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List of Process Engineer Resumes( 18 )

»Fresher Plastics processing engineer : plastics processing technology injection moulding machine technology, blow molding machine technology,rotational moulding machine technology , Extrusion Pipe and Film plant machines CAD-CAM Software (1 views )
»Plastic Injection Moulding Process Engineer : New design and Development, Learn Manufacturing Practices, Process Simplification& Redesign, Workflow Planning, Maintaining 5S implementation, Maintaining and upgrading ISO system. (2303 views )
»Process Engineer : Involved in all the processes in the control room for coke production, Preparation of schedules and giving instructions to technicians. (578 views )
»Fresher Plastic Engineer : Plastic Processing technology, Injection and Blow Molding Technology, Testing and quality control of plastic products, Extruded polystyrene foam, Heat Resistant Paint (730 views )
»Process Operator Technician : Solvent Recovery, Handling Disctak Centrifuges (819 views )
»Lead Process Operator/ Panel Operator : Centrifugal Compressor Commissioning, Air Blowings (926 views )
»Plant Process Operator : Handling Multi Stage Centrifugal Compressors Vantage Control System (1051 views )
»Commissioning Process Operator : Handling Pumps, Compressors, Exchangers (1164 views )
»Automobile Production / Process Engineer : Passenger Car Manufacturing (2000 views )
»Combined Cycle Power Plant Process Engineer : Alkali Flushing, VIGV Checking (1004 views )
»Mechanical Power Plant Process Engineer : Erection of Heat Exchanger, Vessel, Column (1606 views )
»Process Commissioning Engineer : Amine loss prevention, Firewater system (1618 views )
»Fresher Process Control Systems Engineer : MATLAB Simulink Programming (822 views )
» Process Control Manager : Compound Design, Vendor Development (813 views )
»Manufacturing Process Engineer : Primavera, Autocad, Project Status, Issue Management (846 views )
»Fresher Power System/ Process Engineer : MATLAB, PSPICE, Turbo C. (835 views )
»Fresher Polymer Process Engineer : Autocad, Machine Maintenance, Mold Designing (874 views )
»Power Plant Process Engineer : Electrical Equipments Assembly, Power Distribution (840 views )