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List of Employee Relationship/ Welfare Manager Resumes( 8 )

HR, Recruiter >> Employee Relationship/ Welfare Manager( 237 )

»IR/Administration Manager : SAP, Maintaining all register according to contract labour Act, Salary calculation on the basis of attendance, Employee engagement activity, welfare activity. (617 views )
»Human Recourse & IR Deputy Manager : HRM, Recruitment, Organizational Development, Employee Relations, Client Relationship and Project Management. (746 views )
»Camp Boss & Administration Incharge : Manage labor accommodation which involves cleaning, maintenance occupancy in the camp, safety & security, Report workers staying in the camp/not reporting to duty on daily basis to HR along with the valid reason on each case, Daily camp checking, camp total details, daily reports & monthly reports sent to HR department. (794 views )
»Learning & Development/ Employee Relationship Manager : Mastery in the planning & control activities like raw material, work in progress and finished goods, Having more Effective and efficient shop floor management skills like managing manpower (1089 views )
»Welfare Officer : Conducts orientation program to new employees, Facilitate the training department to prepare training calendarfor organize the internal trainings, Training feedback, evaluation and effectiveness check (6833 views )
»Employee Relations Executive : Coordinating the Training of new hires, Job specification of employees, Maintaining payroll, Pay slip, Muster roll of Permanent and Contract employees, Fileing monthly contribution of ESI & PF through online, Salary preparation for Permanent & Contract employees. (1937 views )
»Fresher Employee Welfare Manager : Employee Welfare, To build up feable employee force,to reduce employee turnover and absentism (2049 views )
»Labour Welfare Officer : Handling Attendance, Payroll, Salary Disbursement (9884 views )