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List of Automobile Design Engineer Resumes( 53 )

Design Engineering >> Automobile Design Engineer( 1093 )

»Fresher Automobile Design Egnineer : Proficiency in UG-NX Workbenches, Sketcher, Part Modelling, Assembly Design, Surfacing, Close Volume (298 views )
»Automobile Evaluator : Responsible to solve the customer Queries & Complaints related to commercial Vehicles and passenger Vehicle, Having A Good Knowledge in Schedule maintenance, break down maintenance, preventive maintenance, overall maintenance of commercial Vehicles and passenger Vehicle. (418 views )
»Lead Design Engineer : Catia Enovia, NPDM, GDG, Actively involved in part tooling kick off activity (1051 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Product Design for Automotive interior trims plastics components including feasibility Studies, B-Side Attachments and Drawings. (1865 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Expertise in CATIA (Part Design, Assembly, Generative Shape Design, DMU Kinematics, Drawing & layout), Hands-on experience on 2D to 3D conversion (1494 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : CATIA and ANSYS, Project on design and analysis on air conditioning system (963 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Design & Manufacturing, AUTOCAD, CATIA, PRO-E (1159 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineer : Automotive mechanics and Internal combustion engines, Production and Manufacturing (1015 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Currently involved in controlling the battery process parameters, Preparation of pushing charging schedules and maintenance. (1042 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Analyzing A-Class surface and sketches for confirming feasibility, Formation of Close volume by A-Class surface and sketches, Style replacement (1235 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineer : Fabrication of Multinut Loosening & Tightening System, Design of Dual Catalytic Converter, Automatic Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (809 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineer : Autocad, Design, Production, Maintenance, High Sensitive Alcholic Senser With Automatic Ignition Disable Function (903 views )
»Vehicle Evaluator : Vehicle Assembly and Assembly quality/Assembly Project/CS Line/Qualias Software (1453 views )
»ERC Vehicle Design Integration Engineer : Vehicle Systems Integration & Packaging for Vehicles, Providing hole requirements to Frame team for new and modification of vehicle, Managing PLM BOM and CAD BOM for stage release of vehicle in Enovia (1860 views )
»Fresher Automobile Design Engineer : Manpower Handling as per Requirement, Sustain Safety, Quality & Productivity on Shop Floor as given parameters, PPM Monitoring, Responsible to meet the daily production target as per plan. (1018 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Vehicle Integration, Wiring Harness design, UG-NX, Cap-XC, Catia (1863 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Creation of fully parametric 3D modeling and surfacing, Making the close volume from the style A surface maintaining the uniform wall thickness, Design the B-side features and considering the undercuts and the use of Lifters and Sliders. (1622 views )
»Workshop Manager : Automotive Electrical System, Automobile Vehicles (1351 views )
»Automobile/ Production Supervisor/ Design Engineer : Assessing project requirements, Agreeing and negotiating project budgets, timescales and specifications with clients and managers, Developing and implementing test procedures, Building prototypes of components to carry out tests on (1102 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : AutoCAD, PRO-E, CATIA, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Excel (1563 views )
»Automotive Design Engineer : Part Design, Drawing, Master section & Concept section, Proposals while working on product. (1622 views )
»Fresher Diesel Mechanic : Possess excellent decision-making and time management skills, Ability to solve complex problems by using scientific rules and methods. (8575 views )
»Fresher Automobile Design Engineer : Well versed with various programming languages like AutoCAD, Catia, pro-e, CAM, MINI TAB, Windows & XP (1334 views )
»Automobile Technical Coordinator : Planning and Scheduling IHT training as regular basis,Systematic competency training for technicians and SA, about Product/ Service repair/ Running repair & Diagnostics. hands on experience of diagnose in vehicle of alla kinds of problems and repairs (2227 views )
»Automobile Technician/ Mechanic : Automatic Transmission, DCT Gear box level 4 repair, Electrical Diagnostics, Customer Relations (4416 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Proficient with Catia V5 design suite, Sound knowledge of Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing, Knowledge of Various Crash tests of vehicles, Knowledge of CMM Machine used for Crash Safety Testing. (2406 views )
»Air Compressor Service Engineer : Maintenance & trouble shooting, Plant Equipment’s Preventive Maintenance and troubleshooting of each zone for instance Centrifugal pump Boiler over head conveyor and floor convoyed, spot welding machine, Hydraulic press, Overhead crane _Supply& ventilation fans, Zr 90 & 400 kW air compressor, Centrifugal & screw Hitachi chiller, cooling tower, Air dryer, Making the Maintenance annually budget of mechanically and electrically parts and also control the inventory of departmental and also supervise the warehouse items. (4616 views )
