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Teaching Lecturer Faculty >> Professor( 487 )

»Computer Science Professor : Co-Ordination of Practical exams, Trouble Shooting PCs, Organizing in all Exam cell works, Organizing for valuation. (102 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Outstanding knowledge in Data Mining, Data Structures, C, C++, Java, UNIX programming, Machine Learning, Operating Systems (263 views )
»Engineering Professor : Telecommunication Switching System, Digital Electronics, Electronic Devices and Circuit, Microprocessor & Microcontroller (232 views )
»Physics Professor : Able to use new technologies effectively to achieve excellence, Good knowledge of curriculum development, Able to apply appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary. (344 views )
»Engineering Professor : Training and Placement co-ordinator, Incharge in Annual Sports Meet of college, Cultural event Co-ordinator of college Annual Function and farewell function. (346 views )
»Associate Professor : Teaching Online & Offline, Administration, Examination etc. (380 views )
»Engineering Professor : Software Engineering, Software Testing Methodologies, Data Base Management Systems, Data Warehouse & Data Mining, Computer Organization, Embedded Systems (359 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Cloud computing,CCNA,Basic of C,C++,JAVA,Python (308 views )
»Electrical HOD : Responsible for erection/ commissioning & maintenance of Continuous Galvanizing Lines & continuous galvanizing rebar lines, Responsible for all automation projects activities and developments & Working on the new developments and energy conservations for the pipeline processes (539 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Teaching, Wireless Networks, Theory of Computation, Data Warehousing and Data Mining (655 views )
»Linguistics Professor : Linguistics, Field Methods Dissertation, Durkheim and Sociological Method, Teaching (485 views )
»Physics Professor : Able to use new technologies effectively to achieveexcellence, Good knowledge of curriculum development, Able to apply appropriate disciplinary measures wherenecessary. (769 views )
»Engineering Professor : Manage classroom coverage of assigned subjects as per academic curriculum to students, Significantly enhancing classroom learning environment and acting as a Facilitator to promote student leadership in initiating and creating positive learning opportunities. (835 views )
»MBA Professor : Marketing, Financial MGT, Economics, OB, HRM, Management (1076 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Teaching Methodologies, Process Modeling and Simulation, Advanced Developer Technologies (786 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Computer Organisation, Data and File Structure, Computer Graphics, Computer Architecture, Operating System, Compiler Design, Theory of Computer Science, Management of Information System, Design & Analysis of Algorithm, ERP System (849 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Theory of Computations, Digital Electronics, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Compiler Design, Database Management System, Computer Network, Software Project Management, Advance Computer Architecture (819 views )
»Accounting & Finance Professor : Teaching Accounting & Finance, Accounting & Auditing, Financial Management, Business Economics (927 views )
»Mechanical Professor : Heat & Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machinery, Engineering Mechanics, Engineering Thermodynamics. (740 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Progamming, Web Devlopment, Networking, Database Handling (722 views )
»Fresher Law Professor : Computer skills, Very adept at using online tools to undertake legal research, Thorough understanding of the subject with ability to convey the same to the students. (5793 views )
»Engineering Professor : Principle of Communication Engineering, Computer Network, Television Engineering, Operating System, Distributed Computing, Digital Logic Circuits, Computer Organization & Architecture, Advanced Micro-processor, Micro-processor Cryptography and Network Security Digital Image Processing and Multimedia System. Soft Computing and Human Machine Interaction. (745 views )
»Associate Professor : Artificial Intelligence, Java fundamentals and Java Programming, Big Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Android Operating System (787 views )
»Engineeing Professor : C, C++, C#, Java MS Access, SQL Plus, Oracle, .NET, PHP (858 views )
»Engineering Professor : Understanding of Microsoft .Net Framework, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Good understanding of SDLC. (684 views )
»Engineering Professor : Power Electronics, Advance Microcontroller, Basic Electrical, Numerical Method & Computer Programming, Fundamental of Microprocessor (937 views )
»Engineering Professor : C, Web Programming, Computer Graphics, Analog and Digital Electronics, Logic Design, Microprocessor, Graph Theory and Combinatorics, DBMS, Software Architecture, Advanced Storage Area Network. (1038 views )
