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List of Social Worker Resumes( 9 )

Social / Welfare >> Social Worker( 12 )

»Fresher Social Worker : Communication, Skill Leadership, Teamwork & Group Work Counseling (1241 views )
»Fresher Dental Doctor : Scaling, Composite Restorations, Amalgam restorations, GIC restorations, Coronoplasty, complete dentures, removal partial dentures, delivered hawleys appliance to patient with minior orthodontic correction, Extractions, impressions, developing dental xray, tooth preparation for anterior teeth (708 views )
»Social Worker : Intend to build a career with committed & dedicated people in the field of Social work, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. (724 views )
»Social Worker : To build up capacity of gram panchayat & watershade committee for implementation of project. To take innovative programme for upgrading the project through socio-economic survey. (2170 views )
»Social Worker : Strong knowledge of family planning and other public health issues, Program Planning and management, Training, Event management, Social Case Work, Social Investigation, Preparing technical reports, Data Processing, Fund Management. (1847 views )
»Medical Social Worker : Responsible for Coordinating a Pilot Research & Health Awareness project on establishing relationship among diet, culture and health of the people, Planning, Implementation, Supervision, Monitoring & Evaluation. (1750 views )
»Fresher Social Worker : Ms Office, Internet, Basic computer operator, Leadership, Teamwork & Group Work, Counseling, Repot establishment. (14081 views )
»Social Worker : Checking Identity cards of students and staff, Follow up of dropout students and maintain a drop register, Formation of Yuva Parivartan Clubs and conducting activities of the club, Preparing for planning, Budgeting, and implementing of all ORC activity. (1814 views )
»Fresher Clinical/ Community Social Worker : Medical and Psychiatry, Counseling and Project Management, Conducted different community programmes, Organized a National level seminar on Geriatric social work (4545 views )