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List of Vendor Development Resumes( 6 )

»Store Manager : Handling receipt, shifting, storage, delivery of material etc, Creating delivery schedules and ensuring the timely delivery of materials (39 views )
»Vendor Development Manager : Strategic Sourcing, Negotiation skill, Project management, Process Improvements, Process Management, Team Management, Vendor Development (51 views )
»Vendor Development Manager : New supplier selection & developmentfor commodities viz. Casting, Forging, Machined parts, planning of procurement, Inventory control, Responsible for casting, Forging & machining component procurement. (87 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Testing for Material & Performance tests, Develope process for new component, Co-ordinate the third party inspection & final inspection, Preparation of Vendor ratings & analysis reports. (188 views )
»Vendor Development Engineer : Review All Vendor Documentations To Assure The Compliance With The Design And Technical Requirements, To Find Cost Of Qualiity, To Receive The Subcontractor Material & Arrange For Final Delivery & Raw Material Costing, Gross Weight. (457 views )
»Vendor Development Engineer : Purchase Order / Work Order (2731 views )