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List of Dentist / Dental Surgeon Resumes( 25 )

»Fresher Dentist : Oral Pathologist & Microbiologist, Forensic Odontologist, Medical Scribe, Research Paper Writing, Medical Transcription (24 views )
»Fresher Dental Surgeon : Root canal treatment and Digital Radiography, Dental cleanings, Composites, Amalgam Restorative fillings and Complete Dentures, Fixed Partial dentures, Oral Prophylaxis (13 views )
»Fresher Dental Surgeon : Expertise In Scaling, Root Planning, Splinting, Periodontal Surgery, Bone Grafting And Furcation Management, Excellent In Work Like Filling, Scaling, Deciduous Extraction, Endodontic Surgery, Rct And Extraction, Good Knowledge Of Trans Alveolar Extraction, Biopsy Sampling, Alveoloplasty And Apicectomy (17 views )
»Fresher Dental Surgeon : Scaling & Polishing, Root Planning, Treatment of anterior and posterior teeth with root canal and Crown, Minor surgeries like extractions and curettage. (63 views )
»Dental Surgeon : Sound knowledge of Dentistry, Expertise in handiling the dental tools, In-depth knowledge of analyzing the problems. (88 views )
»Fresher Oral Pathologist : Oral Pathology Diagnosis, Histopathology, Microbiology. (106 views )
»Fresher Dentist : Filling, Scaling, Deciduous Extraction, RCT and Extraction (105 views )
»Fresher MDS : rotary endodontics, perforation repair, microendodontics, open apex cases, post and core, laminates and veneers, vital & non vital bleaching.. (112 views )
»Dentist : dental (156 views )
»Fresher Dentist : Mapping of fluorides,Prevalence of dental caries and dental fluorosis in correlation with drinking water fluoride levels among 12-15 years old school children (158 views )
»General Dentist : Ability to handle different types of patients and maintaining their dental related records, Assisted Dental Specialist in recruiting dental care dentist (161 views )
»Fresher Dentist : Dental Sciences, Surgery (206 views )
»Dental Surgeon : Root canal Treatment, Scaling and root planning, Conducted IDA Camps and dental awareness programs, Composite, GIC, Amalgam, Restorations (193 views )
»Fresher Orthodontist : Canine Retraction Using DAD Technique, Twin Block With Expansion Screw, Activator With Head Gear (343 views )
»Fresher Dental Surgeon : Dentistry, Examining Patients, Taking Iopa, Oral Prophylaxis, Impression Taking Composite, Amalgam, GIC Restorations ,Complete Denture, Rpd ,Anterior Teeth Rct Using K Files ,Simple Extractions (369 views )
»Dental Surgeon : Clinical Trials Pharmacovigilance/ Drug Safety (450 views )
»Fresher Dentist : Recent Techniques In Diagnosing Oral Cancer, Oral Anatomy And Histology And Tooth Morphology, Clinical Practise In Dentistry. (3828 views )
»Board Certified Dentist : Cosmetic restorations, Endodontic procedures like Root canal, Apesectomy, Post and core preparations, Reroot canals, Preparation and cementation of veneers, Polishing, Flossing, Curettage, Dental restorative cleanings (630 views )
»Dentist : Prosthodontics, Operative Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Periodontic, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Oral Medicine, Radiographs, Restorations, Pulpotomy, Pulpectomy (735 views )
»Dentist : Restorative Dentistry Clinical Restorative Dentistry, Pharmacology (839 views )
»Fresher MDS Dentist : Biomechanics in Dental Implantology, Greater Taper Instrumentation in Endodontics using Protaper (4218 views )
»Dental Doctor BDS : Scaling, Polishing, Root planning, Treatment of anterior and posterior teeth with root canal and crown (10780 views )
»Dental Surgeon : Tooth Extractions, Oral Prophylaxis, Orthodontics (1742 views )
»Fresher Dental Surgeon : Clinical Trials Pharmacovigilance/ Drug Safety (5514 views )
»Dental Doctor : Trimmed Models, Made Trays, OSHA Prescribed Sterilization (4110 views )