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List of Maintenance Technician Resumes( 22 )

Site / Construction >> Maintenance Technician( 1413 )

»AC Technician : AC Refrigeration, Water-cooler, window AC, Split and central AC plants with compressor over, Maintenance & repair of DX system, sealed unit, open type unit, flame proof unit, HVAC, package A/C, Duct able AC plant (1132 views )
»Site Maintainance Engineer : Tower Maintainance, Power System Maintainance, Battery Bank DG Service, Collecting tax and demand of sites. (262 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Manager : Electrical Maintenance, Operating PCC,PMCC, MLDB,PDB,LDB,SLDB & APDB systems (470 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance and Operation of Transformers, LT & HT motors,UPS, Maintenance and Operation of Air Handling units and AC’s. (306 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Fault management & Trouble shooting management, Rental management & EB payment management, Control & Maintaining the Diesel filling management at site. (357 views )
»MEP Technician : Having experience on high voltage electrical line, Installing new water lines, RO, compressor, chiller, and electrical also. (2891 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Quite Knowledge of HSE & TBT, Superior Operation Knowledge of Heating, Air-Conditioning, Plumbing , Electrical & AV System (805 views )
»Service Advisor : Volvo Engine Gear Box Overall and MAN Truck Overall (1116 views )
»Instrument Technician : Calibration, Loop Cheeking, Maintains, Trouble Shootings, Process Instrument Calibrations. (980 views )
»Mechanical Diploma Technician : Handling all Standard Room Activities read in engg drowning casting and mechining layout, Analyze variation during in-process production by applying SPC. (1136 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Breakdown and Preventive Maintenance of water pumps and all cooling tower Motors, Motor Overhauling works, Maintenance work in lighting. (1931 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : AUTOCAD,C,C++,Design, Manufacturing, Production (1030 views )
»Fresher Maintenance Engineer : Maintains of train boggie frame & coach Static balance & alignment of car wheel (1049 views )
»BMS/Electrical Executive : Monitor PAC, UPS, AC, PA system, ACS System, CCTV, BMS, WLDA, GSS, VESDA, and Fire Alarm System on Daily basis, Send daily report on daily basis along with Attendance report. (1681 views )
»TBM Mechanic : Tunnel Boring Machine, To carry out Hyperbaric operation inside the cutter head of TBM, To work as an erector operator inside the TBM, To Work as a Hydraulic Mechanic in TBM. (2957 views )
»BMS Operator : work on est-3 (2030 views )
»Diesel Generator Operator : Dg Mismanaging And Assembling, Water, Pressure, Temperature, Air, Fuel Checker, Hourly Reporter (4279 views )
»Maintenance Executive : Preparation of production & progress reports in Coke CMMS System, Development & motivation of maintenance team, Maintaining clean & safe working environment, Prepare and ensure adherence to maintenance schedule. (2311 views )
»Fresher Trainee Technician : Automobile Vehicle Safety, Vehicle Design, Transmission System, Vehicle Dynamics, Design Strength of Materials, Theory of Machines, Machine Design, Dynamics of Machines, Thermal Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer. (1986 views )
»Instrument Technician : Installations, calibration and repairing of pressure Indicator, Air Filters, pressure and Vacuum Gauges & fault finding of instruments, Maintenance of IR Compressor, Repairing of Hydraulic cylinders, Actuators. (1824 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Technician : Erection/ Commissioning Operation (2707 views )
»Machine Maintenance Technician : Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems (3597 views )