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List of Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive Resumes( 30 )

»Drug Safety Associate : Having basic knowledge on ARISg, Search for literature tittles with abstract from EMBASE (393 views )
»Drug Safety Associate : Single ICSR processing, Can process all clinical, spontaneous, non interventional and Legal cases, Basics of pharmacovigilannce. (392 views )
»Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Preparation/Review of Annotated Comparison, Knowledge of PDF properties, Coordination with other departments like ADL, FD, QA, Plant & Project Managements for various regulatory documents required for dossier submission. (1654 views )
»Regulatory Manager : Communicating with global marketing persons & technical consultant to resolved the issue piled up during the Process of new & renewal marketing authorization & preparation of documents. - Resolve NOD raised by concerned regulatory agency up to satisfaction (1039 views )
»Regulatory Affairs Executive : Research and Development, Analytical Basic, Method Validation, Method Development, And Other Processing Involved, Handling LCMS System. (1713 views )
»Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Responsible for preparing, submitting applications for CDSCO, Responsible for preparing, submitting applications for cGMP, GMP & GLP. (538 views )
»Drug Safety Associate : Medical coding using MedDRA and WHO-DD, Case processing including data entryand narrative writing for PMS, CT andliterature cases, Ensure all medically relevant information is transcribed from source documents into the safety database (675 views )
»Fresher Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Review the order of raw materials, and raw materials testing,Testing of antacids, vitamins, calcium tablets. (1233 views )
»Drug Regulatory Affairs : QA, IPQA, Regulatory Document Review, Calibration of IPQC equipment’s and instruments as per schedule, Perform Line clearance activity at various stage of manufacturing and packing. (1290 views )
»Regulatory Affairs Executive : Evaluation of Binding Efficacy of starch isolated from Dioscorea fluribenda, Microemulsion-A Versatile Dimension of Novel Drug Delivery System (1774 views )
»Fresher Regulatory Affairs Executive : CTD Format Dossier Preparation, DMF Review, Drug Regulatory Affairs, Quality Assurance (1986 views )
»Regulatory Affairs Manager : Comprehensive knowledge of medical writing and analyzing complex medical data,Knowledge of e-learning and publication development (1833 views )
»Fresher Drug Safety Associate : ADR monitoring, Documenting and Reporting in Pharmacovigilance Department of MGM Hospital, (2429 views )
»Fresher Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical analysis, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Drug Regulatory Affairs & Pharmaceutical Management (1601 views )
»Pharmacovigilance Executive : Reporting of the Adverse Drug Reactions, Updation and Maintenance of Pharmacovigilance Master File, Preparation and maintenance of Safety data Exchange Agreements (1250 views )
»Drug Safety Associate : Accountable for handling ICSRs received via data exchange systems, disposition of valid items into ARIS from IRT for further processing in ARIS. (2480 views )
»Drug Regulatory Affairs Manager : Drug Regulatory Affairs (2174 views )
»Regulatory Affairs Executive : To be involved with all registration related tasks, Post Approval Authorization Variations, Renewals, Receipt, preparation and submission of all applicable updates, amendments, resolutions and any other correspondence required by regulatory authority (2991 views )
»Fresher Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Responsible for conducting assay, Related Substances tests, Handling and performing calibration of analytical instruments, UV Spetrophotometric Method Development and Validation for Determination of Lacidipine in Pharmaceutical dosage form. (1837 views )
»Fresher Regulatory Affairs Executive : Clinical Trails, Clinical Data Management, Pharmacovigilance & SAS Clinical. (1880 views )
»Fresher Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Early stages of Drug Discovery, Development and Approval process for Global Regulatory Market, Knowledge on US FDA, EMA, ICH, WHO, OECD guidelines, Dossier compilation and submission of DMF, ASMF, ANDA, IND, CTA, NDA, MAA, to various regulatory authorities across the world. (2499 views )
»Fresher Regulatory Affairs Executive : Clinical Research Methodology, Roles and responsibilities of involves in clinical research, Ethics and Regulations in Clinical Research, Case Report Form design, Clinical data management, Regulatory affairs. (1617 views )
»Fresher Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Preformulation, Formulation and development, RnD, Technology Transfer, Production department, Formulation and Optimization of Chronomodulated Press Coated pulsatile drug delivery system of Carvedilol. (1739 views )
»Fresher Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Formulation and Development (R & D), Production, Regulatory Affairs, Glatt Coater, Pan Coating Machine, Spray Dryer, Rapid Mixer Grinder, Planetary Mixer, Dissolution Apparatus, Disintegration Tester, Friability Tester, Blender, Direct Compression, Orbiter Shaker, Ph Meter, Extruder Spheronizer, Etc. (1843 views )
»Fresher Regulatory Affairs : m.s office,communication skills (3395 views )
»Regulatory Affairs Research Officer : Drug Master Files/ Technical Packages Preparation (2608 views )
»Fresher Computer Aided Drug Designer : Autodock, Molegro Vertual Docker, Glide (1829 views )
»Fresher Pharmaceutical/ Drug Regulatory Affair Associate : Product Formulation Development, Rapid Mixture Granulator (3570 views )
»Fresher Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : CTD Format Dossier Preparation, DMF Review (6911 views )
»Drug Regulatory Affairs Executive : Production, Formulation and Quality Assurance (3571 views )