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List of Maintenance Technician Resumes( 15 )

»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Breakdown and Preventive Maintenance of water pumps and all cooling tower Motors, Motor Overhauling works, Maintenance work in lighting. (34 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : AUTOCAD,C,C++,Design, Manufacturing, Production (52 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Preparing energy consumption by the clients Electrical and DG units, Overall responsibility operation& maintenance of whole complex including lifts, lights, DGs , Transformers, LT & HT Panel, etc. (58 views )
»Fresher Maintenance Engineer : Maintains of train boggie frame & coach Static balance & alignment of car wheel (57 views )
»BMS/Electrical Executive : Monitor PAC, UPS, AC, PA system, ACS System, CCTV, BMS, WLDA, GSS, VESDA, and Fire Alarm System on Daily basis, Send daily report on daily basis along with Attendance report. (88 views )
»TBM Mechanic : Tunnel Boring Machine, To carry out Hyperbaric operation inside the cutter head of TBM, To work as an erector operator inside the TBM, To Work as a Hydraulic Mechanic in TBM. (398 views )
»BMS Operator : work on est-3 (368 views )
»Diesel Generator Operator : Dg Mismanaging And Assembling, Water, Pressure, Temperature, Air, Fuel Checker, Hourly Reporter (448 views )
»Maintenance Executive : Preparation of production & progress reports in Coke CMMS System, Development & motivation of maintenance team, Maintaining clean & safe working environment, Prepare and ensure adherence to maintenance schedule. (502 views )
»Fresher Trainee Technician : Automobile Vehicle Safety, Vehicle Design, Transmission System, Vehicle Dynamics, Design Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Machine Design, Dynamics of Machines, Thermal Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer. (539 views )
»Technical Supporter : Technical consultant in repairing and maintenance of electrical appliances such as fridge, washing machine etc, Ensured that the Quality Norms are being followed & identifying gaps & taking measures for Process Improvement. (478 views )
»Instrument Technician : Installations, calibration and repairing of pressure Indicator, Air Filters, pressure and Vacuum Gauges & fault finding of instruments, Maintenance of IR Compressor, Repairing of Hydraulic cylinders, Actuators. (580 views )
»Maintenance Technician : SAP Module, CNC milling, CNC Wire EDM (907 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Technician : Erection/ Commissioning Operation (1065 views )
»Machine Maintenance Technician : Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems (1715 views )