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List of GIS Engineer/ Analyst Resumes( 8 )

»Fresher Geologist : Geophysics, Structural Geology, Marine geosciences and Economic Geology and Experience in handling Atomic Absorption Spectrosopy (66 views )
»GIS Engineer : ArcMap, QGIS, Global Mapper, Mobie Lidar, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Rhinoceros (66 views )
»GIS Engineer : GIS Autocad Arcgis, Authentication of business listings, Removal of business which are bogus, Escalation of business based on theevidences. (161 views )
»GIS Analyst : Determined location and dimensions of objects, Utilized ArcGIS to collect field data, Implemented collected data to enhance design and development of drawings. (220 views )
»Fresher GIS Analyst : ArcGIS, QGIS, PYTHON (Basic), ERDASIMAGINE, MSOFFICE (Suite) (381 views )
»GIS Engineer : ArcGIS, Small World, Microstation, Auto CAD, .Net, SQL Server (638 views )
»GIS Engineer : Responsible for the creation of as-built municipal drawings using AutoCAD, Responsible for the compiling and organizing GIS data from maps, databases and other sources (978 views )
»GIS Engineer : AutoCAD, Staad Pro, ArcGIS, Revit ,C Language, MS Office (545 views )