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List of Nurse / Staff Nurse Resumes( 49 )

»Fresher Staff Nurse : Recovery Unit, General Ward, Private Rooms, Medical Ward, Surgical Ward, OPD. (21 views )
»Fresher Staff Nurse : Clinical Instructor, Nursing (12 views )
»Staff Nurse : Administration of MedicinesNaso Gastric tube insertion,Transfusion and infusion therapy, Veno Puncture (42 views )
»Staff Nurse : Nursing (57 views )
»Fresher Staff Nurse : To carry out the instruction of O.T. Sister when necessary, To assist the Surgeon and Anaesthetic in operation theatre, To count all instruments and mops before closing the wounds. (88 views )
»Fresher Staff Nurse : Emergency ward, Neuro ICU Unit, Surgical ward, I.C.U., Labour Room, Operation Theatre (118 views )
»Fresher Staff Nurse : Emergency unit,Dialysis unit,operation theatre,Labour room,ward,ICU (126 views )
»Staff Nurse : Data Collection, Physical Assessment, Providing Care Based Upon Patients Needs, Monitor Patients Response To Care. (152 views )
»Fresher Staff Nurse : Emergency ward, Recovery Unit, Neuro ICU Unit, General ward, Surgical ward, Private rooms, Operation Theatre, OPD. (148 views )
»Ayurveda/ Spa Therapist : Aroma Therapy,Child Swedish, Reflexology, Aromatherapy With Body Scrub, Aloe & Fruit Body Wrap, Aloe & Fruit Body Facial , Therapy. Dead Sea Mineral Mud wraps, Honey Yogurt Body Polish, Clay Facial, Aroma Therapy Facial, Chocolate facial, Hair Nutrition. (178 views )
»Staff Nurse : Maintains safe and clean working environment by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations; calling for assistance from health care support personnel. (144 views )
»Male Nurse : Utilizes the nursing process to assess, plan implement an evaluate patient care in accordance with established policies and procedures, Perform variety of supportive and technical nursing skills and utilizes a range of equipment, medication , treatments and monitoring techniques. (384 views )
»Male Staff Nurse : Care of Intubated patients, Suctioning of the Patients, Extubation of the Patients, Care of Patients with Intra Coastal Drainage etc, Nebulisation, Steam Inhalation, Spirometer Exercises, Deep Breathing and Coughing Exercises, Chest Physiotherapy, Haemodynamic Monitoring of the Patients with Continuous Cardiac Monitor. (579 views )
»Male Nurse : Utilizes the nursing process to assess, plan implement an evaluate patient care in accordance with established policies and procedures, Perform variety of supportive and technical nursing skills and utilizes a range of equipment, medication, treatments and monitoring techniques. (554 views )
»Staff Nurse : Accident Care Management, Poisoning Care Management, Snake Bite management, Cardiac Arrest / Respiratory Arrest Management, Fracture Care Management. (526 views )
»Staff Nurse : Development & Delivery of Coursecurriculum, Student counseling, Industry interface for assignments, Strengthening B2Y Network, Parent and community involvement, Placement of Student. (468 views )
»Health Assistant : Assist in formulation of herbal medicines like, liver tonic, uterine tonic, appetizer powder, hair oil, etc., Assist in emergency ward, indoor ward, maternity ward, minor surgery ward, ENT ward, family planning Ward and Pathology lab. (527 views )
»Social Worker : Strong knowledge of family planning and other public health issues, Program Planning and management, Training, Event management, Social Case Work, Social Investigation, Preparing technical reports, Data Processing, Fund Management. (613 views )
»Supervising Officer : Participates in doctors rounds and carry out doctors order properly, Prepares the client and the necessary equipment for diagnostic procedures and assist the doctor, Continually assess and evaluate client�s condition and report any unusual signs and symptoms. (506 views )
»Casualty Nurse : Receiving and admission of patients, Data collection, Assessment of vital signs, Physical examination and diagnostic evaluation, Continuous monitoring of patients, Following physician rounds and carrying out the orders prescribed. (1335 views )
»Medical ICU Staff Nurse : Assessment Planning, implementation and Evaluation of nursing care to all patients, Maintenance of Aseptic Technique while doing any procedure, Assist Doctors while providing Intubations, Ventilation, Central Venous Catheterization. (1649 views )
»Fresher Clinical Nurse Specialist : Total care of patient with Medical and Surgical problems, Assisted the doctor during emergencies like CPR,Endrotracheal Intubations, and Lumbar puncture, CVP Measurement. (542 views )
»Fresher Male Nurse : Critical Awareness Of Current Problems & Insights In The Field Of Nursing, To Apply General Rules To Specific Problems To Produce Answers That Make Sense, Exercise Of Initiative & Personal Responsibility. (1061 views )
»Male Nurse : Care of patients in cardiac arrest, Assisting in intubations, Receiving the patients from cardiac recovery, Making the trolly for respective surgery, Assisting surgeons in cardiothoracic surgeries, Assisting for ICD insertion, Pleural Tapping and Ascitic Tapping etc. (519 views )
