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List of Welder Resumes( 9 )

»Plumbing & Fire Fighting Draughtsman : AUTOCAd (111 views )
»Welding Inspector : Radiography Flim Interpitation, Dye penetration testing, Magnetic particle testing, Ultra Sonic Testing, Radiographic Testing (117 views )
»Welding Operator : Automobile, Welding Skills (166 views )
»Welding Inspector : Radiography Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Welding Inspection Pipeline Project. (599 views )
»Welding Engineer : Auto Cad, Catia, Solid Works, Design, Production, Optimization Of T Joint Welding. (674 views )
»Welding Engineer : Installation and Welding the New Shelter for Generators in process area, preparing WPS and PQR according to international codes, Witness for welders qualification, Review the drawings, Witness for production welds. (602 views )
»Welding Inspector : Preparing of WPS and witnessing PQR & WPQ for various projects, Preparing the weld history according to the NDT requirements and project specification, Monitoring welding activities during the fabrication in shop and erection in the site as per the approved WPS and specification, Monitoring the welding parameters and the heat input as per the WPS. (772 views )
»Structure Welder : Fire Panel Basic Training, Emergency Evacuation Procedure, Key Control, Safety Related, Close Circuit Television (769 views )
»Piping Welding Supervisor : Equipment Fabrication, Erection (3422 views )