIC microcontroller , GSM modem (2357 views )
»Fresher Java Software Developer : Core Java Concepts, Advance Java(JDBC, Servlets, Jsp), C, C++, Oracle(SQL,PL/SQL), HTML, Web Designing, XML, CSS, Java Script,Web/Application Servers (2392 views )
»Fresher Java Servlet Developer : J2EE, JSP, Hibernate, Struts, Net Beans (3485 views )
»Java Applications Developer : C Software, Android, Eclipse, NetBeans (2778 views )
»Fresher Core Java Programmer : C, Computer Networking, Web Designing (10934 views )