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Security / Surveillance >> Security Officer/ Manager

List of Security Officer/ Manager Resumes( 22 )

Security / Surveillance >> Security Officer/ Manager( 69 )

»Security & Admin Manager : Fire and Safety concern inside yard and CFS area, Access Control of Men and Material with the help of Advance Surveillance Systems, Responsible for Visitor Entry Management System. (458 views )
»Security and Surveillance Manager : Physical security deployment, Front office management, Key management, Access control, CCTV, Public Addressing System, Badge/ID issue, Background verification. (501 views )
»Security Officer : Maintaining organization’s stability and reputation by complying with legal requirements, Ensure the security, safety and well-being of all personnel, visitors and the premises, Respond to emergencies to provide necessary assistance to employees and customers. (748 views )
»Security Officer : More than 20 yearsof experience in Indian Army in different places in India (605 views )
»Fire & Safety/ Security Officer : Fire Pumps, Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler systems, Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus, FM200 fire suppression system, Pre-Action System, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blankets, Emergency Door release, Emergency Rescue Device (Lift) (760 views )
»Security Officer : Facilities Management, General Administration, Vendor Management, Security, Employee Welfare, Team Management, Manpower Recruitment & Induction,Computer Knowledge (710 views )
»Security Officer : Supervised office and field staff, Directed staff of employees responsible for Secretary of Defense directed specialized public affairs activities and liaison with congressional staffers. (1328 views )
»Deputy Superintendent/ VIP Security : Responsible for preserving internal security, as well as assisting the state governments in maintaining law and order. Take action to protect life & property, prevent & detect crime & maintain the peace; thereby taking a lead in the force. (1922 views )
»Security Officer : Security Management, General Administration, Human Resource Management, Security & Safety, Initiatives Transport Management, Team Management, Marketing / Business Development, Report Management / MIS Employee Relation & Welfare, Initiative Inventory / Stock Management, Crossfunctional coordination. (5308 views )
»Security Officer : Access Control, Risk Assessment, Security Survey/Audit, Emergency Response/Preparedness Plan, Develop, Implement, Evaluate and Amend the Policies, Manuals, Performa, Checklist, SOPs, Mock/Evacuation & Fire Drills, Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting, Rescue. (2069 views )
»Security Officer : CCTV Data Backup, Issuing Gate Pass (2210 views )
»Corporate Security Officer : Remote View Client, Access Report Generation (2208 views )
»Personal Security Officer : Installing Electronic Security Equipment (2957 views )
»VIP Security Officer : X-ray Screening, Palatoon Commander (3559 views )
»Industrial Security Manager : Crime Prevention, Investigation (2445 views )
»Industrial Safety Security Officer : Fire Prevention, Controlling (2075 views )
»Ship Security Officer : Fire Fighting Training, Material Management (3017 views )
»Naval Aircraft Security Officer : Aeronautical Quality Assurance Service (1904 views )
»Admin Security Manager : Shell Moulding Machines, Sand Conveyer, Over Head Conveyer (2175 views )
»Security Officer : Gunnery Instructor, Provost Supervisor (2239 views )
»Chief Security Officer : Industrial Aviation Security (5447 views )
»Security Officer : Naval Office Management, Fire controller (2358 views )