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Design Engineering >> HVAC Designer / Design Engineer

List of HVAC Designer / Design Engineer Resumes( 33 )

Design Engineering >> HVAC Designer / Design Engineer( 1094 )

»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Heat transfer, Heating Ventilation Air, Composite Materials (441 views )
»HVAC Engineer : AutoCAD, HAP, Duct Sizer, Pipe Sizer, Ventilation System Desiging. (667 views )
»HVAC Design Engineer : Revit MEP, Autocad, HAP, ESP Calculation, McQuayDuctsizer, Pipe Sizer, Creo parametric (Pro/E) (844 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineering, Production & Manufacturing Sector, Thermal Engineering : HVAC Engineer (697 views )
»Fresher HVAC Design Engineer : Friction Stir Welding, Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioned Systems (1004 views )
»HVAC Site Engineer : Supervising the Water & Air balancing of the HVAC System by Handling the Modern & Traditional Water & Air Balancing Equipments such as Digital Water Meter, Bolometer, Micro Manometer, Anemometer, U Tube–Manometer, Tachometer, Clamp meter etc. (3945 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : HVAC designing, Hourly analysis Programe, Nicotra, Duct sizer, Pipe size AutoCad 2D and 3D (997 views )
»HVAC Design Engineer : AutoCAD, CATIA, HAP, Operation of Multi Cylinderengine, Performance Analysis of ISUZU four cylinder (1168 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Heat Transfer, Heat Ventilation, Air Conditioning,AutoCAD, C Programming (945 views )
»HVAC Technical Officer : Review for design drawings and document, Installation of chilled water primary and secondary pumping system, High range Jet fan installation for ventilation systems in Car park. (1313 views )
»HVAC Engineer : To maintain and operate all HVAC systems, associated equipment and plumbing systems, To install and repair the defective spare parts in generator and in its accessories (1026 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Autocad 2D, HVAC, Experimental Setup To Study The Performance Of Capillary Tube Test Rig. (1069 views )
»HVAC Design & Planning Engineer : Installation of Heavy Equipments like Chilled Water Pump, Heat Exchangers, AHU’S etc., Hydro Testing of Chilled Water Piping, Chemical Flushing for Chilled Water System. (1872 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Heat Transfer, HVAC Design, Auto Cad, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Production (1247 views )
»HVAC Design Engineer : Prepare the single line to double line ducting drawings using AutoCAD, Preparing the equipments sections, connection details and riser drawing (1241 views )
»HVAC Design Engineer : Revit MEP, Autocad, HAP, Zamil, Toshiba, ESP Calculation, McQuayDuctsizer, Pipe Sizer (1229 views )
»HVAC Design Engineer : Heat Load Calculation,Duct Sizing ,Pipe Sizing,Pump Head,ESP, Testing & Comisisioning (1326 views )
»Fresher HVAC Design Engineer : Knowledge of AutoCAD & Creo parametric (Pro/E) (1255 views )
»HVAC Commissioning Engineer : HVAC Analyzers, Electrical and mechanical component analysis capability, Refrigerant analysis capability, Familiar with air-cooled and water cooled reciprocating chillers Familiar with rotary screw chillers. (2799 views )
»HVAC Technician : PCB Assemble Work, Making Electronics Instrument for Ultrasonic Machine, PCB Inspction work in Q.C Department. (1159 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Heat transfer, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, Composite Materials, AutoCAD, Analysis AnsysFluent (1831 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Refrigeration and airconditioning systems design, heat load estimation (1371 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Training in Design, Erection,Commissioning and maintaining HVAC systems, Duct designing,HAP software (1214 views )
»HVAC Engineer : Controlling Production, Testing and Commissioning of various Piping Systems, HVAC system and Accommodation Outfit in Platform Supply Vessels and repair works in Landing crafts , Piping systems include Sanitary Supply System, Sanitary Discharge System, Refrigeration Machinery System (Chillers), Provision plant, Window Flushing System and Deck Washing System. (3369 views )
»HVAC Supervisor : Boilers ducting Work, Boilers Pipe Line, Structural Works, Storage Tank, Gas Holder Tank, Oil Plant and all types of Pressure Vessels and all kinds of AC Pipe line works.Installation & Commissioning of all A/C Equipments such as Air Handling units (AHU), Fancoil units (FCU) & Chiller and its associated Piping . Installation,Testing & Commisioning of Fire Protection System such as Fire Pumps and its associated Piping. (2247 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : CAED/CAM software SOLID EDGE, ANSYS (basics) CIM, Microsoft Office, Autocad (1623 views )
»Hvac Design Engineer : Design of Central Air conditioning, Packaged AC system for Coal Handling Plants, Steel Plants, Public buildings like commercial complexes, mass housing convection centers etc, Design of dry & wet type Ventilation systems for conveyor tunnels, control rooms, Design of Dust Suppression & Dust Extraction system for material handling system. (2111 views )
»Fresher HVAC Engineer : Heat transfer, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning, Composite Materials, Modelling ProE (Wildfire), AutoCAD, Gambit, Analysis Ansys, Fluent, Programming Basics of C. (12798 views )
»HVAC Design Engineer : Heat load calulation, Equipment selectiom, Duct designing, Chill water pipe sizing (2449 views )
»Hvac Design Engineer : Design and Drafts the ducting drawing, Design the air distribution with diffusers, grills (2322 views )
»HVAC/ MEP Autocad Draftsman : Quantity Calculation, Planning, Designing (13757 views )
»HVAC Design Engineer : Heat load calculation (7614 views )
»Hvac Design Engineer : HVAC, AutoCAD, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning (4167 views )