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List of Electrical Design Engineer/ Draftsman Resumes( 99 )

»Electrical Design Engineer : Preparation of Power Distribution layout, Preparation of Cable schedule, Prepration of cable tray layout, Preparation of Internal Circuit SLD drawing, Preparation of voltage drop calculation, Earthling schematic layout. (250 views )
»Electrical Panel Design Engineer : Responsible for LV/MV switchgear control panel design with Electrical CAD, Preparation of GA, SLD, Design Basis & Wiring Schematics in AutoCAD. (547 views )
»Electrical Draftsman : Design of Lighting System, Verified quality of all project construction materials, Ensured that the products were installed correctly and tested them (311 views )
»Fresher Electrical Designing & Draughting Engineer : Lighting system design, Single line diagram, Lighting layouts, Power layouts, Lighting schedule, Load schedule, Phase distribution, CPC sizing and CPC schedule (646 views )
»Fresher Electrical Design Engineer : MATLAB Simulink, Electrical Wiring, Basic Circuit Knowledge, Transformer Testing (595 views )
»Fresher Electrical Draftsman : Machine Designing Tools and Electrical Machines, Thermal Power Plant (514 views )
»Electrical Engineer : Preparation electrical Circuit drawings of PLC, Manual Control Panels on AUTO-CAD, Good operational knowledge of electrical instruments such as pressure transmitter (1001 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Estimation & Designing of all types of LT Electrical Panels used in Industries and Residential or Commercial buildings like PCC, MCC Panels as per the technical specification, Standards & BOQ. (1622 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical Maintenance Erection of Panel Boards, LT Cable Termination & Joints, Motors, Power (Plant) (819 views )
»Electrical Site Engineer : Quickly focuses on several essential components, Ability to work as part of a team to develop and implement Systems, as well as troubleshoot and solve complex technical Problems (734 views )
»Eelectrical Engineer : Troubleshooting, Preventive and Breakdown maintenance of all electrical equipment’s as per SMP, Facing Safety Audits, Electrical DGMS Audits directly. (805 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : PCC & MCC Panel Boards, AMF Panels, APFCR Panels, Metering Panels, ACB Panel Boards (1702 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Autocadd ETAP EPLAN Electrical Circuit Power System, Control System, PLC, Load Calculation, Cable Size, Transformer, & DG Calculation, Lightening of Building Indoor & Outdoor (1756 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Battery Charger, Battery Bank, UPS, Industrial & Domestic Lighting System, Control wiring of Accuses controller (711 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Project Planning & Execution of Electrical Works, Responsible for Project design and Co-ordination, Responsible for Electrical Design LT PCC, MCC & Automation (1622 views )
»Electrical & Electronics Engineer : Maintenance of Machine, & D.G, Boilers, Compressors, Knowledge in control panels & Relay logic panels wirings, Pneumatics systems, FRL units, solenoid Valves & Actuators. (794 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Preparation of SLD’s, Load List, Equipment Sizing Calculations, Specifications and Datasheets, Control Schematics, Cable Sizing Calculation and Schedule, Cable Tray Layout, Lighting Calculation and Layout, Earthing Calculation and Layout, Lightning Protection Layout, Material BOQ, Load Flow, Short Circuit and Motor Starting Studies. (1939 views )
»Fresher Electrical Design Engineer : Autocad, C-Language, A Novel Reduced Switching Loss Bidirectional AC/DC Converter PWM Strategy With Feed Forward Control For GRID-TIED Micro Grid Systems. (855 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Designing in AUTOCAD, Project Estimation & BOM, Switchgear Selection, Project Executions, Drive Selection, Derating, Switchgear Selection (1448 views )
»Fresher Electrical Design Engineer : Control system, MATLAB, Simulink, Autocad, C Programming, Single line diagrams and related symbols (1033 views )
»Electrical Draftsman : Preparation of power distribution & Lighting layouts, Preparation of Single line Diagrams, Cable routing layout, earthing layout, DB Schedules & layouts. Wiring Diagrams, Cable Schedules, Instrumentation Hook-Up Drawings, Loop Drawings, I/O Schedules etc, Preparation of All types of standard drawing. (1017 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Lighting calculation for number of fixtures, Lighting and power circuit as per the standards, Preparation of load schedule, Cable sizing as per the standards (1734 views )
