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List of Marketing Executive / Manager / Officer Resumes( 47 )

»Marketing Manager : Good At Brand Managing, Having Excellent Communication Skills, Budget and Budgetary control with reference to Nuclear fuel complex (26 views )
»Marketing Manager : Leading the Email Marketing Campaign, Identifying new avenues for increasing sales results, Sales strategy Account Mining Generating new leads (40 views )
»Marketing Executive : Lead a team of two Management Trainee’s and provide them continous training & procure regular feedback, Responsible for achievement of the sales target set by the company the new business development and performance of all sales activities related to products in assigned market. (169 views )
»Marketing Executive : Marketing & Sales, Hardware & Basic Software, Responsible for co-ordination of existing dealers of the company, Updating dealers about the change in product price & launch new product. (151 views )
»Air compressor service Engineer : Ms Microsoft word excel power point , Photoshop , internet (213 views )
»marketing officer : 4 year experience in sales & marketing (295 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : Education, Business Development, Channel Management and Client Relationship Management in the Education Sector (259 views )
»Deputy Manager : Lead a team of Management Trainee’s and provide them continuous training & procure regular feedback, Responsible for achievement of the sales target set by the company the new business development and performance of all sales activities related to products in assigned market, Responsible for assisting the Deputy General Manager,Deputy Manager in planning budget, selling products, providing quotes, generate sales, promote sales and marketing and coordinating the promotional events or campaigns. (417 views )
» Marketing Executive Officer : TAX & VAT at source deduction & return submission, Maintaining Petty Cash (Petty cash register, MIS & Ledger Book), Prepare Cash Payment, Cheque Payment & Petty Cash Voucher. (435 views )
»Marketing Executive : Responsible for helping other employees with planning and troubleshooting problems, Responsible for communications, team development and profit, Monitoring of company’s Operations including supervising and training new employee, Marketing of Tour Package, Tour Operator, Business Development Executive (492 views )
»Production & Marketing Manager : Day to day Production & Dispatch Scheduling, Proficient in using the most advanced applications for administrative functions such as MS Office Suite, internet, etc. (542 views )
»Marketing Executive : To give all types of technical support to my customers, To handle the complains if any raised time to time, also to modify their formulation accordingly, if it necessary, To check their manufacturing process also. If any fault is present suggest to change the process of manufacturing, To create new guide line formulation for our new product & it only for help to my customer. (614 views )
»Fresher Marketing Executive : Employee motivation and Communication, Team Building in organization, Sales and marketing for products, Customer support and ability to achieve designated targets, Negotiation with prospective clients. (554 views )
»Marketing Manager : Sales & Marketing, Retail Sales & Promotion, Strategic Marketing Planning, Advertising and Direct Marketing, Branding and Merchandising, Dealing with customers Internal and External, Analyzing and Investigating, Coordinating different Work and Activities, Resolving and Solving Problems and Challenges. (757 views )
»Fresher Acquisition Manager : Market survey to find out the market share of mutual funds and studied the sales & distribution system of HDFC Mutual Fund, Project involved understanding the overall marketing activities of Mutual Fund. (649 views )
»Fresher Marketing Manager : Project On Market Analysis And Promotion Of Conferencing Products Like Projectors, Lcd Display, Plasma, Overhead Projectors, Document Camera, Microphone And Speakers. (675 views )
»Fresher Marketing Manager : Material Master Updation to ensure to ensure correct expense allocation to the product costing Precis To analyze the existing Master data in Material Master (SAP Software) & physical verification of the inputs of the materials to ensure correct allocation of fixed overheads for correct product costing. (604 views )
»Fresher Marketing Manager : Marketing Management, Accounting Management, Human Resource Management, Enterprise Practice on Cost of cultivation and Productivity of Wheat. (649 views )
»Fresher Marketing Specialist : Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Business Mathematics & Statistics, Organizational Behavior, Financial Management, Production Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, MIS, Operation Research, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Marketing Research, Sales And distribution Management,Management accounting. (602 views )
