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List of Medical Coder Resumes( 16 )

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»Medical Coder : Knowledge in Anatomy and physiology, Preparation of SOP and reviewing, Documentation of all quality control activities, Analysis of Raw Material, Performed IQ , OQ , PQ of various instruments. (509 views )
»Fresher Medical Coder : Drug Discovery, Medical Terminology, Protein Structure Prediction, Homology Modelling,Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry (1524 views )
»Medical Writer : Scientific Research & Pharmaceutical Drug Development, Extensive knowledge of medical terms ad jargons, Operational knowledge of drug development, clinical trial and other practices. (1057 views )
»Medical Writer : Handled the Computer aided Drug Design Software, Discovery Studio, Chem Draw, ISIS, Trained in Oracle Clinica. (998 views )
»Medical Writer : Scientific writing, Regulatory affairs, Medical Biotechnology, Immunology (1080 views )
»Fresher Medical Coder : Anti Inflammatory, Formulation and Evaluation of Flurbiprofen Floating Microspheres (4180 views )
»Fresher Medical Coder : Evaluation and management of Patients along with record verification, Reviewing Medical record to verify the services/procedure performed with the CPT & ICD Code for the purpose of reimbursement for physician , facilities (9931 views )
»Fresher Medical Coder : Preparation of media, sterilization of explant, inoculation, sub culturing and maintenance of explants, Trypsinization and animal handling, Media preparation, plating, staining of organism (1650 views )
»Clinical Research Associate : Pharmacology, Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Writing, Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Data Management, Clinical Research Coordinator, QA, QC, CRO, R&D, Healthcare, Pharmacy, Drug Safety, Medical Coding, Cell Culture (1606 views )
»Fresher Medical Coder : Perl, Python, Schrodinger, Sequence analysis, Genome analysis, Structural studies, Genomics and Proteomics, Identification of Drug Target, Molecular Modeling, Bioinformatics, Cheminformatics, Medical Coding (1642 views )
»Fresher Medical Writer/ Clinical Research Associate : Clinical Research, Medical Writing, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacoeconomics, Regulatory affairs, Safety in Clinical trials, Biostatistics, Research designs, Clinical data management and Emerging technologies in Clinical trials, National regulatory environment (12026 views )
»Clinical Trials Medical Coder : Plant Tissue Culture, Molecular Markers Techniques (1813 views )
»Fresher Clinical Research Medical Writer : KOL Identification Database, Slide Decks (5874 views )
»Clinical/ Medical Coder : Clinical Data Managment,Trials Regulatory (1972 views )
»Medical Writer : Clinical Research & Analysis (6945 views )
»Fresher Medical Coder : Anti Diabetic Drug (21390 views )