»Fresher Electrical Design Engineer : Embedded Systems (Microcontroller 8051), Programming in Assembly language, Basic programming in VHDL language and VHDL systems (911 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance. (1095 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Safe and smooth operation and maintenance of various electrical equipment viz. HT & LT switchgear panels, Power and Distribution Transformers, HT and LT motors, Circuit breaker VCB, ACB, Battery charging unit ,Battery banks ,UPS, Plant Lighting, HVAC, AHU Units relays etc. (3853 views )
»Electrical Junior Research Fellow : MATLAB, Network Analysis, Electric Machines, PowerElectronics, Electrical Measurements (839 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Wireless security alert system for smoke and fire detection, Insulation of turbo Generator by using VPI process (961 views )
»Fresher Electrical/Mep Draftsman : Design and drafting of Mechanical systems include Electrical,HVAC,Water supply & Drainage, Preparation of all types of Lighting drawings with AutoCAD (2703 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Preparation of detailed main single line schematic, Short circuit and voltage drop calculation at each level of distribution, Preparations of GA/Sectional drawings of HT/LT switch board and bus bar sizing. (1709 views )
»Electrical Distribution Engineer : Build electrical power distribution systems in overhead and underground facilities, Design cable routes and develop physical layouts including height, spacing and location parameters. (4829 views )
»Electrical Draftsman : Preparation Electrical Drawings using Autocad, Preparation of the drawings initially designed by the consultant, Base design of all types of civil, electrical & mechanical drawings. (1985 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical Maintenance, Looking For UPS, Looking For DG (Diesel Generators) (1037 views )
»Electrical Wiring & Control Panel Design Engineer : Bill of Material, Designed layout of Panel using AutoCAD 2D ,Electrical wiring Design using EPlan (5370 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Preparation of new documents like loop drawing ,cable list, wiring in Prodok (1742 views )
»Electrical Technical Consultant : Provide the entire electrical design solutions as per requirement, Co-ordinate with Electrical Contractor for Electrification, Execution, Erection & Commissioning. (1870 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Preparation of Electrical Panel Drawings, Preparing Single Line Diagrams & wiring for the panels as per the clients specification. (1120 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Electrical load schedule Preparation, Transformer, Diesel Generator, UPS and Inverter Sizing, HT, LT cable sizing, Voltage drop calculations, Cable Schedule, Cable tray sizing and routine layout. (2591 views )
»Electrical Machine Design Engineer : Advanced Power Semi conducting Devices, Solid State AC& DC Drives, Analysis of Converter & Inverter, Electrical Drives and Control (1361 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Breakdown maintenance, Control Panel servicing, Developed own control board (warp stop) for power looms, Electrical wiring and services of single phase panel boards. (1642 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Short out General Notes from the Technical Specification which give brief idea of panel constructional features, Selection of components, module size & make of components. While keeping all these exercise/ R&D designed the Electrical Panel. (1434 views )
»Electrical Draughtsman & Lighting Designer : Auto Cad,Dialux,Dilux Evo, Create Construction Drawings as indicated by Electrical Engineers, Drafting Firefighting Layout (1814 views )
»Power System Engineer : Power Transformer, Sound knowledge of High Voltage Transformers including basic design and application, Knowledge and understanding of IS, BS,IEC, ANSI, CAN and IEEE standards (1693 views )
»Electrical Draughtsman : Draught of Lighting, Power, Data and Telephone, Fire Alarm, Public Address System. Cable Tray Layout, Single Line Diagram, Panel Load Schedule, Shop Drawing, As Built Drawing. (2191 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Preparing operations and maintenance manual along with assisting the Electricians and Wireman, Handling monthly Preventive Maintenance in PCC & MCC panel, Ups Maintenance battery & Temperature checking. (1782 views )
»Fresher Electrical Electronics Engineer : SAP Materiel Management, Matlab, Wind Farm To Weak-Grid Connection Using UPQC Custom Power Device (1274 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Responsible for preparing high voltage equipment specifications, single line drawings, and layouts for Substation projects, Handle the tasks of generating plans for upgrading design and in documenting work policies, Complete Electrical design including comprehensive specs. reviews, I/O lists, (1846 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Preparation of Single line diagram, Preparation of schematic wiring diagram, For lighting panels, general layout, Preparation of power and control layout, Cable sizing and selection, preparation of cable schedule (2791 views )
