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List of Fabrication Engineer Resumes( 49 )

Site / Construction >> Fabrication Engineer( 1414 )

»Steel Structural Fabrication/ Erection Engineer : Vendor manpower and machinery mobilization schedule chart according to the overall master, Get monitoring the production target achievement on day to day, week & monthly schedule. (1105 views )
»Fabrication Manager : Overall planning for project procurement like Raw material, consumables, spares, machineries, tools etc, Executional planning to execute the targets and dead line project. (747 views )
»Production/ Fabrication Engineer : Supervising and managing all construction activities of the project, Maintaining quality of work at site, Ensuring closure of all quality & safety snags. (1593 views )
»Fabrication / Structural Steel Engineer : Skilled in handling multifaceted projects involving Plan, Organize, Review, Schedule, Execute, Monitor, Control, Trouble shoot, Site inspection, ensure timely completion of project, Client relation, final closure & handing over to the client, Frequent site inspection for the physical verification of the progress, analyze daily progress report to preset timelines & cost parameters. (1305 views )
»Manufacturing / Fabrication Engineer : Production Planning & Control Project Management, Manufacturing Operations, Vendor Management, Machine & Manpower Efficiency, Process Engineering, Bill of Materials (BOM), Stakeholder Management, Total Quality Management, NDT, AutoCAD, MS Office (Excel & Word) (1367 views )
»Steel Fabrication/ Erection Engineer : Reviewing Steel Erection drawings, Checking civil foundations elevation before steel (columns / frames Erection) (1152 views )
»Mechanical Fabrication Engineer : Constantly monitor existing processes and continually drive Improvement Projects, Co-ordinates with project people, production foreman, purchase and stores team&arrange the materials in time. (3268 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Responsible for fabrication and erection of critical piping system like main steam, feed water, extraction system, steam dump etc. (2355 views )
»Structural Engineer : Supervising all type of steel fabrication works, Design all type of steel structural works, Responsible for the project management. (1717 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Study and checking of P&ID’s and isometric drawings and fabricating accordingly, Checking all the fabricated pipes by measurement and bringing about modifications accordingly. (1966 views )
»Steel Fabrication Engineer : Ensuring compliance to the production standards & continuous improvement in process capabilities during the Fabrication process, Supervising all type of steel fabrication works like tank fabrication, platform, baskets etc. (3504 views )
»Fabrication & Erection Engineer : Manpower Planning and scheduling, Checking civil foundations elevation before steel, Supervising ground assembly for main columns with beams to compose frames can be lifted and erected one time (7465 views )
»Fabrication/ Structural Steel Engineer : Plan and coordinate production processes on daily basis to produce high quality Products, Looking for all over the fabrication and assembly activity for complete project. (1772 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Ensure quality of fabrication from start to end, Provide technical expertise in resolution of problem encountered. (2876 views )
»Fresher Fabrication Supervisor : Knowledge in piping fabrication and erection work. (1956 views )
»Design & Fabrication Engineer : Production planning, scheduling and man power allocation, Execution of cutting plan on metals, Gives suggestion for fabricating components and implementing new techniques. (2249 views )
»Steel Structure Fabrication / Erection Engineer : Constantly monitor existing processes and continually drive Improvement Projects, Co-ordinates with project people, production foreman, purchase and stores team&arrange the materials in time. (12680 views )
»Erection & Fabrication Manager : Maintain record of DRGS in scope, upcoming & release to contractors & also maintain the DPR, BOM, Make work distribution for CNC machine for cutting drilling and plate cutting for Plasma etc. (3190 views )
»Fabrication & Erection Engineer : Fabrication, Erection and Commissioning of Steel Structures (Pre Engineered buildings ‘PEB’), Road bridge girders and Other infra structure, structural fabrication & Industrial plant setup, Peb supports member & Mezzanine structure, Tower supports structure, Power sub grid station,etc. (1417 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Supervising for fabrication of Heavy Structural Steel, PEB and erection of Heavy steel structures and Pressed Components, To achieve Daily, Weekly and monthly production target for Heavy, sheet metal fabrication and Press components., Development of new product. (4346 views )
