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List of Retail Store Manager Resumes( 22 )

»Retail Store Manager : Accounting ,Reporting Skill, Attension To Detail, Deadline Oriented, Confidiantaly, Time Management, Data Entry Management, General Math Skill, Business Analysis. (62 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Tally ERP, Business Management, Marketing (83 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Supervision of All Stores activities, Supervision of Receipts and issue of materials. (222 views )
»Stores Executive : Handling all the major responsibilities of store dep’t for brand Sangam with the assigned responsibilities as Store In charge, Keeping a track of daily material check by personal visits. (296 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Maintaining store, Handling staffs, Provide good service & satisfaction to customers, Properly displaying the store etc (277 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Maintenance of all store records, Ledger etc., Preparation of challans, vouchers, handling of cash, Verify the receipt material & documents against purchase order/indent. (283 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Monitoring & settlement of Stock, To Keep Exact Record of Incoming & Outgoing Materials myself & Material Receiving & Issue System ERP, Internal Audit & Physically Maintained Store (255 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Material Management, Over all Store related activity, Inward / Outward maintain, Planning and Distribution of material as per the requirement, Vendor related activity. (284 views )
»Retail Stores Manager : Responsible for overseeing the Entire Store Operations, Responsible for store staff Recruiting, training, Coaching, orienting and motivating employees, Managed merchandise levels and store appearance Visual Display Arrangement. (276 views )
»Retail Sales Officer : Responsible for achievement of the sales target set by the company the new business development and performance of all sales activities related to products, Responsible for assisting with team of Jaypee Cement in Dispatch planning, Selling Cement, providing quotes, generate sales, promote sales and marketing and coordinating the promotional events. (387 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Stores Management, Receipt, Issue, Accounting of Material, posting in stock register & entry in SAP, Preparation of goods receipt note, Ensuring proper bin allocation and preservation of material. (450 views )
»Retail Sales Operation Manager : Steering initiatives for administering day-to-day retail operations, finances & budget and designing operations and manuals, KPA’s and KPI’s, Standard Operating Procedures Manual and training staff in all areas of retail – operations, company, product and customer service, Developing plans to improve the commercial performance of the store by increasing its turnover and maximising profitability; executing effective sales analysis & planning to promote offers for business development and handling competitor’s benchmarking (527 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Excellent leadership skills, Optimistic and self-motivated, Marketing, Retailing, Rural management, Securities and Banking (478 views )
»Retail Showroom Manager : Store Operations & Inventory Management (586 views )
»Fresher Retail Operations Manager : Interact with the regional leadership team and responsible for the development of brand strategy, To build effective relationships with retail partners, To identify new store opening opportunities. (726 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Garments & Grocery Retail Floor Manager, TALLY ERP 9 (879 views )
»Retail Outlet Manager : Handling Logistics/ Supply Chain Management (974 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Stock Indent/ Replenishment Placement (868 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Customer Service / Relationship, Marketing, Retail Management (1411 views )
»Retail Stores Manager : Formulate sales plans & strategies (1343 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Track Customer Deliveries, SOP Adherence (1161 views )
»Retail Store Manager : Product Management, Promotion, Sales Generation (1892 views )