»Community Health Nurse : Excellent knowledge and skill about all nursing procedures, Assist for all general and specialty cases, Perioperative nursing care for all surgeries, Good command over all equipments. (565 views )
»Fresher Staff Nurse : To Assess The Knowledge Regarding Home Care Management Of Diarrhea Among Mother�s With Underfive Children,knowledge Seminar On Breast Awareness And Breast Health Promotion (563 views )
»Fresher Staff Nurse : Dialysis Unit, Emergency ward, Recovery Unit, Neuro ICU Unit, General ward, Surgical ward, Private rooms, Stroke unit, I.C.U., Antenatal/Postnatal ward, Medical ward, Surgical ward, Labour Room, Operation Theatre, Tubectomy ward, OPD. (7891 views )
»Staff Nurse : Performed active resuscitation to adult and paedia with cardiac and respiratory arrest, Managed the emergencies promptly &efficiently, Assessed with the admission and discharge of the patients. (598 views )
»Staff Nurse : ECG machine, Cardiac monitors, Pulse oxymeters, Defibrillators, Suction apparatus, Oxygen flow meters, Glucometer, BP apparatus, Mechanical ventilator. (532 views )
»Staff Nurse : Doing all routine all O.T.assist & Special cases, Neuro surgery, Orthopedic case, E.N.T. case, Cathlab procedure, Operated T.M.T, Asst ECHO, ECG, Ortho ward in incharge, E.N.T OT incharge. (751 views )
»Accident/ Emergency Nurse : Responsible for the initial resuscitation and early management of all cases coming to the Emergency Department, Pre hospital care and ambulance service in 8 hrs shift basis. (841 views )
»Staff Nurse : Used the knowledge and ability of nursing process to provide nursing care, making full physical assessment, planning and implementing nursing actions, evaluating the effects, revising and updating care plan as indicated, Checked equipments/ machines if available and are in good condition, checked emergency drugs if available. (541 views )
»Clinical Nurse Specialist : To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Programme On Home Management For Diabetes Mellitus Among Diabetics, Personable With A Positive Attitude, Interface Well With Patients, Families And Nursing Staff. (535 views )
»Staff Nurse : Initiates and Performs a range of nursing measures based on patients needs, Performs a variety of supportive and technical nursing skills and utilizes a range of equipments, Provides a safe, therapeutic, Personalized Physical and Psychological for Patient Care. (554 views )
»Staff Nurse : Care management Health Promotion support Patient Care, Team Working / Supervision Caseload / Time Management Research, Medical and Surgical Patient Counseling Administration, Staff Inductions and Development Trauma / Wound Management Palliative Care Nursing Audits Pain Assessments, Quality of Life Issues (538 views )
»Staff Nurse : Cardio Vascular System, Genital Urinary System, Central Nervous System, Hospital Acquired Infection, Hiv Control Measures, Infection Control In Theatre, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Patient Care (501 views )
»Staff Nurse : Nursing care of patients like manik depressive, psychosis, drug addicts, mentally retarded, epilepsy etc., Blood glucose monitoring, Endotradical, Tracheostomy and oral suction, Administering blood and blood products. (575 views )
»Staff Nurse : Cardiology, Cardio-Thoracic Medicine, Diabetology, Facimaxillary & Cosmetic Surgery, Gastro-Enterology, General Medicine, Laparoscopic Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Nephrology, Neurology, & Neurosurgery, Nuclear Medicine, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Psychology, Radiology, Pulmonology, Urology, Vascular Surgery. (627 views )
»Staff Nurse : Admissions and discharge of patients, Observation and Vital signs, Care of Equipments, Care of IV Peripheral lines, Doctors Round, Educational Supervision. (536 views )
»Fresher Social Worker : Ms Office, Internet, Basic computer operator, Leadership, Teamwork & Group Work, Counseling, Repot establishment. (638 views )
»Community Health Organizer/ Case Worker : Planning of setting up of homes for destitute, schools in each state in accordance with the local laws and supervising the administration, functioning and arranging finances including grants from the government and making policies for development and progress on the basis of the reports submitted by each branch. (690 views )
»Community Organizer/ Group Worker/ Case Worker : To excel in the area of communication & counseling and to make a mark in the area of Rural &Urban community development. (643 views )
»Fresher Clinical/ Community Social Worker : Medical and Psychiatry, Counseling and Project Management, Conducted different community programmes, Organized a National level seminar on Geriatric social work (966 views )
»Clinical Registered Nurse : Gynecology, Pediatric, Surgical (937 views )
»Staff Nurse : Ventilator, Laryngoscope, Infusion Pump (879 views )
»Staff Nurse : Philips Heart Start XL Cardiac Monitor Defibrillator (2952 views )
»Male Nurse : Enemata, Catheterization, Dressing, Oxygen, Therapy (1789 views )
»Staff Nurse : Clinical Research Development Associates (1405 views )
»Staff Nurse : Cardiac Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Infusion Pump, Ventilator (1266 views )