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List of Plant/ Petroleum/ Chemical Engineer Resumes( 8 )

Piping / PDS / PDMS >> Plant/ Petroleum/ Chemical Engineer( 131 )

»Utility Engineer : Utilities Operation & process control, Preventive maintenance & Corrective Maintenance, Monitoring, Analysis & Report. (617 views )
»QA/QC Piping Inspector : Piping Inspection, Choosing best Welding Process for Production, Welding Fixtures development, NDT Planning/Weld visual/Defect Control in welding. (492 views )
»Power Plant Engineer : Maintained normal operating parameter during plant operation, A member of Plant Emergency Handling Group in the Plant, Actively involved in planning with other department, Why-Why Analysis, RCA. (592 views )
»Fresher Graduated Petroluem Engineer : Reservoir Engineering , MWD and LWD logging, Artificial Lift systems, Research and development skills, Industrial safety (653 views )
»Chemical Production Officer : Production, Pilot Plant, R&D, Lab to Pilot plant and plant scale up activity, Material balance of process, Preparation of Standard operating procedures. (1637 views )
»Thermal Power Plant Manager : Maintenance of various Field instruments for Power plant, Implementation of PLC or DCS, Study of Instrument index sheet and JB Details, Planning & execution of shutdown activities. (1333 views )
»Chemical Engineer : Mechanical process engineering, Plant design, Thermal process engineering, Combustion Engineering, Fluid dynamics, Chemical Reaction engineering, Fuel cell Technology and Nano particle technology (950 views )
»Fresher Petroleum Engineer : Plant Engineering, Production Engineering, Reservoir Engineering, Transportation of fuels, Designing of platforms and storage tanks. (1065 views )