»Electrical Draftsman : Preparation of shop drawings Lighting layouts, Power Layouts, Extra Low Voltage System Layouts, Telephone & Data system, Fire Alarm System(Edwards &Simplex), Home Automation system, CCTV & Access Control System Etc…] Cable Tray & Trunking Layouts. (3147 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Knowledge of Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic, Maintain the Vertical Injection Molding Machines like L&T Demag, Maintain the Machine Check lists, Downtime, MTTR – MTBF, History card, Spare part card & Machine Master List (1513 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Based on input documents, prepare output technical data sheet covering all the relevant points, Based on Feeder List and Wiring Diagrams, prepare Single Line Diagram (SLD) as per client’s requirement (1882 views )
»Facility Manager/Electrical CADD Engineer : Electrical AutoCAD drafting 2D & 3D, Basic Knowledge in PLC Ladder Logic programming and SCADA programming, Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Commissioning of Electrical equipment (1564 views )
»Electrical Draughtsman : Electrical Substations layout, Single Line Diagram, Cable Trench Rout, Cable Trench size Calculation, Public Address System, T.V And CCTV System, Earthing layout, Fire alarm, Security system, Lightning protection layout. (2584 views )
»Fresher Power System/ Machine Design Engineer : Machine Design, Power System , Switch Gear and Protection, High Voltage Engineering, Software Exposure Matlab, ANSYS (1693 views )
»Fresher Electrical Design Engineer : AutoCAD Electrical Designing, 2D and 3D Modeling, Economic load Scheduling Using Artificial Neural Networks (1578 views )
»Electrical Draughtsman : Gathering product specifications & designing components, handling structural designs using the state of the art structural design software’s such as AutoCAD, Preparing shop drawings & as-built drawings for lighting, power, telephone, data, fire alarm, security, TV system, earthing and lightening protection. (1977 views )
»Industrial Electrical Automation Engineer : Development of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programs (Siemens, Schneider, AB, ABB Platforms), Configuring Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). (5068 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Maintenance And Troubleshooting Of 20 Mva Transformers,vcb's,acb's, Dg Sets Upto 600 Kva,compressors.plc Hmi Scada,ac/dc Drivesdeveloping And Executing Programming In Siemens Plc, Scada, Hmi And Vfd. (1761 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Primary Duties Include Train, Lead And Supervision The Team In Laying Conduit Pipes, Cable Trays And Trunking, Wiring And Installing Electrical Accessories, Db Installation And Termination. (1727 views )
»Power Transmission Engineer : Technical Skill on Transformers, Transmission & Distribution, Knowledge on FACTS, DC & AC Machines, Knowledge on auto clave, AUTO CAD. (2576 views )
»Electrical Engineer : Excellent Knowledge in Trouble shooting, analyzing and modification of HT, PCC and LT Electrical systems, Fire alarm system in cable cellar as per statutory requirement, LT Switch gears and motor for Lime stone conveying system. (1574 views )
»Fresher Circuit Design Engineer : Dc Machine, Mathematics, C, Transmission Line Multiple Fault Detection& Indication To Electricity Board, Circuit Designing, Matlab. (1629 views )
»Fresher Electrical Circuit Engineer : Electrical Machines, Electrical Circuits, Labview, Minor Hardware Rectifications, Pv Solar Cell Real Time Data Monitoring Using Ni Labview And Daq, Programming Languages C. (1320 views )
»Fresher Power System Electrical Engineer : C, MATLAB, Oracle, Visual Basic, Agent Technology to Protect Power System, Development of Traceability Mechanism for Components in Air Circuit Breaker, Design of Insulation System for Air Cooled Turbo Generator by Vacuum Pressure Impregnation Process. (2946 views )
»Fresher Electrical Engineer : C, Matlab, Coulumb 3D, Reconfiguration Distribution System, Design And Testings Of High Voltage Eletrodes For Uhv/ehv Substation Bus Post Insulator. (1374 views )
»Fresher Power System Engineer : Power System, Network Theory, Digital Electronics, Basic Concepts In C & Matlab. (1465 views )
»Fresher Generator Engineer : Protection Of Generator & transformer In Hydel Power Plant, Condution Mode 6pulse 6switches Voltage Source Inverter By Minimizing The Hormonics, Matlab. (1345 views )
»Fresher AC/DC Drive Control Engineer : Simulation Software MATLAB, MASM, Programming languages C. (1505 views )
»Fresher Electrical Circuit Engineer : Electrical Circuits, Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Control Systems, C Language, Java. (1474 views )
»Electrical Engineer : Project Management, Project Execution, Project scheduling, Contract Management, monitoring, Commercial Operations, Quotation chasing, Cost Estimation, Quality Assurance, various consultants’ management, Resource Management, Health & Safety Practices, team management, etc. (1968 views )