»Automobile Service Engineer : Responsible to guide the clients on maintaining their vehicles & ensuring efficient performance of vehicle, Identify the reasons for malfunctioning of the vehicle and assign technician to perform the repair works, Advise the clients on using the vehicle appropriately and ensuring regular servicing and maintenance to the engines. (2247 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineer : CATIA, Solid Work, Done Project in Advanced Fuel Safety System in two wheeler and Go Green Vehicle (1686 views )
»Fresher Automobile Design Engineer : Designing , Assembly line, Engine, Management (1577 views )
»Fresher Automobile Design Engineer : Catia, Ansys, Solid Works, C & C++ Programming, Designing And Analysis, Accident Investigations, Production Process, Lean Manufacturing (1615 views )
»Automobile Engineer : Autonomous Maintenance, Handling line side documents such as QPS, WELD CHECK PLAN, SSL, RP, CP, BLUE Q,CONTROL POINT and other check sheets. (1776 views )
»Fresher Automobile Design Engineer : Production & Maintenance, Research & Developments, Automobile Engineering, Design And Fabrication Of Hydraulic Disc Brake System, DCA, Pro-e, UG-CAD. (1622 views )
»Fresher Automobile Design Engineer : Basic knowledge about Autodesk Inventor, Hypermesh, Solid Works, Automobile, Strength of materials. (1663 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineer : Automobile, Design Of Machine Element, Pro-e, Catia, Solid Works, Basic Idea In Ansys, Basic Idea In C, Esign And Fabrication Of Pneumatically Enabled Inclinating Fixture For Milling Machine. (1516 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineer : Automobile engineering, Manufacturing and Production Engineering, designing and producing visual interpretations of automobiles and their components using computer-aided design packages, deciding on the most appropriate materials for component production. (2462 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Modeling and Analysis of various Automobile and Industrial Equipment, Testing of various CAD Software for its functionality, Interacting with Offshore team, giving Suggestions and Recommendations for continuous improvement of the product and Design. (1826 views )
»Automobile Technician : Diagnosing and rectifying the complaints of vehicles, Maintenance of workshop systems, Inspections of vehicle before delivery, CAD & CAM using Unigraphics with Mold Wizard, CAD & CAM using Pro Engineering with promold. (2413 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Diesel Engines, Automobile components, Tractors and related farm machinery, lubricants, panel instruments, hydraulic pumps, Engineering Tools, Storage Batteries, Paints, Engineering Plastics, Automobile franchises and Printing apart from interests in Agribusiness, book selling and publishing. (1887 views )
»Automotive Plastic Design Engineer : Computer Aided Design (Automotive interiors and exteriors), Expertise in CATIA V5 ( Part Design, Assembly, Generative Shape Design, DMU Kinematics, Drawing & layout ), Hands-on experience on 2D to 3D conversion, Good at GD&T drawing standard. (6658 views )
»Fresher Automobile Design Engineer : Automobile, Designing, Knowledge in design software such as Autocad, Pro- E. (1736 views )
»Automobile Surveyor : Inspect The Accident Vehicle, Give Advice About Accident Vehicle For Repair Or Change Engine Parts Or Body Parts, Give Assessment On Labor And Any Vehicle Parts, Check All Documents Of Accident Vehicle (8192 views )
»Automotive Interiors/ Exteriors Product Design Engineer : Automotive Plastics and Interior Design, Teamcenter, Catia, Designing and drafting of Electrodes and as per manufacturing standards,, Creating Data for CNC wire cut and EDM, Designing of checking fixture for plastic components for CMM inspection (5512 views )
»Automotive Workshop Manager/ Foremen/ Supervisor : PWIS Tester, RUF High performance Modification, Engine Management, HVAC, Power Train Transmissio, General Repair, Customer Enthusiasm, GM Policy & Procedure, Organizing the workshop, Diagnose the complaints, Assign the job to Technician (15805 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Catia, Pro-e, Auto cad, solid work, Designing & Modelling of Auto parts, Tube cutting automation, Inspection the conveyor component, Marking automation (2005 views )
»Automotive Design Engineer : Catia. Autocad, Design and development activities for Commercial vehicles. Solid modeling, surface modeling, sheet metal, Drafting, and assembly using Catia (2728 views )
»Vehicle Evaluation Engineer : Making Prototype Parts/ Line Routings, Proto Shop (3272 views )
»Automobile Quality Control Engineer : Autocadd, Statistical Process Control (3217 views )
»Product Development Automobile Engineer : Microscopic Weld Penetration Testing (4577 views )
»Automotive Design Engineer : Pro-E, Catia, PowerInspect, CMM (FARO) (2157 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : Catia, Autocad (2437 views )
»Automobile Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Catia, Corel Draw (2510 views )
»Fresher Automobile Engineer : Pro-E, Wildfire, AutoCAD (25928 views )