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List of BioMedical Engineer Resumes( 21 )

Medical >> BioMedical Engineer( 953 )

»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : Knowledge in Microprocessor & Microcontroller, Medical Imaging, Computer Network, Bio Signal Processing & Medical Instrumentation (38 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Product Developer : Knowledge in Microprocessor & Microcontroller, Medical Imaging, Computer Networks, Bio Signal Processing, Medical Instrumention. (120 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : Knowledge in Microprocessor & Microcontroller, Medical Imaging, Computer Network, Bio Signal Processing & Medical Instrumentation (145 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : Knowledge in computer networks, medical instrumentation, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Equipments (216 views )
»Biomedical Engineer : Knowledge of Electronic health records, Protein purification techniques (Chromatographic methods, Electrophoresis etc.) (165 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : Matlab, Biomaterial-based Therapeutic Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (260 views )
»Bio Medical Engineer : OCT as compared to MRI, Ultrasound and confocal microscopy produces a balance b/w resolution & penetration, OCT is used as std. technology (305 views )
»Biomedical Engineer : Biochemical Lab In Charge & Maintenance, Monitoring dispatch, Invoice Processing. (630 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : Medical Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, Digital signal processing, PCB Designing, Image processing (824 views )
»Biomedical Engineer : Maintenance, Calibration, Troubleshooting, Documentation (967 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : LAB scale fermenter, Chillers, Pasteurizer and Homogenizer, Refrigerated and laboratory centrifuge, Fluoride meter, Distillation unit , Tissue homogenizer (1316 views )
»Biomedical Engineer : General Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Food Microbiology , Biochemical Estimation, Microbiological Techniques, Molecular Biological Techniques (1275 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : Biomedical Instrumentation, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Equipments (1723 views )
»Biomedical Engineer Trainee : Handled All Cardiology Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Physiotherapy Equipments, Theatre Equipments, Radiology Equipments, Dialysis Machine Fresenius, Ultrasound Machine. (2001 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : Knowledge in Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Medical imaging, Computer networks, Bio Signal Processing, Medical Instrumentation, Artificial robotic limb for below knee amputees (20026 views )
»Bio-Medical Technician : Baby incubator, Infant ventilator, Baby ressautiator pulse ox meter tread mill, Echo cardiograph, Sterilizers, Nebulizers, Suction machines, BP monitors, Bp apparatus, Fetal Doppler, Oxygen regulator, Photo therapy unit, Radiant warmer, Diagnostic set. (1655 views )
»Biomedical Technician : Evaluate problems, propose solutions, and design new methods of data acquisition, analysis and interpretation, Maintain warranties and service contracts where applicable, To coordinate with the physicians for fixing daily biomedical test appointments. (2178 views )
»Fresher Biomedical Engineer : PCR Applications, Hybridization Techniques, Agglutination Techniques, Immunotechnology Techniques, Bioprocess control and Automation Techniques, Enzyme Technology Techniques, Upstream Processing Applications, Downstream Processing Applications, Forensic Science, Basics of C , Basics of C++, Basics of Java, Basics of RDBMS. (1880 views )
»Bio Medical Engineer : GPRS Based Real Time Ambulance Tracking System (2476 views )
»Biomedical Engineer : Microcontroller Heart Beat Monitor (3911 views )
»Biomedical Engineer : LABVIEW, MATLAB (2130 views )