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List of Geologist Resumes( 17 )

»Fresher Geologist : Geophysics, Structural Geology, Marine Geosciences and Economic Geology, Paleontology, Geomorphology (7 views )
»Fresher Geologist : Structural Geology, Paleontology, Sampling & Surveying, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Remote Sensing , Fuel Geology, GIS (56 views )
»Fresher Geologist : Sedimentology, Marine geosciences and Economic Geology, Geomorphology, Ground water Hydrology and Engineering Geology, Remote Sensing, thin Section Preparation and its studies under microscope (158 views )
»Fresher Geologist : Structural Geology, X- ray Fluorescence, Paleontology, Sampling and Surveying, Sedimentology (302 views )
»Fresher Geology Lecturer : Communicate geological findings by writing research papers, participating in conferences, and/or teaching geological science at universities, Test industrial diamonds and abrasives, soil, or rocks in order to determine their geological characteristics, using optical, x-ray, heat, acid, and precision instruments. (584 views )
»Geologist : Good field knowledge in identifying different types of rocks, structure, texture and various geological and geomorphologic aspects, Experience in carrying out detailed mapping on different scales, using different surveying techniques and conducting geological fieldwork during exploration, Preparation of litho logs, geological maps etc. (706 views )
»Geologist : Managing data of Perforation, Testing and Stimulation, Uploading data�s of Initial Flowing Pressure, Final flowing pressure, Shut-in pressure BHT, FHP, IHP, and Oil Showing Area from DST, WLT, RFT, Upload the core Data like Maximum Horizon k, Common percentage of porosity, Porosity Type, Oil saturated pore, Water saturated pore Data of every feet. (672 views )
»Project Fellow : Corel Draw, Map Maker, Multispectral, Tridraw And Basic Internet Surfing, Diagenetic Evolution Of Ridge Sandstone, Study Of Mineral Resources (909 views )
»Fresher Geologist : ARC GIS, ERDAS imagine, Geoinformation Science & Technology (Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System), Morphometric analysis and identification of ground water potential zones of Yendayar Watershed in Manimala River Basin, Kerala using Remote Sensing and GIS. (627 views )
»Fresher Geologist : Geophysics, Structural Geology, Marine geosciences and Economic Geology, hin Section Preparation and its studies under microscope, Geophysical survey Experience in handling Proton Precession Magnetometer, Sampling and geological mapping. (1467 views )
»Fresher Geologist : Ecological and Environmental , Hydrology, Micropaleontology, Petrology, Geological fieldwork and labwork ( Sampling and Analysis ), Hydrocarbon Exploration Techniques (2959 views )
»Geotechnical Engineer : Preparation of slope stabilisation reports on cutting of proposed powerhouse slope, Preparation of spreadsheets for Plane wedge analysis and wedge analysis by SWEDGE software, Check of Slope cuts by SLOPE/W software for excavation profiles in construction areas. (1114 views )
»Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Engineer : Duct Design, Static Pressure Calculation (4781 views )
»Engineering Geologist : Drilling, Coring, Well Development (859 views )
»Fresher Mining Geologist : Geological Mapping, Surveying (1470 views )
»Fresher Economic Geologist : Mine Planning, Structural Controls (911 views )
»Tunnel modeling Geologist : Geotechnical, Geological Investigation (1271 views )