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List of Software Developer / Engineer Resumes( 125 )

»Fresher Software Engineer : Python Programming, Django, Flask, React, SQL Database Management, HTML & CSS Web Designing, Bootstrap (109 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : Python, C , R programming, Java, Cloud Technologies, Design Applications (99 views )
»Software Engineer : C, C#, Asp.Net, SQL, C++, PHP, JAVA, DATA Structure (106 views )
»Fresher Software Developer Engineer Intern : C, Java, Python, Javascript, Leave Management System, Consumer Spending Prediction (116 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : Java, C++, C, SQL, Javascript, PHP, MERN Stack, Block Chain (207 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Hands-on expertise in SQL reporting, development, analytics, or BI, etc, Relevant experience in processing flow charts or data flow diagrams. (293 views )
»Software Engineer : Java, Javascript, Python, C++,C, JSP, Spring, Raspberry Pi , Junit Testing, Selenium, Sonar, Jenkins, R Studio (310 views )
»Software Architect : Designed a creative architecture and responsive website layouts by using frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, and JavaScript, Taking web designs in PSDs and converted into HTML, CSS code with the help of Photoshop. (290 views )
»Fresher Bigdata Developer : Knowledge of the Hadoop ecosystem and its core frameworks, including HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Hive, Sqoop (233 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Programming, C, C++, HTML, Core Java, PHP, MS-SQL (403 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Engineer : C++/ C, Python, Basics in Java, PHP, Numpy, Pandas, Keras, Matplotlib (336 views )
»Software Implementations Engineer : Creating and monitoring the database jobs and troubleshooting supp ort to jobs, Performing DML, DDL operations when required . (269 views )
»Software Engineer : HTML, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, XML, Ajax, Web Services, WEB API. (347 views )
»IT Manager : Web Design & Development for any web services, Agreeing timescales and monitoring these through the project, Daily update of CEO & Client about the progress of the project on the proper channel (410 views )
»Software Developer : Java, Angular, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Salesforce, Java Programming, Computer Network, Operating System (612 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Developer : C, System Programming, Linux Kernel, Kernel Configuration, Microcontrollers (485 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Basic Computer Knowledge, Matlab, Embedded System, PCB Designing, Networking, .Net (519 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C, C++, Java, HTML, SQL server, Computer Science (639 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap & CSS, Oracle, C and JAVA (571 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Machine Learning, Mobile Computing, Software quality assurance and testing (500 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : Python Programming, SQL Database Management, HTML & CSS Web Designing (604 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : CORE JAVA, SQL, JDBC, Thermic Aware task report managing clusters using tiger algorithm. (530 views )
»QC Software Engineer : Requesting and coordinating RFP for new spares requirements, Procurement of Spares by material master, Procurement of Spares by material master and submitting requirements to Senior Engineer. (613 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C#.Net, ASP.Net, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, Creating Crystal Reports (698 views )
»Software Developer : Maintained SQL scripts and complex queries for analysis and data transformations, Profound understanding of SDLC (software development life cycle), Strong understanding of the structure and logic of Object-Oriented Programming. (640 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Engineer : C, Advanced Embedded C, WINDOWS, LINUX, RTOS, HTML (719 views )
»Software Developer : ASP. NET, ADO .NET, Razor, Ajax, Java ,JS, JQuery, Delivering and implementing the project as per scheduled milestones. Participating in System Integration, onside development, customer support and product up gradation. (729 views )
