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List of Architectural Draughtsman / Draftsman Resumes( 44 )

»Architectural Draftsman : Knowledge in architectural document preparation, Knowledge of Construction Drawing requirements, Knowledge of Construction site visiting (149 views )
»Rebar Detailing Engineer : Archi Cad Revit Architecture, 3Ds Max Photoshop, Contract drawing details and client requirements as per the relevant code. (45 views )
»Fresher Civil & Architectural Draftsman : Auto Cad 2D, Civil & Architectural Draftsman Course, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (130 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Expertise in AutoCAD 2D drafting, Designing, Mainly experience in Civil & Architectural drawings, Capable for handling Architectural Designs (418 views )
»Civil/Auto Cad Draughtsman : Knowledge of working and designing Industrial Sheds,Knowledge of working on Residential & Commercial Projects, Knowledge of working on chaina assemble houses,Knowledge of Designing Nut bolted Houses . (287 views )
»Civil Draftsman : Autocad , Revit Architectural , 3Ds Max, Coordinating with marketing team for Quotation framing (211 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Commercial & Residential Project, Independently prepared complete submittal drawings, Created and maintained standard construction details for drafting/engineering department. (401 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Expertise in AutoCAD 2D drafting, Designing, Detailing & line modeling, Mainly experience in Civil & Architectural drawings, Capable for handling Architectural Designs, MEP, Sketch Drawing, Submission (344 views )
»Autocad Draughtsman : Autocad (285 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Working drawing, Area statement (Plan, Elevation, Sections Detailing 2d work in Auto-Cad 2012 ) (481 views )
»Fresher Autocad Draughtsman : Autocad,3ds Max,Draughtsman Civil, (356 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Preparing concept and presentation drawings as per sketches, Preparing working drawings that includes working plans, elevations and sections, Preparing all architectural detail drawings (465 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Revit Architechture, 3DS Max, Prepared Reinforcement drawing for Shafts, Prepared Reinforcement drawing for Beams and Columns, Prepared Reinforcement drawing for Supports, Prepared Reinforcement Calculations for Structures. (369 views )
»Fresher Architectural Draftsman : Auto cad, 3ds max, Photoshop (502 views )
»Architect : Sincere and hard working. Get familiar easily to work environment. Co-operative with colleagues. (472 views )
»Civil/ Architectural Draughtsman : Computer Aided Design, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw (450 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Architectural Planning & Drafting, 3D Visualization, Taking measurement, AutoCAD, CADIN, 3DS Max with V-Ray, Revit Architecture (689 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Arch & Interior & Tekla Structures Model, Drawing Checking & Modify, Site supervision, Interior Designer, Architectural& submission drawing (379 views )
»Civil Draghtsman : Day To Day Working Operations, Drafting & estimation, Working Drawings, Scheduling of Area, Submission of Drawings. (370 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Knowledge in full architectural document preparation, Construction Drawing requirements, Project Management & Construction, Proficient in Adobe Photoshop CS6, Illustrator, InDesign & Lightroom. (582 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Create CAD Drawings for Production and on site work, Prepare Presentation drawing, Co-ordinate with the clients for their requirement and queries, Develop layouts, drawings and designs. (677 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Preparation Drawings of building Plans, Elevations, Sections, Bath Rooms, kitchens. Draw maps, diagrams, and profiles, using cross-sections and surveys, to represent elevations, topographical contours, subsurface formations and structures. (564 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Autocad, Revit Architecture, Conceptual design of residential building, BMC Drawing & Mhada Table Area Calculation (803 views )
»Architectural & Structural Draftsman : Projects Site Supervision,Designing of Residential and Commercial Buildings which includes Planning and Also Elevation design of some Projects, Working drawings which includes Centerline Plan, Sections, Details as per Elevation In general can handle Projects Individually within the time limit, Well Versed in Auto Cad all version (845 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Knowledge In Autocad 2d&3d Drawing, Civil Draughtsmanship (638 views )
»Architectural Draughtsman : Projects Site Supervision ,Designing of Residential and Commercial Buildings which includes Planning and Also Elevation design of some Projects, Working drawings which includes Centerline Plan, Sections, Details as per Elevation In general can handle Projects Individually within the time limit, Well Versed in Auto Cad all version, 3D Studio, Revit architecture. (765 views )
»Architectural Draughtsman : Preparation of Architectural, Section ,strip section & Elevation Drawings, CAD Drafting of Layouts, Development of Steel Roof Truss & Wood Roof Truss Plans, Preparation of ACP Cladding Detail Drawings, Preparation of Project Area Calculation, Preparation of Project MIDC Drawings. (693 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Autocad, Making plans, Elevation, Section of Building , 3d Elevation, Making Fall Ceiling Design, Planning of buildings structures, 3D graphic view of structures with special requirements. (747 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Prepare information regarding design, specifications, materials and equipment, Draw up costs, schedules and other elements associated with construction projects, Direct the production of construction documents, drawings and specifications, Coordinate schedules and workloads, Review architectural documents for potential conflict with other disciplines. (506 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Auto Cad, Revit Architecture & 3ds Max (261 views )
»Architectural Draughtsman : Preparation of drawing plan, elevation & section, Prepare drawings for Working Site Condition, Prepare Drawings for Municipal Approval, Taking off the Quantity. (732 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Preparation of structural drawings of different kinds of bridges, RoBs, PSC box girder, PSC I Girder, RCC Box Girder, RCC T beam, Super structure on RCC sub structure and RCC abutments, well foundations and open foundation, Preparation of steel truss bridges and their fabrication drawings, Preparation of estimates of quantity and bar bending schedule Highway drawings. (607 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : Preparation of layout Drawings for underground facilities like CRWS system, Storm Sewer system, sanitary system, Pile and Foundation plans, Trench layout & details, Roads & Paving, Drainage details drawings, Preparation of Equipment foundation drawings and PDS modelling for the same. (648 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Sketch Design of said projects drafting plan, Working drawing, door window detail, staircase detail, electrical layout, furniture layout, toilet detail, kitchen detail etc, Plumbing Drawing, Submission Drawing, Structure Drawing. (622 views )
»Architectural Draughtsman : Autocad, 3DS Max, Good knowledge of basic Computer operating System, Excellent planning and execution skills (867 views )
»Civil Draftsman : Autocad, Knowledge of Lay-out and Marking, Working Drawing (713 views )
»Draughtsman cum Civil Site Engineer : Civil Work Execution, Preparation of Bill of Materials, Quantity-takeoff from GFC drawings, Site Co-ordination and Supervision, Preparing architectural layout, Furniture layout, Flooring layout (1145 views )
»Architectural Draftsman : All types of Civil Drawings, Preparation of Architectural drawings, using AutoCAD, Preparation of Municipal and Working drawings, for High raise Buildings, Residential, Centerline Diagrams and Detailed sections through R.C.C Structure, Presentation of Architectural Building Plans, Elevations and Sections Designing. (946 views )
»Architecture Draftsman : Architecture, HVAC, Autocad 2d, 3d, 3dsMax (1223 views )
»Architectural Interior Draughtsman : Auto Cad 2D (1023 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Auto Cad (1518 views )
»Civil Draftsman : AutoCAD, 2D, 3D & Isometric Drawings (2109 views )
»Architectural Draughtsman : AutoCAD, 3DSMAX , Revit Structure (2711 views )
»Civil Draughtsman : Architectural Drawing, Auto CAD (1633 views )