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List of Tax Executive Resumes( 10 )

»Tax Executive : Central Excise, Income Tax, TDS, Service Tax, Sales Tax, etc. (476 views )
»Tax Executive : Handling ESI Premiums, PF Contribution and Professional Tax of the Staff Members, Preparation of Accounting Vouchers and Transactions, Preparation of Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement, Preparation of Monthly Branch Performance Reports, Handling Money Transfer Customers, Handling Foreign Exchange and Insurance Customers. (482 views )
»Tax Consultant : Statutory compliance TDS, Service Tax, VAT, Maintaining record of expenses, Vat auditing, Handling Petty cash, Handling cash book, Booking/Verification of Sales and purchase Entries, Purchase Booking, Verification and cross checking of purchase and sales entry, Regular Accounting like Cash Voucher, Sales- Purchase Entries, Journal Voucher. (554 views )
»Tax Consultant : Tax Audits and Consultancy, Company Audits, Project Finance, Business Proposals, Internal Audits, Management Audits, Preparing Professional Presentations, Cost Reduction Projects, Knowledge Management (555 views )
»Tax Consultant : Filing of IT Return of Individual, Making Online payment of Tax, Consulting the Client (Salary Return), Preparing Certificate, Inventory Management, Preparation of documentation for Export, Profit and Loss Monthly Information System. (1137 views )
»Tax Consultant : Meeting With Clients And Collating Information, Working With Tax Law And Revenue Provisions, Preparing And Submitting Compliance (tax) Returns By The Deadline. (602 views )
»Accountant/ Income tax : Accounting Related Works, Banking Related Works, Auditing Books of Account, Income tax Related Works. (594 views )
»Tax Preparer/ Tax Processor : Comfortable with tax specialized software�s like Orion, GoRS, Vertex, Premium Pro, Oracle & E-doc, Prepare more complicated business tax returns including consolidated and multi-state. (685 views )
»Cost/ Tax Accountant : Inventory Valuation Maintenance, Stock Ledgers (570 views )
»Sales Tax Executive : PF, ESI, TDS, WCT Calculation (1872 views )