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List of Planning Engineer / Manager Resumes( 40 )

»Fresher Civil Project Manager : Primavera p6 (0 views )
»Business Development Executive : Generating and maintaining Daily, Weekly, Monthly statistical data required for group reporting, To maintain and update BOM in ERP system, Review of daily work progressive planning report. (30 views )
»Planning & Operation Engineer : Calculation of production of Quantity & Diesel consumptions, Placing of Work orders, Dredging, Controlling & Positioning dredgers (71 views )
»Planning Manager : Production Planning, Timely Dispatch of finished goods, Capacity Planning & Gauge Wise open capacity for Order booking Mgt (73 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : Supply Chain, Material requirement Planning, Design/ QC/ Production & Planning/ Maintenance (105 views )
»Production & Planning Engineer : Check power drop & attenuation in the Optical Fiber Links, Splicing of Optical Fiber, Ribbon Splicing (65 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : Material preparation done for projects, Preparing purchase requisition against BOM, Capacity planing and preparing shortage list of boughtout items. (124 views )
»Billing & Planning Engineer : Preparing the Sub-Contractor/Sub Agency Bills, Project Planning prepare Day or Month wise, Monitoring at site as per Planning. (179 views )
»PPC Engineer/Manager : Inventory Management, Material Requirement Planning, Production Planning, Fluent with packages like SAP, Oracle Systems ERP (163 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : Scheduling, Planning, Utilization, Faced all machines and manpower related problems and eliminate it with proper solutions with less time delay, Continuous monitor that we are not losing any quality related points that will affect to our product. (168 views )
»Planning Engineer : Supervisory skills, Workplace Safety, Time management, Eliminating waste, Trouble shooting, welding, cost control, continuous quality. (327 views )
»Mechanical Planning Engineer : Primavera, Unigraphics, Soildworks, Magnetic Particle Testing, Visual Testing, Penetrant Testing (363 views )
»Production Planning Control PPC Engineer : Production Planning, Manpower handling, Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Fabrication, Assembly, Galvanizing, Casting, & forging, Responsible for manpower distributions, Responsible for the Inventory of finish goods. (424 views )
»Planning Engineer : To watch and inspect the construction and assure that it is done in full accordance with the plans and specifications, Observing all the site plan sheet and work as it is, if there is require to create some change in site plan then discuss about that issue with our Sr. Engineer. (464 views )
»Production Planning Engineer : Planning & scheduling of the manufacturing activities of equipments as per the Project master schedule, Study of Drawings & assemblies understanding the various processes and taking action by preparing Process Plan for manufacturing items and creation of multilevel BOM’s wherever applicable. (511 views )
»Planning Engineer : Planning and scheduling of electrical systems by using primavera, Preparing estimation cost plan for project wise. (630 views )
»Production Planning/ Controlling Engineer : Supply Chain, Material And Man Power Requirement Planning, Customer Interference,Co-ordinate and monitor the movement of part, supplies and materials within an establishment and ensure that supplies, materials and products are shipped and received on schedule. (673 views )
»Electrical Planning Engineer : Coordination of project from office with site Procurement and Engineering, Reviewing Engineering drawing and coordinating with procurement for PO placement, Planning all the project activities, Conduct review for timely delivery and execution, Prepare Project execution plan and cash flow management. (769 views )
»Horticulture Officer : Development and maintenance of landscape work at different sites, Execute the architectural plan and develop the landscape as per plan, Designing the new landscape plan according to area and site, Cost estimation of new landscape development, Daily visit and observation of different sites of company, Fertigation and irrigation management, Pest and dieses management. (580 views )
»Production Planning Engineer : Planning of Job, Execution of Blasting and Painting work, Inspection with Paint Mfg Representatives, Report submission to internal QC and Class Surveyors. (613 views )
»Project Planning Engineer : Project Management, Operations & Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning and Quality Management, Responsibility for preparation of Annual Budget, Annual Technical reports. (736 views )
»Fresher Transmission Planning Engineer : Industries and Machineries, Power System Analysis, Transmission, Distribution & Utilizations, Production & Designing department, Languages C,C++,Java, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Director& Sound Forge, Autocad. (629 views )
»Civil Planning Engineer : Autocad, Erp, Foxpro, Hardware & Networking, Survey Item And Technical�s, Billing & Planning, Stock Marketing, Site Executions Drawings Details, Data Entry & Online Works. (570 views )
»Production Planning and Control Engineer : To check the plan of the day for each car model, To check the availability of wiring harness, engines for the planned models, To plan work flow with production schedule, To plan the number of models of the car with respect to availability of materials. (746 views )
»Production Planning Control : Schedule to vendor as per MRP as well as BOM preparation and updation in system, Procurement of material as per requirement, Planning and controlling the material to achieve daily, weakly and monthly production target in co coordinating with vender’s QC, STORE, PPC department. (693 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : Preparation of production plan, Preparation of material planning to be purchased, Implementation of customers PO in oracle system, Controlling the production, Maintaining inventory of FG, Preparation of MIS data for audit. (662 views )
»Planning Engineer : Prepare the Price Cost Analysis, Work execution plan, Material & Machinery Management, Client relationship, Client & Subcontractor billing, Advance Survey, Advance Irrigation Engineering, Air Pollution and Controlling and Project Management. (743 views )
»Project Planning Engineer : Project Planning & Execution, Entailing Operations and Erection & Commissioning, P & ID Piping GAD, Isometric Sketches, Primavera. (682 views )
»Production Planning Executive : Importing Internal Purchase Order in Er-Pro, Handling & checking the fabrication drawings of scaffolds via Auto CADD software, Planning Raw materials of products (737 views )
»Planning/ Scheduling Engineer : Prepare Welding Procedure Specifications, Hydrotest Packages (882 views )
»PPC Engineer Production Planning Control : Supply Chain, Material requirement Planning (17112 views )
»Aeronautical/ Aerospace Planning Engineer : Manufacturing Process, Fluid Mechanics (697 views )
»Highway Engineer : MX Road Entry Level, SPSS, KENPAVE (1683 views )
»Planning Engineer : Steel Plant Project (1188 views )
»Fresher Electrical Planning Engineer : Turbo Generator Manufacturing (1544 views )
»Mechanical Planning Engineer : Erection Crushing & Screening Plant (1832 views )
»Q.S. Planning Engineer : AUTOCAD, SOQ & BOQ, site modification sketches (1334 views )
»Planning Engineer : Primavera, VRB, MDRB, Drainage Siphon, Canal Siphon (2631 views )
»Fresher Power System Planning Engineer : Telecom Implementation (848 views )
»Industrial Engineer/Planning Manager : Auto CAD, Design and Implementation (1027 views )