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List of Drug Safety Physician Resumes( 11 )

»Drug Safety Associate : Comprehensive knowledge of international drug safety and pharmacovigilance principles and regulations, Extensive knowledge of drug safety and drug development process and procedures, In-depth knowledge of coding principles, submission criteria, regulatory timeline requirements, technical requirements and guidelines. (303 views )
»Fresher Drug Safety Physician : Pharmacovigilance, Recognizable knowledge in staffing process, Young, energetic and result oriented professional with strong academic background (293 views )
»Fresher Drug Safety Associate : Monitoring drug safety in clinical Research, identification and responding to drug safety hazards, actions to improve drug safety, postmarketing, monitoring and decision making, lessons learned from previous problems, the pharmaceutical physician and drug safety. (472 views )
»Fresher Drug Safety Associate : Meeting timelines, Meeting Client expectations, Flexible working in 24/7 shifts, Sound knowledge of ICH/GCP guidelines. (395 views )
»Fresher Drug Safety Associate : Advance Approaches in Drug Designing & Drug Targeting, Done Project on Cosmetic Product, Project on AntileishmaniaAn Over View. (826 views )
»Drug Safety Physician : Gained Expertise In Experimental Pharmacology - Analgesiometer, Rotarod, Hole Board, Swim Despair, Actophotometer, Bioassay, Langendroff (668 views )
»Drug Safety Physician : Signal Detection Activity, Medical Review (811 views )
»Medical Review Safety Physician : MedDRA, Clinical Trial, Product Indication (701 views )
»Homeopathic Drug Safety Physician : Transparency, Exceptional Patient Satisfaction (646 views )
»Drug Safety Associate : HPLC ,UPLC, Fluid Bed Dryer, Autoclave, Incubator, Laminar Airflow (1083 views )
»Drug Safety Associate : Global ARISg, Advent Database (1498 views )