»Piping Fabrication Engineer : Erection of all pressure parts of steam boilers involving Economizers, Evaporators, Steam & Mud drums, Water wall panels, Bed coil & Bank tube assemblies & all high pressure pipe lines. (4323 views )
»Erection/Fabrication Emgineer : Inspection of all Incoming Material Inspection as per the standards, Inspection of fit-up, dimensions, alignment and assembly works, Arranging fit up inspection as per dimension and elevation mention in revision drawing. (2348 views )
»Fabrication/Production Engineer : Detail Study of Purchase order, Drawings & QAP,Job allocation to Contractor according to skill, man power and quality of work, Co-ordination & interact with planning & purchase department about raw materials & brought items, Planning & scheduling of jobs. (5703 views )
»Machining/ Fabrication Supervisor : Work assign by works superintended, Final inspection of the Fabrication component and preparing final inspection report and Witness to Third Party Inspector as Per QAP (3296 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Supplier Quality Assurance, Inprocess inspection, Preparing the corrective Action Reports Using Kaizen ,8D Formats etc, Attending Customer audit. (3000 views )
»Erection/Fabrication Engineer : Preparation of Fabrication,Erection schedule to meet the target with in planned time frame, Manpower handling and stage inspection of structures at site, Certifying the sub-contractors bills and coordinating for preparing the client bill. (5713 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Responsible for Fabrication of Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Columns, Reactors, Storage Tanks, Process equipments, etc., Dealing with Vendor & PPC department and allocating jobs at various vendors. (5993 views )
»Fabrication/ Erection Engineer : Co-ordination with client & consultant, preparing DPR, and protocols for fabriction erection & commissioning, Preparing material requirements as per fabrication plan, Preparation of crane schedule for proper utilization of equipments. (3184 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Meeting strict deadlines and achieving production/manufacturing to dispatch the consignment, Quality assurance & quality control, Trouble shooting & Problem solving. (2546 views )
»Fabrication/ Erection Engineer : Design In Auto Cad, Managing Site, Checking Quality Of Work Done, Drawing Study, Quantity Calculatition ,material Arrangement For The Job, Project Planning, Preparing Report For Work Done, Costing, Taking Approval Of Work Done Form Client, Preparing Bill For Contractor. (2409 views )
»Fresher Fabrication Engineer : Autodesk Inventor, Proe, Html, Design And Fabrication Of Thermosyphon Exchanger And Use Of Rice Husk As A Heat Source. (2015 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : Fabrication of boiler structural members like columns,beams,Bridge channels for supporting hangers,Vertical bracings, Fabrication of coal bunker Supporting beams(max 5MT), chutes(10MT), Fabrication of ESP supporting columns, casing columns,Transverse beams, casing panels & hopper panels. (2813 views )
»Fresher Fabrication Engineer : Automobile Technology, Jigs and Fixtures design, Machine designing in CAD software, Production field. (2271 views )
»Production/ Fabrication Engineer : NDT Level 2,CNC Programming, Machine Maintenance which includes maintaining, recording and reporting of machine tools status, Production Stock maintenance (2896 views )
»Fabrication / Rework Engineer : Rework on all type of SMT,PLCC,QFN,QFP and other chip level rework, Both Lead and Lead free rework, Circuit diagram interpretation, Item issuing and item recover, Lab safety audits, Vendor follow up, Ensure that lab inventory is up-to-date on inventory (2195 views )
»Mechanical Graduate Trainee Engineer : Pro-e, Auto-cad, Fabrication & Erection Supervisor, Maintaining minimum maximum stock level of in store (2480 views )
»Steel Structure Fabrication / Erection Engineer : Supervision of Fabrication & erection of Pre-Engineering (3811 views )
»Steel Fabrication / Erection Engineer : CA/ IA Line Charging, Testing (2647 views )
»Fresher Power Plant Fabrication Engineer : CNC Part Programing, Ansysis, Hypermesh (2285 views )
»Structural Steel Fabrication Engineer : Primavira, Neasting, ERP (3295 views )
»Structural Steel Fabrication Engineer : Piping Fabrication, Equipment Erection (14100 views )
»GI Sheet Metal Fabrication Engineer : Quality control, Production Supervisor (7069 views )
»Storage Tank Fabrication Engineer : Cooling, Foam System Installation (11187 views )
»Boiler Fabrication Erection Engineer : IBR / ASME Codes Standards. (6449 views )
»Structural Steel Fabrication Engineer : Autocad, Piping, Gratings, Staircase, Hand Railing (3153 views )
»Fabrication Engineer : AUTOCAD, PRO-E (3059 views )
»Fabrication & Erection Engineer : Track Hopper, MB1, MB2, (14783 views )
»Steel Structural Fabrication Engineer : Ground Bunker, Transfers House, Drives House (3346 views )
»Structural Steel Fabrication Engineer : Quality GMAW ,SAW and SMAW Welding Inspection (4586 views )