»Chemistry Professor : Knowledge of Chemdraw, Chemsketch and autodock, Pymol (1081 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Digital Image Processing & Computer Graphics, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Information System Engineering, Wireless Networks (4927 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Theory of computation, Compiler design, Data structure, Algorithm design and analysis, Database management, Digital Image Processing, Operating system, Data communication, Computer architecture and Organization, OOPS. (995 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Embedded system, Wireless Communication, Microcontroller & Microprocessor, C,C++,keilc,MATLAB, LABVIEW,HTML, Xilinx (1118 views )
»Pharmacognosy Professor : Preparation of time table, Submit Student Attendance record to RGPV through RGPV portal, Conduction of proper classes, Regularly check and follow up teacher’s diary and weekly status report. (1447 views )
»Chemistry Professor : The Effect of curcumin extract on the corrosion of aluminum in 1N NaOH (1229 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Employ differentiated teaching methods, incorporating, audio and visual activities to address all learning styles, Provide individualized instruction to keep all students at expected skill level. (1145 views )
»Finance/ Accounts Professor : Corporate Account, Advance Corporate Accounting, Financial Accounting, Advance Financial Accounting, Financial Management (1138 views )
»Computer Science Professor : C, C++, Java, Adv Java, Android, SQL, CamToCloud (1044 views )
»Economics & Finance Professor : Thorough understanding of banks fraud control system for all retail assets & liability products and services, cards and e-channels payments and scam mail, lottery fraud . (1435 views )
»Engineering Professor : AutoCAD , Staad Pro, Archi CAD, Design of parking lot for the college (1016 views )
»Computer Science Professor : C,C++,Oracle,Ms-Access2007,.Net,System Software,Database Management System (1333 views )
»Engineering Professor : MULTISIM ,XYLINX,TASM, C, Java, Thorough understanding of the subject with ability to convey the same to the student (1276 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Ansoft HFSS, Mat lab,Antenna Magus,Ansoft100, PCB Design, Antenna and wave propagation (1091 views )
»Fresher Assistant Professor : Knowledge of soil laboratory tests, concrete laboratory tests, highway laboratory tests etc. (1295 views )
»Engineering Professor : C,C++,Java,SQL, Testing The Clinical Programming Software Of Cochlear Implant System (6242 views )
»Commerce Professor : Monitoring Attendance, Preparation of Question papers for the Mid-terms and Finals, Improvement in Spoken English of student from Rural places. (2604 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Data Structures, Networks Administration, DBMS, Web Technology, Object Oriented Programming,. (1164 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Computer Graphics, Network Security, Computer Networks, Web Technology, Software Project Management (1309 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : MATLAB, Power System,Electrical Machines and Switchgears,Transmission & Distribution. (1272 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Professor : HTML, Java Script, Java Servlets, JSP,PHP Computer Courses,Wireless Sensor Networks, C,C++,Java,J2EE (1183 views )
»Fresher Civil Engineering Professor : Estimation & Costing., Design of RC Elements, Building Design, AutoCAD 2D & 3D , Rivet Arch, STAAD.Pro, PRIMAVERA , Analysis & Design of Highway Composite Bridge (5012 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Professor : JAVA, PHP, Visual Basic, C++,OS installation, Network management, and System maintenance, Abilities in analyzing & interpreting unique problems, with a combination of project experience and logical thinking to find the right solutions (1438 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Computer Networks, Operating System, Web design, Client Server Programming, Multimedia Communication, Network Managment, Wireless Sensor Network, Optical Network, Analysis of Computer Network, Information Network Security, Storage Area Network, Distributed Computing, Software Engineering, System Software, Software Architecture, Object Oriented Modelling Design. (1151 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Structural Design (R.C.C and Industrial building), Bridge design, Concrete Technology, Quantity Surveying, Construction Planning and Scheduling. (1217 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : VLSI, Networking, Circuits, Embedded System Technologies, SQL server, DONET, RFID, Networks (Topologies, Basics of OSI) (1264 views )
»ECE Professor : Embedded System, C, C++,Web Designing, Arduino Based Web-Server For Traffic Surveillance And Identification In Ghat Curves (1228 views )
»Chemistry Professor : Taking lecture, Counselling of students, Practical works, Inorganic Chemistry, Environment & Ecology, Spectroscopy (2747 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Control Systems, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Programming/ Scripting Languages Matlab,Simulink (1205 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Professor : Java,Php,C,C++,Octave,Latex,Case tool,Ns2 (1447 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Analyzing Ssoftwares, Internal Combustion Engines, Fundamentals of Mathematics, Design of Machining Elements (1364 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Modelsim, Matlab,Xilinx, Digital Electronics, Computer Networks, Micro Controller, Language Basics in C (1356 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Professor : C,C++,OOPS,Data structure, computer network and Cryptography (1232 views )