»Web/ UI/ Casino Game/ Phaser Developer : Phaser,PHP & MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Jquery,opencart,wordpress (1466 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Engineer : Embedded C, Micro Processor, Micro Controller, Electronic & Devices, Embedded Systems, Analog Communications (719 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : IDE Eclipse, Android Studio, Net beans, Familiar with agile development, Experienced in Impact Analysis, Coding, Debugging, Bug fixing, Effective documentations and presentations on application modules. (697 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Analysis, Design, Coding & Documentation, C, C++, JAVA, HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript (752 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C,C++,JAVA,PHP,.NET, AngularJS, Javascript, Wordpress, MySQL,SQlite,WebSQL (889 views )
»Software Developer : ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery Ajax (1186 views )
»Fresher Software Application Support Executive : C, Core Java, Jdbc, Servlets, SQL basics, Collections, Multithreading (965 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Core Java, HTML, CSS, SQL, Manual Testing, Web Operating System (740 views )
»Software Development Engineer : Asp.Net, PHP, JAVA, CSS, HTML, SQL Server, MS-Office, Computer network, Web Technology, Windows. (864 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Engineer : C,C++, Embedded C, Linux Device Drivers, RTOS, Linux Kernel Programming, Raspberry PI (761 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Engineer : Assembly, C, C++, Basics of JAVA & Embedded C, Eclipse , Proteus ISIS (901 views )
»Fresher Trainee Software Developer : Core Java, Advanced Java, MYSQL, Denoising and Enhancement of an extremely low-light video (846 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Web Designing, Software Developer, Software Testing, C, C++, JAVA, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript (921 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Engineer : C, LINUX, SQL, Dual Mode Power Bank (860 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Developer : Strong in C, Linux RTOS and Microcontroller, Knowledge in Microcontroller concept good analyzing and understanding requirements. (842 views )
»Software Developer : Object Oriented Programming, Software Development, Web Designing, C# , .NET, CORE JAVA , CSS (1708 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Sound knowledge of networking like TCP/IP,LTE,OSI Model,DNS,DHCP,FTP,HTTP,TELENET,WAN,LAN, Routing and Switching. (811 views )
»MCA Software Developer : Customers satisfaction US Semi voice, Process handling customer focus on customer satisfaction (836 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Core Java, PHP, Web development, Application development, HTML, XML (1243 views )
»Software Developer : Design GCC compiler for C programming, ARM Developer Suite for ARM, Code Composer Studio for DSP Processors, ModelSim for HDLs (894 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : PLC, SCADA, Industrial Instrumentation (858 views )
»Computer Programmer : .Net, SQL Server, Information Technology, Software Developer (989 views )
»Smallworld Developer : Managed EGIS development/application maintenance projects in Telecom domain. (1376 views )
»Software Developer : C# with Dot net Framework, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Rich exposure to System Development Life Cycle (1454 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C,C#,ASP.NET,SQL SERVER ,JAVA SCRIPT,HTML/CSS,ADO.NET (1033 views )
»Fresher Software Application Support Executive : Human Resource Management System, Medical Mangement System, Library Mangement System (1069 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : PL/SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, Operating System, DBMS, OS, Networking, JAVA,C, C++, Core Java, J2EE, Matlab, Microcontroller (1158 views )
»Fresher Associate software developer : C#.NET , ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC4,AJAX,JQUERY,ANGULAR JS (1343 views )
»Software Development Engineer : Oracle, .Net, Java, C, C++, SEO (1331 views )
»Fresher MCA Software Engineer : Good Knowledge on Oracle, Core Java Concepts, Java, Servlets, JDBC, JSP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Eclipse, Tomcat, C, C++ with DS (1399 views )
»Fresher Java Software Engineer : HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress and plugins, Macromedia Dreamweaver, MS-Access database (1418 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Programming Languages C, C++, Java, Database Oracle, MySQL. (1457 views )