»Marketing Manager : Maintaining And Updating Customer Databases, Organising And Attending Events Such As Conferences, Seminars, Receptions And Exhibitions, Sourcing And Securing Sponsorship, Conducting Market Research Such As Customer Questionnaires And Focus Groups. (622 views )
»Marketing Executive : Liaising And Networking With A Range Of Stakeholders Including Customers, Colleagues, Suppliers And Partner Organisations, Communicating With Target Audiences And Managing Customer Relationships. (674 views )
»Marketing Executive : Sourcing of business & meetings with different customers, Explaining company policy to the customer, Understanding customer requirement, according to that giving information about product. (708 views )
»Fresher Marketing Analyst : Maintaining and enhancing the relationship with the customer through various strategies, Prepared various component of Union Budget and studied each and every aspest of Union Budget and presented as well. (586 views )
»Fresher Assets Manager : Managing Retail and Corporate Banking operation primarily consisting Smart Business Loans, Home Loans, consumer Durable loans and Credit Cards. (650 views )
»Fresher Marketing Executive : Human Resource Management, Marketing, Comfortable Dealing With Clients Of Different Nationalities And Ethnic Backgrounds. (663 views )
»Marketing Officer : Preparing, planning and project managing the publication of all publicity material to maximise brand promotion, Creating marketing campaigns and working with the company's external PR agency to see them executed. (689 views )
»Product Executive : Software Sales Executive, Marketing Software Products, Regular Visit To Existing Customers, Preparation Of Quotation, Follow Up With Clients & Initialization Of Order Customer Support, Demo & Implementation Of Software. (844 views )
»Acquisition Manager : Convincing the customer and making them aware about the platinum card, Network with high networth individual Clients, Maintain Customer Loyalty and increase references. (660 views )
»Marketing Executive : Advertising Activities, Meeting With Aspirant Customers And Informing Them About Various Courses Related To Computer And Other Courses Also, Gathering Information About Competitors� Products. (679 views )
»Marketing Officer : Ticketing, Collection & reconciliation of fund, Handling customer queries and facilitates them by providing better solution, Handling Daily and Monthly MIS. (657 views )
»Rural Marketing Coordinator : Assisting Marketing Team in executing all communication activities, public relations including market research, marketing materials, client communications, direct mail, marketing campaigns and press releases, etc. (857 views )
»Process Associate : Retail Marketing and Analysis, Service Marketing, Advertising, Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Portfolio Analysis, High Net worth Individual Investment Analysis. (716 views )
»Marketing Executive : knowledge on How to Formulate Strategies, How to Reduce the cost, How to Allocation of the Funds to All the Aspects of Business, How to be in an organization in time How to sale product and How to follow up a customer How to start a demonstration about product. (659 views )
»Marketing Professional : Customer service issues, Dealing with there problems, Handling customers complain/queries, Forwards the customer complaints to technical department (724 views )
»Fresher MBA Marketing : Tally, Cash Flow Analysis and its Applicability (649 views )
»Marketing Coordinator : Executing several details including email broadcasting, mails, outbound calls, marketing events, marketing trade shows, Customer communications, promotions, several marketing plans and public relations. (891 views )
»Marketing Coordinator : Maintaining the hybrid-wise daily stock register (Sales, Sales Return and Net Sale), Preparing PowerPoint presentations for seasonal and annual meetings (689 views )
»Marketing Management Trainee : Sales, Fleet Management, Credit Control, HR and Administration, Meeting Revenue and Profitability Goals, Project Evaluations, Generating Business (710 views )
»Marketing Management Trainee : Global Operations, New Market Development, Account Management, Channel Management , Planning and Executing Dealer Advertisement Budget (690 views )
»Marketing Management Trainee : Managing Data and Maintaining Confidentiality, Handling Back Office Work, Relationship Building with the Customer, Providing Administrative Support to the Branch Manager (699 views )
»Beauty Marketing Executive : Incharge of Administrative Office, Cash management, Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statements (738 views )
»Market Research Executive : Preparing Questionnaire, Improving merchandising efforts (1416 views )
»Marketing Executive : Affiliated Marketing & Lead Generation (932 views )
»Marketing Executive : Customer Satisfaction (896 views )
»Advertisement Executive : Fashion Accessories, Garments, Textiles (959 views )
»Marketing Service Incharge : Mobile Handset Repairing, Maintenance (990 views )
»Fresher Marketing Executive : Dynamic Personality, English Fluency (1316 views )