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»Fresher Medical Writer : Data Entry, Project Management, Dissolution Apparatus, Uv Visible Spectrophotometer, Vibro Sifter, Multimill, Tray Dryer, Tablet Compression Machine. (144 views )
»Pharmaceutical Production Officer : Planning, Inventory control for Finger bags, sieves, screens and spare parts, On line documentation as per cGMP & SOPs, Working in co-ordination with QA, QC, warehouse and Engineering departments. (278 views )
»Solution Advisor : Hands-on-training sessions for Format checking/Novstyle and to ensure compliance of documentation to internal company standards and external regulatory guidelines, Author high-quality CMC documentation for HA submission, with support and guidance, applying agreed CMC global regulatory strategies (226 views )
»Fresher Pharmacist : Qualitative Analysis, Tablet Compression, HPLC, Spectrophotometer Animal (Mice) Handling and Dosing. (573 views )
»Production Manager : Pharmaceutical Production & Packing, Monthly plan as per production planning, Monitoring the dispensing operation and planning for the same, Supervision of area and co-ordination with other departments. (308 views )
»Deputy Manager : Pharmaceutical manufacturing of sterile products by continuous learning of new technologies to achiveve production goals and profits for the company with quality standards. (302 views )
»Fresher B.Pharm : Communication skills, Leadership Computer proficiency. (483 views )
»Formulation Analytical Research And Development Associate : Stability studies of Drug Substances & Drug Products at regular intervals, Technical Comparison of formulation data with Innovator samples related to Assay, Dissolution and Related substance by HPLC. (309 views )
»Fresher Pharmacist : Laboratory animal handling and know various blood withdrawal techniques of Rat and Mice, Hands on Isoflurane anesthetic chamber, Expert in UV, IR etc. (372 views )
»Fresher Pharmacist : MS Office (MS- Word, MS-Excel, MS-Power point, MS-Access) (1130 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Promoting and marketing of Cardio Vascular and Diabetic Productrange, Detailing and informing about the latest Clinical trial studies to the Doctors regarding my products. (692 views )
»Pharma Production Manger : Good knowledge of various formulation processes, Good command over handling medical equipments, Sound knowledge of medicines and drugs. (969 views )
»Pharmacist : Sound understanding of Pharmaceutical formulations, Good knowledge about chemistry, Technical training documentation compliance, for all departments at site and make training documentation audit ready at any point of time. (1282 views )
»Pharma QC Manager : Laboratories Incidence, Preparation of Specification & Standard Testing Procedure, Preparation of Work Sheet, Review Raw Data of Raw Material & Packing Material. (1503 views )
»Pharmacist : Responsibilities could be followed in production area, GMP and current Good manufacturing practices in tablets and capsules, Maintaining equipment and cleanliness of departmental area. (1456 views )
»Production Officer : Execution of Production process of Solid oral dosage forms e.g. Tablets & Capsules, Execution and solution of any trouble shooting during production and processing. (1302 views )
»Fresher Research Scientist : Research and Development, Documentation, Formulation and evaluation of press coated tablet of Ketoprofen (1439 views )
»Industrial Pharmacist : Raw Material & Finished Product Analysis, Moisture Analysis, Documentation, InProcess Investigation, Sterility Testing, Stability Study Testing, Label & Packaging material Testing. (4849 views )
»Quality Control Pharmacist : Knowledge In Validation For Apis, Calibration Of Analytical Instruments And Stability Studies, Analysis Of Apis, Checking Analytical Raw Data And Ensuring Validity And Accuracy, KF Autotitrator, coulourimeter, Polarimeter, potentiometer titrations by Autotitrator MR Apparatus. (3940 views )
»Fresher Industrial Pharmacist : F & D Department, Regulatory Affairs Department in pharmaceutical, USP Dissolution Apparatus, UVVisible Spectrophotometer, Vibro Sifter, Multimill, Tray dryer, Tablet Compression machine. (7701 views )
»Fresher Pharmaceutical Executive : Tablet Compression Machine, UV-Visible spectrophotometer, R & D Coating Machine, FT-IR (PerkinElmer Spectrum BX2), Advanced Spray dryer, Dissolution Test Apparatus, HPLC. (1796 views )
»Fresher Pharmacist : Dispensing Prescription Medicines To The Public, Ensuring That Different Treatments Are Compatible, Checking Dosage And Ensuring That Medicines Are Correctly And Safely Supplied And Labelled. (2192 views )
»Fresher Pharmacologist : Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology, Tablet punching machine, Coating machine, In vitro Test, In vivo Test, Colorimeter, UV spectrophotometer. (2213 views )
»Fresher Clinical Pharmacist : Instruments related with In Process Control and QC, Laboratory Instruments Hardness Tester, UV Double beam Spectrophotomete Colorimeter, Multiple Disollution apparatus, Disintegrator, etc. (3665 views )
»Dispensing Pharmacist : Handling of prescription, Dispensing of medicines, Patient Counseling, Education & awareness, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Checking and Endorsing of the Bills, Purchase ordering,accounts and insurance claim, Total inventory control. (3049 views )
»Pharmacist : Dispensing Medicine, Keeping records of scheduled control drugs, Checking stocks and remove expire products from the shelf periodically. (2430 views )
»Fresher Pharmacist : Handled Many Instruments Like Disintegration Test Apparatus, Dissolution Test Apparatus, Friability Test Apparatus, Kymograph For Pharmacology Experiments And U.vvisible Spectrophotometer . (1678 views )
»Fresher B.Pharm : Herbal Drugs Used In The Treatment Of Malaria Protocol Development Of Indigenous Drug & Their Formulation For Global Acceptance, Phytochemical Investigation On Calendula Officinalis (44445 views )
»Hospital Pharmacist : Checking prescriptions to ensure that there are no errors and that they are appropriate and safe for the individual patient, Participating in ward rounds, taking patient drug histories and involvement in decision-making on appropriate treatments (2297 views )
»Pharmacist : Retail Pharmacist, Clinical Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist, Comparative Study Between Incentive Pharmacology And Drug Inventory. (1909 views )
»Fresher Pharmacist : Prodrug designing and QSAR studies, Gastric Proton Pump Inhibitors and Catalysis, Structure Elucidation of Alkaloids, Instrumentation of IR, NMR and Mass Spectroscopy and their interpretation, Antipseudomonal Penicillin and Cephalosporin (1739 views )
»Fresher Product Specialist : Scientific Expertise in UV spectrophotometer, FTIR spectrophotometer, Dissolution apparatus, Micropipette, Centrifuge, HPLC, Knowledge of GMP and ICHGCP guidelines. (2577 views )
»Fresher B.Pharm : Instruments Handled - Tablet Dissolution Apparatus, U.V.Spectrophotometer, Single Station tablet Compression machine, Medicraft Heated Plate Analgesiometer, Medicraft Rotarod Apparatus (3636 views )
»Licensed Clinical Pharmacist : Patient Counseling (2293 views )
»PHARMACIST : Animal Handling in pharmacology (2127 views )
» Pharmacist : FFS manufacturing (2172 views )
»Fresher Pharmacist : Medical/ Aromatic Plants Agriculture Practices (31378 views )
»Pharmacist : Handling HPLC/ GC/ UV Spectrophotometer (2380 views )
»Pharmacist : Handling OP & IP, Maintaining Pharmacy Store (17399 views )
»Fresher Pharmacologist : Clinical research, Regulatory affairs (4266 views )
»Clinical Research Pharmacist : Drug Safety Monitoring (2709 views )