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List of MIS Executive Resumes( 73 )

»MIS ANALYST : DATA MIS (0 views )
»MIS Executive : Preparing Daily MIS Analysis and Report Generation, Maintaining Process wise Data, Responsible for Timely Reporting of Allocation status. (54 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : Managed the day to day attendance of staff, Wrote reports and correspondence from diction and handwritten notes. (285 views )
»MIS Executive : Maintaining the Quality, Doing Maximum production, Applying required macros to make work easier (252 views )
»MIS Executive : Preparing Daily MIS Analysis and Report Generation, Maintaining and compiling daily / weekly/ monthly primary, secondary and closing sales data of the region. (252 views )
»Fresher Corporate Social Responsibility Executive : Preparation of monthly MIS report, MIS Expenses, Salary Advise, Facilitating employee requests (Address proof, pay slip, password, LTA etc.,) (91 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : Documents Verification, Excel, VBA, Powerpoint, HTML, Report Writing, Report Quality (410 views )
»MIS Executive : Managing local TMS system for resolving customer issues with related departments, Control functions are accurately completed with the agreed client CRM (308 views )
»MIS Executive : Handling Multiple Reports, Working With Formulas, Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts, And Various Other Excel Sheet Components For Accurate Data (1589 views )
»MIS Executive : Data Management, Preparing receiving and breakup of SLM through mail merge, Preparing report of admission session wise thought pivot table (502 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : CAF Checking & processing through system, after processing sent the same for Storage, Properly maintain Login VS Activation report sent it to sales team & HODs on time (395 views )
»Data Analyst : Design Queries with Different criteria’s, Complex formulas, Design Macros, Lookups , Formatting Techniques, Text Functions able to write complex formulas (599 views )
»MIS Executive : Handling, assisted with updating and maintenance of files for record keeping, Stamp files and materials received, sort material in accordance with filing system used, Maintaining office records, including records of all office expenses. (843 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : Master Creation/ Change, Pricing Master Change,Price Change Request From Depot/Sites, Invoicing / Pricing Queries. (417 views )
»Fresher MIS Reporting Executive : SQL Server, C, HTML, Core Java, Adv Java JDBC, Servlets, JSP (498 views )
»MIS Executive : Collecting Data From Different Sources, Data Mining, Data Correction, Claim Processing (1229 views )
»MIS Executive : Downloading and sending tender documents to regional offices, Arranging Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) in the form of Demand Draft, Bank Guarantee. (457 views )
»MIS Executive : Auto & Advanced Filtering, Conditional Formatting, and Data Validation, Pivot Table, Vlookup (), Hlookup (), and Index & Match, etc. (1073 views )
»MIS Executive : Maintaining Stock Database of the company is the key role, Maintain Purchase & Production Database of Company,Provide Paper Budget to Production Team, Purchase different types of Paper from supplier, Maintain Godown Stock register. (398 views )
»MIS Executive : Preparing & maintaining Process Reports, Creating Dashboard and analyse data, Logical area improved for creating Macro using VBA. (529 views )
»MIS Executive : Maintaining Stock Database of the company is the key role, Maintain Purchase & Production Database of Company,Provide Paper Budget to Production Team, Purchase different types of Paper from supplier, Maintain Godown Stock register. (462 views )
»Fresher MIS Executive : Excellent in MIS, Vlookup, Hlookup, Pivot tables and charts (872 views )
»Process Executive : Created and maintain complete records for all prospect and customer interactions. (353 views )
»Fresher MIS Executive : Excellent in MIS, Vlookup, Hlookup, Pivot tables and charts (637 views )
»MIS Executive : Knowledge of Pivot Table, Chart, V&H Lookup functions, Data Validation,Sum if,Count if. (954 views )
»MIS Executive : Knowledge of Pivot Table, Chart,Slicer, Logical functions, V&H Lookup functions, IF Statements, Nested If statement, Date & Time Formulas, Index, Match, String Function. (617 views )
»MIS Executive : Maintaining the Project Status from Received date to Delivery date, Preparing the Day, Weekly, Fortnight and Monthly Efficiency Reports of both Operators and Team Leaders in Excel Sheets format. (672 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : Documents Verification, Excel, VBA, Dashboard, Powerpoint, HTML, Report Writing, Report Quality, Research (567 views )