»Software Developer : J2SE/J2EE, HTML, CSS, C, C++, Core Java, JSP, Servlet, and VB, PC Assembling, S/W Installation and formatting, SQL,MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle. (1402 views )
»Software Engineer : Interacting with Client for requirements gathering and functional specification review, Requirement Analysis, coding, Documentation, Leading the team in various phases of application development. (1409 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : Technology ASP.NET with C#, Database Microsoft SQL Server, Unique Education System, Mediconnect. (1394 views )
»Fresher MCA Software Developer : Programming Languages C & Data Structure, C++, Java, Scripting Languages Shell Scripting, HTML, CSS, Database Oracle, Operating Systems, .Net. (1317 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : Programming Languages C basics, CoreJava, J2EE, Hibernate, Operating System DOS, Web Development Tools Html, css, xml, Data Base, Pakages Oracle, Theoretical aspects Networking (Basic), Operating System, Web Servers. (1300 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C/C++, Java, Oracle, Access, Html, Uml, Computer Networks, Oops. (1342 views )
»Fresher Data Mining Engineer : Database Management System, Compiler Design, Data Mining, C, C++. (3167 views )
»Fresher Software Application Engineer : Developed the Web and Mobile based application using ASP.Net (Ajax, Web Services, WCF, Xml, Silver light, MVC, Mobile Development), C++, C, Objective C. (1290 views )
»Fresher Trainee Software Developer : VB.NET,, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, C, C++, MS Office, Hardware and Networking, Working on different forms and crystal reports of these modules, Using Procedure, Function and Views, FoxPro, Visual Basic,PL/SQL (3526 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C, C++, Java, Html, Xml, Sql, Ms-access, Dotnet, Done Project In Knowledge Management System And Effective Software Merging In The Presence Of Object-oriented Refactoring. (8286 views )
»Software Developer : Object Oriented Programming, C++, Core JAVA, J2EE, J Boss, Apache Tomcat, clipse Helios, Net Beans IDE, Actuate e Report, Birt Report, MySql, Oracle, Swing, JDK. (1338 views )
»Software Developer : knowledge in SQL Server, MS access, Sound knowledge in C#.NET, Involved in development/coding of Crystal Reports, Involved in developing various documents like design, and solving testing documents. (1529 views )
»Fresher B.E. Computer Science : C, C++, and Asp.Net, Image Recognition System, E-Purchasing. (1224 views )
»Fresher Software Analyst : C, C++, Java, HTML, SQL, Extensive Facilities for Current Email Servers, An efficient and privacy aware monitoring framework. (1748 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Engineer : C, Java, Embedded Based Power Management, Cryonics, Brain Port Device, Low Bit Rate Image Compression Using Cadu. (1220 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C, C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS, MYSQL, .NET, C#, Python, Lex, Linux, OpenMP, Android, OpenCV, Spring, MatLab, Ruby on Rails (1580 views )
»Computer Programmer : Good Expertise In System Analysis, System Design, User Interface Design, Coding, Testing, Maintenance Of Web And Distributed Applications Using Microsoft Technologies. (1228 views )
»Software Engineer : Networking Skill CCNA, Programming Languages C, Web Designing HTML, PHP, Operating Systems Windows, Linux-Ubuntu Database MySQL. (1216 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C, C++, Java, SQL, Oracle, VB, Hospital Management System, Image Steganography based on L.F.S.R using Visual Cryptography (1396 views )
»Software Developer : Languages C#, ASP.Net, Core Java,Database SQL Server, Basic knowledge of LINQ, Web-Design HTML, Dreamweaver,Script JQuery, Java Script, Ajax. (1394 views )
»Software Developer : C, C++, VB-6, C .Net, Java (Core), PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, Sql Server, MS-Access, Oracle with D2K, Web,Windows Application (1249 views )
»Fresher B.E. Computer Science : Operating System, Data Structures, OOPS, Software Engineering Concepts, C C++, Resource Management, JAVA (3000 views )
»Fresher Embedded Software Engineer : C ,C++, Embedded C, Micro controller, Linux internal, ARM, RTOS (1426 views )
»Fresher MCA Software Developer : Java (Jsp, Servlets, Swings Etc), C, C++, SqlServer, Oracle, Project in Online Schedule Tracking system (2358 views )
