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List of Patent Analyst Resumes( 6 )

Legal, LPO Lawyer Advocate >> Patent Analyst( 66 )

»Patent Analyst : Thorough involvement in Biotechnology R&D and IPR, filling and drafting of Patents. � Executing Patent drafting assignments based on the technical inputs as disclosed in the Invention disclosures. � Communicating with scientist/researchers/client while Patent drafting, drafting of FER response and Office action drafts. � Executing the searches related to Patentability, validity/invalidity, Freedom to Operate, Landscape and state of the art analysis. � Sustaining proficiency with commercial Patent databases & other databases that disclose the technical publications. � Conducting long-term Patent landscape studies to identify trends in a technology field and identifying potential research area. � Performing evidence-of-use studies by analyzing products used in the market that may be infringing on a Patent of interest. � Selecting fields accurately for analysis and mapping Patent and Non-Patent literature. (3717 views )
»Fresher Patent Analyst : Training in patinformatics, prior art searching, technology landscape,portfolio analysis, Basics of patent law, drafting and patent valuatio (3172 views )
»Fresher Patent Analyst : Training In Patent Drafting, Prior Art Searching, Claims Mapping, And Basics Of Patent Law (3548 views )
»Patent Analyst : Programming Languages Basics of C, AutoCAD, Web browsing, Pro E. (2049 views )
»Intellectual Property / Patent Professional : Chemical and Pharmaceutical domain Patent Claim, Drafting of Patent Application (4912 views )
»Fresher Associate Patent Analyst : Analyzing, Drafting, SOP (3327 views )