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List of Lawyer / Law Officer Resumes( 14 )

»Fresher Lawyer : SDA, Business Managment, Intellectual Property Right & Competition Law, International Journal of Law & Management Studies (53 views )
»Legal Associate : Legal, Laws, Criminal & Security Laws, Intellectual Property Rights (27 views )
»Fresher Legal Associate : Legal Drafting, Legal Research, Accessing Manupatra and SCCOnline, MS-Office (83 views )
»Fresher Advocate : Constitutional Law, Banking Laws, Family Laws & Criminal Law. (161 views )
»Fresher Associate Lawyer : Research, Litigation, e-Drafting, Trial Preparation, Case Management, Client Counselling, Negotiating Commercial Contracts (224 views )
»Private Law Practitioner : Learned about the filing of the cases and procedural before magistrate,Closely followed Criminal Court proceedings and approaches adopted for understanding of various provisions under different laws. (1091 views )
»LPO Lawyer : Assist lawyers for research, Preparation of all legal documents,Obtain and review commercial and residential title law papers, Maintain file of recent Supreme Court decisions. (946 views )
»Lawyer : Drafted legal documents and corporate / civil reports, Appeared before courts and successfully handled matters within the purview of civil and criminal Law, Drafted leave and license Agreements, Power of Attorney, written statement, notices, and applications. (3292 views )
»Paralegal/ Lawyer : Search Case Laws, Citations, Reported Judgments to support pending cases, to be drafted cases and to be filed cases by using Legal Data Base. (2187 views )
»Financial/ Labor Advocate : Negotiating Strategic Business Agreements (1820 views )
»Associate Lawyer : Client Handling/Counseling, Reviewed Documents (2637 views )
»Law Officer : Private Law Practitioner (10457 views )
»Law Officer : Anticipatory Bail Research Drafting Cases (3754 views )
»Lawyer : Maintenance, Divorce, Restitution of conjugal rights (22799 views )