»Engineering Professor : Basic Electronics, Digital Systems, Communication Engineering, Integrated Circuits, Computer Networks and Network Security,Digital Communication, Analog Electronics Lab, Digital Lab, Communication Lab and Integrated Circuits Lab (1268 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Microsoft SQL Server, Java Swing, Efficient Routing in Intermittently Connected, Mobile Networks, Two Factor Authentication for Online Banking, C, C++, Software Engineering (1279 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : VLSI,MATLAB,OPTSIM, C, C++,Implementation of MIMO OFDM in WIMAX, Microcontroller and Embedded system (1280 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Control System,Measurement & Instrumentation,Power System,Transmission & Distribution,Circuit Theory/C,C++ (1404 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Java,J2Ee,C,C++,Computer Networks,Network Security,Mobile Computing Wireless Sensor Network And Adhoc (1260 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Embedded system, VLSI Design, Micro-processor and micro-controller, Assembly languages (1374 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : Basics of C, C++, Matlab, Computer Networks, Digital Communication System (1543 views )
»Engineering Professor : Handled both UG & PG classes, Taught subjects like Operating system, Computer Organization, Software Testing Methodologies. Computer System Design. (1560 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Data Structure, DBMS, Operating System, Software Engineering (1839 views )
»Engineering Professor : Handling communication equipments, chip designing, Signals & Systems/DSP, Control System/Communication System, Digital Communication, Digital Electronics/VLSI Design (1596 views )
»Fresher Assistant Professor : Teaching C, C++, Core JAVA, HTML and JAVA Script, Visual Basic, ORACLE SQL+ and MySQL Data structures, Object Oriented Programming Structures (OOPS), Software Development, Networking. (1529 views )
»Fresher Assistant Professor : Programming Languages, C, C++, JAVA, Web Technologies, HTML, Operating System, Network Security, Object Oriented Concepts. (1680 views )
»Assistant Professor : Basic Electronics, Digital Systems, Solid State Electronics, Communication Engineering, Integrated Circuits, Computer Networks and Network Security,Digital Communication, Analog Electronics Lab, Digital Lab, Communication Lab and Integrated Circuits Lab, VHDL Lab. (1675 views )
»Fresher Associate Professor : C, C++, VB, HTML, Photoshop, Tally, Statistical Tools R, SPSS, Minitab. (1628 views )
»Assistant Professor : Marketing, Human Resources, Responsible for planning and managing each zonal event, Created and Implemented new events in each zone. (2492 views )
»Assistant Professor : OOPS, Computer Networks, Hardware & Networking, CCNA, C, C++, JAVA. (1598 views )
»Pharmacy Professor : Responsibility For Engaging Theory & Practical Of Pharmacognosy, Microbiology& Biotechnology, Industrial Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry. (7073 views )
»Management Professor : Management Divisions, Handling Commerce and Management Subjects. (1956 views )
»Assistant Professor : Signal & System Analysis, Processing, Microprocessor, Embedded system using microcontroller, Designing Digital Circuits. (1719 views )
»Fresher Professor : Data Structure, Software Engineering, Software Testing, C, C++, JAVA, PHP, Oracle (1459 views )
»Engineering Professor : Basic knowledge in C, Analog Communications, STLD (Switching Theory and Logic Design). (1569 views )
»Computer Science Professor : Software Engineering, Networks, Cloud Computing, C, Java, Operating System, Programming Paradigms (Core Java), Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Professional Ethics In Engineering, Computer graphics (1592 views )
»Fresher Associate Professor : Control Systems, Industrial Instrumentation, Embedded Systems, Switching Design, Matlab,Lab view,Keil,Micro Vision,ArudinoIO, C, Core Java and Advanced Java (1616 views )
»Assistant Professor ECE : C,Matlab,Xilinx ISE (7575 views )
»EEE Assistant Professor : Embedded Software Engineer, Embedded System Technology (4910 views )
»Microbiology/ Biotechnology Professor : General Microbiological, Molecular Biological Techniques (3622 views )
»Fresher Assistant professor : Cloud Computing, Java, Basics of C,C ++, Operating Systems (13945 views )
»Fresher Assistant professor : .NET ,C#, HTML5 (1860 views )
»Fresher Associate Professor : XILINX, MATLAB, C, EMBEDDED SYSTEM (1742 views )
»CS / IT Lecturer / Professor : C, C++, Java, VB, VB.Net, ASP.Net (2106 views )
»Computer Science Assistant Professor : Cloud Computing, Web Technology (28610 views )
»Assistant English Professor : E-Learning, Teaching Speaking Skills (10324 views )
»English Professor : Handling ReNet/ SNet Platforms Lab (2860 views )
»Fresher Assistant Professor : C,C++,JAVA, Cloud Computing (6081 views )
»Assistant Professor : Financial accounting, Financial Management, Portfolio Management, Mutual Funds (13849 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer / Professor : DB2, OLTP, CICS (12736 views )
»Fresher Assistant Professor : ECE, VLSI, Modelsim, MatLab (122768 views )
»Assistant Professor : Psychology, Teaching and administration (4830 views )
»Applied Mathematics Professor : Dual Matrix Approach, Pivot and Probe Algorithm (2580 views )