»MIS Executive : Responsible for all types of Reports, Dashboard & updating data in CRM, Data downloading, processing, cleaning and formatting (569 views )
»MIS Executive : ERP, Knowledge of Taxation, TDS, Service tax and E-payment of service tax (308 views )
»MIS Executive : Create daily, weekly and monthly reports, Records Management & Document Preparation, Manage accounts receivable/payable and reconcile accounts (729 views )
»MIS Executive : Creating and Maintaining Databases, Microsoft Excel, Office Equipment, Designing and Maintaining Filing System, Preparing Reports, Record Keeping, Customer Service, Teamwork, CRM Managment (730 views )
»MIS Executive : Preparing Material For Students and Evaluating their Performances, Conducting Meeting on weekly basis of the Management Committees, Preparing Salary Statement List of the Employees every month. (387 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : HTML, XML, CSS, XSL, Java Script, Citrix Environment, JAVA, C, C++, VBA Excel Macro (463 views )
»Data Analyst : Generate timely and accurate reports for analysis and Creating MIS/ Dashboard report and presenting it to the concern Department, Implement and analysis data to create weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to all over INDIA. (742 views )
»MIS Supervisor/Reporting Executive : MIS Report, Vlookup, Hlookup, Pivot Table, BRS, MS Office, Knowledge In Tally etc. (1003 views )
»MIS Executive : Generate timely and accurate MIS reports for analysis like Daily Collection Report, Daily Attendance Report, In & Out Report, Invoice Report,Outstanding Work Report etc. (1342 views )
»MIS Executive : Outstanding report, Purchase details report, sales details, overdue outstanding report, own stock report, production report, dispatch report, stock ageing report, production and planning, Presentation for management analysis, stock analysis. (Follow up from all the four units & Hisar and Jajpur Plant). CRDD Analysis, Budget Vs Actual production (771 views )
»MIS Executive : Daily and monthly dash board management, for individual and team, Maintaining relevant MIS trackers for effective functions and budgeting, Ensuring accuracy of data and Monitoring and implementations of processes and norms. (1029 views )
»Fresher MIS Executive : Managed table spaces and other database objects, Creating users, allocation to appropriate table space, quotas with necessary privileges and roles for all databases. (717 views )
»MIS Executive : Managing entire office MIS, Making quality sheet for sourcing, Managing all job positing on various job portals (979 views )
»MIS Reporting Executive : Exposure toward pitching survey questions to Tata Motors Customers, MIS Report preparing, Billing for services (916 views )
»MIS Executive : Responsible for all aspects of the day to day running, Handling daily correspondence, Emails, Handling Inventory function, Gold stock and diamond stock (707 views )
»ERP Implementer : ERP, JAVA ,SQL, Performing IT and technical support for computer system and database, such as backing up data, applying software patches, cleaning and restoring data. (446 views )
»MIS Executive : Receive document through web portal for index and verify the details and maintain records in Excel, Providing information in a concise and simple way to Senior Management. (939 views )
»MIS Executive : Adept at Creating table, views, synonym, sequences & Indexes, Data Base Auditing, Data Back up & recovery, Oracle Database Security & Net services, manipulate log files etc. (589 views )
»MIS Analyst : Generate and distribute management reports in accurate and timely manner, Provide recommendations to update current MIS to improve reporting efficiency and consistency. (4132 views )
»MIS Executive : PHP, Java script, JOOMLA, AJAX, Wordpress, Jquery, Smarty, HTML, XML, CSS, Java script, Dreamweaver, MySQL (522 views )
»Fresher MIS Executive : Tally ERP9, Busy(Accounting Software),Advance Excel (Vlookup, Hlookup, Pivot table,Count, Countif, Counta, Data Validateation, Data Short ),General Accounting, Taxation like as Sales Tax, Service Tax, Vat ,Tds , Income Tax. Banking , Costing &Auditing. (760 views )
»MIS Executive : Daily dashboard making presentations for reviewing on daily and monthly basis co ordinating with other departments for the data to analyse and present the same for the improvement , Bank/Vendor Reconciliation, leading a team of technicians, supervisors, coordination with vendors, Preparing repeort on site Expense on monthly basis, Leading circle, zone teams, meeting customers and attending to their operational expectations. (747 views )
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