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List of Teacher Resumes( 58 )

»Fresher visiting faculty : MS Word, Power Point (7 views )
»Primary School Teacher : Handled daily classroom set up observing students behavior and progress, Developed weekly lesson plans in accordance with the school curriculum. (30 views )
»Maths Teacher : Teaching, Mathematical Modeling in Life Sciences, Industrial Applications of Mathematical Modeling (46 views )
»Fresher Commerce Teacher : Chartered Accountancy, Accounts and GST, Tally (48 views )
»Telugu Teacher : Deep knowledge of Telugu subject and strong interest in teaching Telugu, Ability to make use of different Telugu teaching methods (85 views )
»Fresher Maths Teacher : Numerical Methods, Analysis-III (Riemann Integration and Series of Functions), Algebra-III (Ring Theory and Linear Algebra-I), Differential Equation-II (PDE and System of ODE), Network Models and Project Scheduling. (97 views )
»Fresher Economics Teacher : Teaching, Maths, Statistics, Economics, Eco Geo (100 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Teacher : Computer Networks, Mobile Communication, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design, SQL (Structured Query Language) (133 views )
»Fresher Commerce Teacher : Good in interacting with the students and make creative learning (138 views )
»Computer Science Teacher : Providing information regarding the basics of computer i.e. Word, PPT and uses of the Internet, Introducing the students with the various computer applications i.e. designing, Giving the information about software programming, web designing, and programming (156 views )
»Fresher Hindi Teacher : Profound knowledge of Hindi language and ability to teach the language for all sorts of students, Excellent communication and written skills as well as ability to explain the text (214 views )
»English Teacher : English Language Teaching, Assessment of Communication Skills in English, Reflections on teaching and researching on English language studies (231 views )
»Fresher Computer Teacher : Call Routing, Core Network Hardware, Core Configuration Management, Signaling, ISUP Call Flow, Protocol, Competitor Evaluation (202 views )
»Fresher Maths Teacher : Mathematics, Digital Image Processing, Digital Electronics, Analog & Digital Communication (267 views )
»Fresher Hindi Teacher : Profound knowledge of Hindi language and ability to teach the language for all sorts of students, Excellent communication and written skills as well as ability to explain the text (285 views )
»Maths Teacher : Teaching Numerical Aptitude (Arithmatic), Quantitative Aptitude (300 views )
»Computer Teacher : Planning and providing computer lessons to students and holding practical sessions in the computer laboratory, Assigning, assisting, and grading students on computer projects (236 views )
»Secondary Mathematics Teacher : Teaching Secondary Mathematics, IGCSE Syllabus (353 views )
»Post Graduate Teacher : Inspiring the students to learn the new things and shaping their future according to their interest, Organizing the students in the group so they can interact with each other and socialize. (477 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Teacher : SQL, HTML, XML,Data Base Management System, Operating System, Data Structure (329 views )
»PGT Physics Teacher : Teaching, Lab Activity Incharge, National Science Innovative Exhibihtion Incharge (2580 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Teacher : PHP, JAVA, C,C++, WORDPRESS, MySQL , MS Access,HTM,L CSS,Project Configuration, Theme customization, Coding, Database handling, Unit Testing, Bug fixing, Documentation, Team Handling. (372 views )
»Commerce Teacher : Financial, Cost & Management Accounting, Accounting for Managers, Financial Management, Principles of Marketing, Micro & Macro Economics, Business Management, Business Environment, Principles of Management,business law,income tax. (1917 views )
»Fresher Primary Teacher : Montessori & Primary Teacher Training Course, Basic Knowledge of Ms Word, Ms Excel, Tally (3618 views )
»School Teacher : Preparing the Telugu lesson plans, delivering lectures, and engaging the students in discussion process, Offering guidelines to every individual for his/her development (2986 views )
»Pre Primary Teacher : Child Development, Educational Technology, Early Childhood Care and Education (5191 views )
»Fresher Chemistry Teacher : Applied Chemistry, Water Treatment, Type Writing, C,C++,JAVA (743 views )
»Hindi & Sanskrit Teacher : Authored the Hindi Grammer Series Named ‘Mridul Hindi Vyakaran’ for Classes 1-5, Guides students in Volley Ball in Sports Activity (2863 views )
