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List of Web Developer / Web Designer Resumes( 41 )

»Fresher Web Designer : Very good knowledge on features of object oriented programming language like Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction and Interfaces, Very good knowledge on Constructors, Typecasting and Modifiers. (230 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : Assessed, diagnosed and troubleshot malfunctioning hardware and software deployments to support nonstop operations. (182 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : Handling Policy Servicing Department, Maintaining MIS of Different Process, Handling Claims Department, Handling Groups Department, Handling Living Benefit Project (232 views )
»Fresher Web Designer : SQL,PHP, Computer Fundamentals, Design Analysis of Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (235 views )
»Fresher Oracle/PL/SQL Developer : Oracle PL/SQL, Design & Fabrication of Steam Turbine (187 views )
»Web Designer : Create a website with HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript and Bootstrap and upload it to the server to run it properly on different device and browser. (478 views )
»Fresher Web Designer : Involved in Designing and Coding, Interact with the front end web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) (582 views )
»Fresher Web Designer : Involved in Designing and Coding, Interact with the front end web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) (687 views )
»Web Developer : HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, C Programming, Joomla (CMS), Cloud Computing, Networking (808 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : Knowledge of Hardware, Software Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Handling Technical Problem Network & Hardware. (936 views )
»Fresher Web Applications Developer : MySQL Server, Routing Configuration, Routing & Switching, Basic SQL and Linux Productivity (686 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : Core Php, HTML, CSS,Wordpress,Design, Programming, Implementation and Maintenance of Automation System. (845 views )
»Fresher Oracle/ SQL Developer : Installation of Oracle on Windows and Linux platforms with operating system environments, Knowledge of SQL scripting. (696 views )
»Fresher Web Applications Developer : HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, Pothole Detection System Using on Android (787 views )
»Web Developer : Data Base Management System, Object Oriented Programming, PHP Developer,Web Developer,Web Designer (835 views )
»WordPress Developer : Edit and repurpose WordPress plugins in accordance to customers’ needs, Applied Google Analytics and Google Adwords feature using SEO in website. (1519 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : Core PHP,MYSQL, Data Base Management System (37004 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : C, C++, HTML, Core PHP, Manual Testing (897 views )
»Fresher Web Designer : html, css, bootstrap, javascript (1045 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : CSS, Mark up Languages, Oracle, Javascript, JSF, Hibernate, Spring, NetBeans (1008 views )
»Fresher User Interface UI Developer : HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, dobe Photoshop, Sublime Text, Dreamweaver (1032 views )
»Fresher HTML & CSS Developer : HTML,CSS (8860 views )
»Fresher Java Development Engineer : C, Core Java, Android, Xilinx ISE, MatLab, Eclipse, Oracle, Detection of Brain Tumor from MRI Scan (1312 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : PHP, HTML,CSS, JQuery,Ajax, MySQL, Javascript ,Drupal (1642 views )
»Fresher Web Designer : Preparation of various progress proformas and submission of letters as per dispatch, Drawings preparation in CAD software as per requirement, Drawings issual to site office. (1177 views )
»Fresher SQL Developer : Oracle, PL/SQL, DC Motor Control using Single Switch, A Novel Grid Connected Pv-Fc Hybrid System For Power Management (1199 views )
»Web Developer : Hands on experience in Wordpress, Cascading Style Sheets, Markup Languages, Java Script, PHP and MySQL, Profound Experience in developing wordpress plug-ins and responsive websites. (1255 views )
»Web Developer : Web-Based Application using Wordpress, Prestashop, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML (1469 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : C#,ASP.NET,SQL, XML, JavaScript,JQuery,HTML,AJAX, Development,Visual Studio,SQL Server (1365 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : C, HTML,PHP, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT, MY SQL (1523 views )
»Fresher Html Developer : Web designing skills, HTML, XML, CSS, Java Scripting, Oracle, Programming skills C, Java, Data warehouse Informatica. (4577 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : Programming Languages Basic C, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript. (1406 views )
»SEO Executive/ Web Developer : Good Knowledge in SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing, Web Development (PHP Wordpress), Good Knowledge of databases MySQL Server, MS Access, HTML, CSS. (3293 views )
»Fresher Website Developer : Php, Javascript , Ajax, Html, Photoshop, C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, Ms Access, Oracle, Unix, Linux. (1315 views )
»Web Developer : ASP.NET, C#.NET, Sql Server , Core Java, Swing, C++, C, Flash Javascript, Indepth knowledge of .NET Applications. (1509 views )
»Fresher Web Designer : System Programming C, C++, J2SE, and J2ME, Web Based Technology JSP, Java Script, HTML. (1389 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : Application Programming, Database Management, Web Development, OOPS, Operating systems, Data Structures, DBMS, C++, Java (J2SE/J2EE), HTML, JavaScript (1513 views )
»Fresher Web Developer : PHP, ASP.NET, HTML, Installation of application software (1565 views )
»Web Developer : HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP Mysql,Wordpress, Joomla (1796 views )
»Database Developer : Oracle, HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, .Net (1867 views )
»Web Designer : Adobe Photoshop, CSS3 (2208 views )