»Electrical Draftsman : Preparation of shop drawings such as Lighting, Power &Telecommunication Layout based on design drawings, Preparation of Electrical Load Schedule, Co-coordinating the shop drawings with architectural, structural and reflected ceiling drawings, Preparation of Schematics and Sectional Layouts. (1974 views )
»Fresher Transformer Design Engineer : Power Systems, Electrical Machines, Transmission & Distribution, Computer Based Redundancy Operation Of Transformers, Basics Of C & C++. (2161 views )
»Fresher Electric Motor Design Engineer : Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, C , C++, Street Lighting System By Solar Tracking. (1448 views )
»Fresher B.Tech EEE : C, Assembly Language (using Kiel), Mat lab, Done Project in Intelligent Electronic Meter For Measuring And Saving Electrical Energy. (1444 views )
»Fresher Circuit Design Engineer : Good knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, Proficient in transmission, broadcasting, switching, control, and operation system, Strong mathematical skills (1373 views )
»Fresher Electrical Machine Engineer : Electric Machine, Power System, RF Based Power Theft Identifier through PC, Operating System & Networking Concept, Disk Operating System, Power Transformer. (1319 views )
»Fresher Electrical Engineer : Gas Based Power Plant, Electric Locoshed, Real Time Reference Current Generation. (26853 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Transformer Sizing, Cable Sizing Selection & Voltage drop calculation, Lighting Calculation with the help of CG-LUX software, Preparation of Electrical Equipment layouts & Lighting Layouts, Preparation of Load list & Equipment list, Preparation of Interconnection Schedule. (1983 views )
»Fresher B.Tech EEE : C, C++, Java, Networking, Operating Systems, Hardware Engineering. (1325 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Designing Of Distribution Panels Gad & Sld, Fabrication Drawings, Sub Stations, Schematic Drawing In Auto Cad, Communicate With Clients To Know Their Actual Requirements. (1745 views )
»Fresher Electrical Design Engineer : Preparation of Single Line Diagrams, Load List, Transformer Sizing Calculations, Generator Sizing Calculations, UPS Sizing Calculations, Battery and Battery Charger Sizing Calculations. (1644 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : PLC Design, Circuit Design, Single Line Drawing, P&I Drawings, Installation, Commissioning, service and maintenance of Drives, Motors, Pumps, Air Compressors, PLCs, Valves, Tanks, Pipelines, Cathodic Protection Systems, etc. (2128 views )
»Fresher B.Tech Electrical : Generator Protection, Power Electronics, To maintain clean safe and uninterrupted supply of various consumers it is necessary to protect the power generating equipments from damages due to various faults. (1431 views )
»Fresher Electrical Design Engineer : Passive Infrared Sensor, Designing of Multifunction meter - To measure voltage,current,PF,Active-Reactive power, Temperature, Light Intensity, Micro-controller Programming (1378 views )
»AC/DC Motor Design Engineer : C, Core Java, Advanced Java, Micro Controller, Keil Software, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, AC/DC Motors, Transformers and Alternators (1721 views )
»Electrical Autocad Draftsman : Electrical Drafting , Electrical Installation ,Testing ,Commissioning ,Planning & Scheduling ,Preventive Maintenance ,Maintenance & Operation ,Breakdown Solutions ,Root Cause Analysis ,Cross Functional Coordination ,Production ,Training & Development ,Quality ,Vendor Management ,Technical Support ,Planning & Scheduling (2382 views )
»Electrical Control Panel Designer : Auto cad, Purchase, Store Keeper (2141 views )
»Electrical design engineer : Designing of Control Panel / Electrical wiring (2053 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Switchgear design (5147 views )
»Earthing/ Lightning Protection Design Engineer : Transformer, Generator, UPS Sizing (2427 views )
»Fresher Hydro Power Electrical Design Engineer : PCB Design, Digital/ Analog Circuit Design (2082 views )
»Fresher Electromagnetic Design Engineer : Power Electronics Systems, VHDL (1571 views )
»Fresher Electrical Machine Design Engineer : Power/ Control/ Embedded system (1505 views )
»Electrical Designer / Draughtsman : AutoCAD, CGLux (4733 views )
»Fresher LED Design Engineer : Art Cam, CorelDraw (1576 views )
»Fresher Electrical Autocad Draftsman : Maintenance, Production, Quality control (2464 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Panel Design, Wiring drawing, Testing & Commissioning (4283 views )
»Electrical Design Supervisor : AutoCad, LT PCC, MCC, Cubicle Panels (1887 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Auto CAD, Corel Draw, PLC Programming (3095 views )
»Electrical Design Engineer : Making Electrical Wiring Diagrams (2469 views )