»Fresher Chemistry Teacher : Supervise students' laboratory work, Evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory performance, assignments, and papers. (3235 views )
»English/ Hindi Teacher : Provide ample opportunities for innovation, To develop students ability in learning and other activities, To excel myself in current education method (1037 views )
»Physics Teacher : Quantum Mechanics, Classical mechanics, Electronics, Mathematical physics, LAB, Electrodynamics, Applied optics, Solid state physics, Statistical mechanics, LAB. Laser Physics. (8703 views )
»Biology Teacher : Plant tissue culture technique, Preparation of plant growth regulators, Isolation of Micro organisms from various sources, Electrophoresis techniques, Isolation of DNA from animal & plant, BioChemical Test. (1167 views )
»Fresher Biology Teacher : ELISA, RID, ODD, Counter Current immuno electrophoresis, Western Blotting, Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge Gel electrophoresis, Isolation of Plasmid DNA from E. coliIsolation of DNA, RNA from Goat Liver, Paper chromatography, Thin layer chromatography. (3728 views )
»Commerce Teacher : Time management, Class schedule management, Computer operator, Solving the problems of students, Solving the problem of parents, Filling queries, Making Test sheets, Office Management. (1429 views )
»Special Teacher : Handling a classroom of students and teaching them the subject that has been assigned, Teach all the subjects, if have been assigned to teach so, Take daily attendance and teach students proper behavior, Maintain discipline amongst students, and make sure that they dress properly. (906 views )
»Postgraduate Physics Teacher : Taking XI & XII C.B.S.E classes and COMPETITIVE classes, Evaluate and grade students' class work, laboratory work, assignments, and papers, Prepare and deliver lectures to undergraduate and/or graduate students on topics such as quantum mechanics, particle physics, and optics. (3155 views )
»Tabla Teacher : C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Script, VB Script, ASP, J2EE Concept, Corba, RMI, JSP, Java Beans & Site Server Standard, TimeTable Incharge, Exam Incharge, Handle CCA, Manage School event, Information Technology, Web Designing, Networking. (1701 views )
»Computer Teacher : Developed innovative curriculum to instruct students, small groups and classes of students, Organized time, space and resources to balance heavy workloads and stringent deadlines. (1035 views )
»Accounts Teacher : Experience Of Assessing GSEB Papers For The Subject Accounting, Economics, IGCSE And As Level And A Level. (1498 views )
»Accounts Teacher : Commerce, Accounts and Business Studies A Level, Financial Accounting & Management, Cost Management, Faculty Development, Strategic Cost Management, Mergers&Acquisitions. (2820 views )
»Hindi Teacher : Created lesson plans and evaluation content for Audio Visual Classes for better comprehension, Organized various educational activities for the kids. (2959 views )
»Computer Teacher : Student Assessment, Individualized Education Plans, Creative Lesson Planning, Multicultural Awareness, Parent-Teacher Communication, Classroom Management, Guided Reading (1049 views )
»Primary School Teacher : Attuned to self, Care to connect, Mindful learning, Group power, Making it happen, Learning spectrum, Tools for schools, Assessment and Evaluation, Deconstructing classroom learning, Partnering for success (1274 views )
»Computer Teacher : Instruct students on basic computer skills including Microsoft Office, computer Languages such as C, C++, Java , Provide in-depth training sessions on HTML Guide to Internet use and etiquette; proper email distribution, usage, and sending. (1091 views )
»Commerce Teacher : Subject handling for Commerce, Accountancy , Economics And computer science, One of the members in Management Committee, To monitoring the Audit Team and Team Coordinators. (4646 views )
»Fresher Computer Teacher : JAVA, C, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Web development and designs, Database management (Oracle, Access), Data Structures, visual basic ,VB.NET, ASP, Operating system, computer network, computer graphics, E-Commerce. (3815 views )
»Computer Science Teacher : Teaching Experience in C++, Visual Basic, Operating System ,C. Core Java, Linux, SAP-ABAP, SQL, HTML, .NET. (1138 views )
»Fresher Pre Primary Teacher : Child Development, Educational Technology (7407 views )
»Computer Science Teacher : C,C++, Java, Java,Shell Programming (1809 views )
»Spoken English Teacher : English Lecturer / Faculty (3277 views )
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