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List of Hotel Receptionist Resumes( 7 )

»Cabin Crew : Developing New Recipes, Planning Menus, Hiring or Training Food Preparation Workers, Maintaining an Inventory of Food Supplies (121 views )
»Flight Attendant : Aviation, Customer service, Hospitality & Travel Management, A safety-conscious attitude, Flexibility, Calm approach and ability to work under pressure, Team working capabilities (264 views )
»Hotel Receptionist : Front Office and SAP, Aviation & Hospitality (363 views )
»Guest Service Officer : Guest Relations, Complaint Management, Billing,Handling reservation queries,Coordinating among other department to ensure smooth operations,Training to staff about property management system, Standard Operating Procedures Etc. (478 views )
»Guest Service Representative : Front Office, Hotel Management, Exclusive Banquet Parties (824 views )
»Receptionist Administrator : Dispatch/ Record Maintainance (921 views )
»Receptionist : Communication Skill, Typing (1183 views )