»Software Developer : JAVA/J2EE, Servlets, JSP, EJB. DBMS RDBMS, PL/SQL, Tomcat, DbVisualizer, Kettle, Ant, Pattern based design, WebSphere Application Server, Oracle Database Server (1330 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C , C++, Fire Alarm Using Theristor, Swap Card Security System, Nano Technology (1301 views )
»Fresher Programmer : C programming language and Basics of C++, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java, Oracle, Digital Data Security Model (1289 views )
»Fresher MCA Software Developer : Java, J2ee, Html, Javascript, Oracle, C, C++, SQL, Crime Investigation System (1433 views )
»Fresher B.E. Computer Science Engineer : C, C++,Core Java, JSP, HTML, PHP Networking Basic, MS Access, MySQL, J2SE, J2EE, Dreamweaver, Net Beans IDE, Microsoft Visual studio (5791 views )
»Fresher M.Sc. Computer Science : Image Steganography, Airtel Postpaid Connection Activation System, ETender JAVA, C, C#,Asp.Net ,SQL,C++,PHP, JAVA, Data Structure, Postgresql, Mysql (10374 views )
»Fresher Java Software Engineer : Servlet, Swing and AWT, HTML, XHTML, CSS and HTTP, Java Script, HTML DOM, AJAX, DBMS and RDBMS, Software Development Lifecycles, Basic Java, OOPS Concepts, Fundamentals of Core Java, SQL queries DDL,DML, DCL and TCL, Networking (1292 views )
»Fresher Computer Network Security Engineer : C, C++, JAVA, HTML, JavaScript, XML Scripting, SQL, Oracle, JSP, Adobe Flex, Designed a standalone Supermarket web application using JSP and MS-Access with Tomcat server. (5449 views )
»Fresher Software Trainee : Strong skills include SQL, PLSQL, Oracle Database, Oracle Forms and Reports, TOAD, D2K, Functional domain knowledge of Health Care Management System. (1579 views )
»Fresher MCA Software Developer : ORACLE, VB. NET, HTML, DHTML, CSS, C#, ASP.NET, PHP, MY SQL, JAVA SCRIPT, Web Page Developer & Designer (1441 views )
»Software Programmer : ASP.Net ,VB.Net, JavaScript, SQL Server, C,C++, C#.Net, PHP, HTML,Analyze the user requirements, Create the database accordingly, Development, Testing the functionality (1398 views )
»Fresher Data Mining Engineer : C, C++, and Java, ORACLE, IBM RAD and DB2 TOOLS, Ethical Hacking and Information Security, Python programming, Data Mining (1583 views )
»Software Engineer : Content Management System, Online Invoice System, HTML,C and C++ (1400 views )
»Fresher Computer Engineer : C++, Data Communication, Core Java & Advanced Java (1340 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Engineer : c,c++,,,java,php (1432 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C++,C#,,Html (29591 views )
»Fresher MCA : C, C++, Java, JDBC, Servlets , JSP, HTML , JAVA Script, Oracle, Hibernate (1364 views )
»Fresher Application Programmer : C,C++,Core JAVA,J2EE,WPF,C# (1363 views )
»Fresher MCA Software Developer : C,C++, Java, Oracle (1476 views )
»Fresher Computer Engineer : C,C++,.net,Java,android,CSS,HTML,SQL (1559 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : HTML, PHOTOSHOP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET, WEB DEVELOPMENT (1553 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Engineer : C,Java,Photoshop (6339 views )
»Software Developer : Dot net, WCF, SQL SERVER, CRYSTAL REPORT, C#, VB.NET (1756 views )
»MCA Software Developer : Dot Net, SQL Server (2297 views )
»Software Developer : Oracle PL/SQL, Salesforce, Unix, C (1746 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C, C++, Java, ASP.NET (2253 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C, C++, .Net (3329 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : HTML, JAVA, SQL, C & C++ (1660 views )
»Software Developer : C#,, JavaScript (1725 views )
»Software Developer : SRS, Turbo C,, Javascript (1516 views )
»Software Developer : ASP.NET, C#.Net, SQL Server (2190 views )
»Software Developer : C, C++, .NET, JAVA (1726 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C, C++, VB, .Net (1674 views )
»Software Developer : ASP.Net, VB, Java, .Net (1725 views )
»Fresher Software Programmer : C C++ PL/SQL (1626 views )
»Fresher Software Engineer : C, C++, Core Java, C#, SQL (1930 views )
»Software Developer : Java, J2ee, HTML, Java Script, VB (1876 views )
»Software Developer :,, SQL Server, C# (8934 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C, C++, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, JAVA (2026 views )
»Fresher Software Developer : C, C++, Oracle, SQL, Java (1993 views )
»Fresher Software Programmer : C, JAVA, HTML (2629 views )