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List of Anchor / Radio Jockey / News Reader / Newscaster Resumes( 45 )

»Fresher News Reader : Proficiency in reading and writing Tamil & English with a clear voice tone (181 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey : Good communication skill, able to read and write English, Hindi and Tamil, Good basic computer knowledge (150 views )
»Fresher News Reporter : Anchoring, Social Media, JAVA, C,VB,.Net HTML,XML Oracle, MS Access, Enhancing Privacy and Accuracy in Smartphone Devices Tracking & Monitoring System (1266 views )
»Fresher Anchor : Photoshop, Media, C, C++, Java (229 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey/News Reader/Anchor : Good Communication Skills with fluency in English, Hindi and Telugu (292 views )
»Fresher Tamil News Reader : Knowledge in System Software and Hard Ware handling, Preparing Accounts payable Report, Interacting with bankers. (365 views )
»Fresher Anchor : PhotoShop Editing, Video Editing, Hosted college day functions and Departmental Events (211 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey : Host Show at Kross Web FM Radio, Radio Jockeying, News Reporting. (958 views )
»Fresher Television Anchor : Produce high quality documentation, Quality Checker & Check Lists, Handling all Clients, Working under Razorsight Company Portal. (425 views )
»Fresher Video Jockey : Engine Modifications, Current Indian Politics (978 views )
»Fresher Television Anchor : Broadcast Reporting/Writing, TV News Production, Media Ethics. (425 views )
»Fresher Anchor : Strong writing and editorial skills, Ability to work well with production staff in a variety of situations (422 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey : Fluent Speaking, Handle Multi-Tasking Assignments, Creative & Coordination Skills (438 views )
»News Reader/Dubbing/Radio Jackey/Script Writer : Clear voice clarity and fluency in spoken English, An experienced news reporter with specialization in current affairs. (599 views )
»Fresher News Reader : Have a passion for news reporting, Presenting the news (and weather report, where this is not done by a meteorologist) (1150 views )
»Fresher News Anchor : Good fluency in Tamil, MS office, Internet (547 views )
»News Reader : Embedded Systems, Robotics, Nano Technology, Detection of human faces in restricted environment (695 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey : Passsion about music, Trained in Carnatic Music for 6 years (vocal & violin), Good knowledge about music technically. Ebility to speak genuine info about songs and singers even with out any scripts(any generation of songs 60s � 90s). Always ready and interested to commuincte with new people entertian them with words. Spontanity, humour. (419 views )
»Anchor : Poetry, Lyrics, Speech and Writing (517 views )
»Fresher Video/Radio Jockey : Creating fun, energetic and interactive atmosphere, Strong knowledge of music and A/V, Ability to face and negotiate changes in professional life and work positively. (584 views )
»Radio Jockey : Good Speaking & Script Writing Editing & Mixing, Corel, Rjing Course (499 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey : Keen knowledge in music, interested to all kind of entertainment events, dedicated to build career in media. (668 views )
»Fresher News Reader : Proficiency in reading and writing Tamil & English with a clear voice tone (3156 views )
»Fresher News Presenter : Multimedia & Animations, Good Communnication Skills, Command On Language, Team Spirit (786 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey : Good Speaker & Also Good Entertainer (616 views )
»Fresher News Reader : Well-versed in Tamil Language, Researching Topics And Background Information For Items To Be Featured On The Programme, Planning And Rehearsing Shows, Writing, And Sometimes Memorising, Scripts (750 views )
»Fresher Trainee Anchor : Good telugu speaking skills , Certified in Audio Visual Communication course (952 views )
»Fresher News Anchor : introducing news stories on the air, analyzing and interpreting news received from various sources, writing commentaries, columns and scripts, editing news material, selecting materials to present (867 views )
»Radio Jockey/ Programming Head : RCS, Next Gen, Power Gold, NUENDO, Sound Forge, SONY Vegas (738 views )
»Fresher News Reader : Reading short news, traffic, sport or weather reports, Reviewing books, films, music or newspapers, Providing links between programmes, Either reading from a script and/or autocue, or improvising (1058 views )
»Fresher News Presenter : Introducing and hosting programmes, Interviewing guests in the studio, by telephone or on location, Playing music, Reading short news, traffic, sport or weather reports, Reviewing books, films, music or newspapers; (1758 views )
»Fresher News Reader : Networking,Operating Systems, Web designing Additional Skill Possessed, (894 views )
»Fresher News Reader : Networking,m Operating Systems, Web designing Additional Skill Possessed, (960 views )
»Fresher Anchor : Documentary Life Style & Health, 2 Radio bulletin & TV News bulletin (Anchoring) Designing of News Papers & Scripting, Participation in reporting Compilation. (850 views )
»Anchor/Radio Jockey : Skill Set / Web Related, JAVA & J2EE, Databases, Oracle, Oracle and MYSQL (879 views )
»Fresher News Reader/ TV Anchor/ Script Writer : C, C++, .net, Basics of data structures, Oracle, Resequencing Analysis of Stop-and-Wait ARQ for Parallel Multichannel Communication (7209 views )
»Reporter : Resource Person, Media Communication, To work like , Reporter, in Pre -Production also Post �production. (820 views )
»Hindi News Reader : Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication, Proof Reading in English / Hindi (1063 views )
»Fresher Radio Jockey/ Editor : Collecting Vox Populi, Flash, Dreamweaver (5153 views )
»Radio Jockey : Event Management (1885 views )
»Fresher Anchor : Photoshop, CorelDraw, Quark Express, News Flash (9925 views )
»Anchor : Photoshop, 3D Max (1811 views )
»Fresher Anchor : Photoshop, Page Maker (1409 views )
»RJ Radio Jockey : Completed Advance Course in Radio Jockey (17663 views )
»Fresher Television Anchor : Broadcast Reporting/ Writing, TV News Production, Media Ethics. (13122 views )