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List of Micro Biologist Resumes( 56 )

»Microbiologist : Microbiological Practices, Anaerobic Culture Procedure, Sterilization & Biosafety Procedure, Some Experiments Related To Bacteriology (25 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Immunoassays, Isolation of chromosomal DNA, Isolation of plasmid, Preparation of competent cells, Restriction digestion (complete and partial) of DNA. (28 views )
»Quality Control Executive : Microbiological techniques, GMP, GLP, Microbiology (29 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Molecular Biology, Immunology, Pharmaceutical,food & beverages industry,etc. (47 views )
»Microbiologist : Production,Quality Assurance, HTML, Java Script,Ability to manage multiple tasks in a pressured environment (78 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Plant biology & bio technology, Sustainable Energy Resources and Renowned Food Concepts (62 views )
»Microbiologist : Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Bio-chemistry, Bio chemical Technique, Clinical Pathology and Haematology, Human Anatomy and Physiology (81 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Proficient in DNA isolation, SDS PAGE, Electrophoresis, Microbiology techniques (streaking, pouring, different media preparation), Lab scale bioreactor, Lypholyzer, Autoclave, Laminar air flow, Centrifuge machine, B.O.D. incubator (96 views )
»Fresher Qualitative Analyst : Microbiological Techniques And Biotechnology Instrument Handling, Biofertilizer Preparation, Production of Alcohol through Fermentation Technology. (90 views )
»Microbiologist : Genetics,Biomedical Tests,serology,haematology,immunology,microbial techniques (140 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Organic Forming, Role of Microbiologists, Chemists and Nutritionists in Food Safety, The study of bacterial isolates producing protease grown on skim milk agar (140 views )
»Lab Assistant : DNA, RNA, and protein extraction, agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, protein purification techniques. (119 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Media preparation for Bacterial Cultures, Serial Dilution Method for Bacterial Cultures, Pouring, Plugging, Slant preparation & Streaking on plates, Sub Culturing of Microbes, Isolation and Culturing of microbes from Soil Sample (Through Serial Dilution Method), Isolation and Culturing of microbes from Water Sample (Through Serial Dilution Method), Isolation and Culturing of microbes from Air. (Through Exposure Method), Biochemical Test for identification of Microbes, Determination of cell size of microorganisms, Staining(endospore, capsular, flagellar, fungal staining with lacto phenol cotton blue, actinomycetes staining and gram staining for bacteria), negative staining motility determination of bacteria ,Antibiotics Sensitivity Test,CULtivation of mushrooms ,Microbiological analysis of food products :-Bacterial counts, Methylene blue reductase test ,Standard qualitative analysis of water ,WIDAL test, Species identication of unknown bacterial culture. (192 views )
»Fresher Bio Technologist : Have basic knowledge of Cell and molecular biology, Genetics, Immunology, Biostatistics, Instrumentation, Biochemistry, Genetic engineering from Biotechnology, Know basics of Zoology, Botany and Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. (180 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Laboratory handling, Air polution controls by microorganisms, Green sulfur bacteria (171 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Environmental Science, Laboratory technician, Pharmaceuticals, Research, Recombinant DNA Technology , Agriculture, Food Industry (245 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Observing, monitoring and identifying microorganisms, Tracking of microorganisms in a range of environments, Monitoring and assessing samples from a range of sources (238 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Biochemical test of Microorganisms (IMVIC and Catalase test, Gelatin hydrolysis test, Phosphate solubilizing test), Fermentation technique (Production of Antibiotics, Wine, Citric Acid etc.). (434 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Agarose Gel Electrophoresis, Plasmid isolation and genomic DNA isolation, Serological techniques, Colorimetric and Spectrophotometric assays, Molecular characterisation by 16SrRNA sequencing. (376 views )
»Microbiologist : DNA and RNA Isolation, Estimation, SDS PAGE, Agarose gel, Formaldehyde Agarose gel, Cloning and transformation, Chromatography techniques, Microbiology Techniques, Phytochemical analysis, Water quality analysis (600 views )
»Fresher Biotechnologist : Plant Transgenics, Regulation of gene expression (RNAi), Molecular Biology (536 views )
»Molecular Biologist : Well practice handler of microbiological techniques, Bio informatics, Molecular Biology, Immunology Genetic engineering, Nanotechnology. (597 views )
»Fresher Biotechnologist : Microbial techniques Media preparation, plating, staining of organism, Enzymology Enzymes isolation, Enzyme activity, Immunological techniques ELISA, Immunodiffusion, Molecular techniques AGE, Isolation of DNA, Chromatographic techniques Paper chromatography, TLC, affinity chromatography. (576 views )
»Fresher Biotechnologist : Oncology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Cell biology, PCR , AGE, SDS-PAGE, Cloning, Immunoelectrophoresis, ELISA, Worked with molecular markers ISSR,SSR and RAPD markers. (504 views )
»Fresher Biotechnologist : DNA and RNA extraction, Pure culture techniques, Serial dilution, Slide preparation, Staining, Streaking, Aseptic techniques, Analytical techniques such as centrifugation, chromatography, electrophoresis etc, Fermentation processes and PCR applications, Hands on BLAST, FASTA & other Bioinformatics tools and Softwares. (536 views )
»Fresher Molecular Biologist : Downstream technologies, Microbiology, Genetic Engineering and Basic C programming, DNA and RNA isolation, Restriction Digestion, Ligation, DNA Gel Electrophoresis and Gel Extraction. (598 views )
»Fresher Biotech Engineer : Cancer Biology, Molecular Biotechnology, Immunology, pharmaceutical biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering and Bioseparation Enzyme kinetic analysis, Monod Kinetic Analysis, Sonication, Protein precipitation, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, Isolation of DNA from plant, Bacteria and Animal tissue. (634 views )
»Microbiologist : Measurement of bacterial and fungal growth, Antibiotic sensitivity test, Microbial examination of food, Isolation and enumeration of microbes from soil by serial dilution and agar plating method, Biomass estimation in a batch culture. (615 views )
»Fresher Biotechnologist : Estimation of protein, carbohydrate, reducing sugar, and amino acids, calculation of Km & Vmax values and Paper/column Chromatography, Basic microbiological practical, GLPs, pure culture techniques, bacterial staining techniques, biochemical characterization of microorganisms, bacterial growth kinetics, antibiotic assay and biochemical tests. (492 views )
»Fresher Biotechnologist : Nanotechnology, Immunology, Consumer protection, food adultration and Food safety, Biosynthesis of Silver Nano particle from sea Animal Extracts. (532 views )
»Fresher B.Sc Agriculture : Plant Protection (Plant Pathology and Entomology), Oracle, Tally, C++, Java Script, Rural Awareness Work Experience,Coordinator of All India Agricultural Student Association. (6480 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Studies On The Effect Of Bacteriocin Produced Bylactobacillus Sp. On Selected Bacterial Strains And The Production Of Lactic Acid From Waste Paper. (563 views )
»Fresher B.Tech. Genetic : Stem Cell Biology, Recombinant Dna Technology, Gene Therapy, Knowledge In Various Technologies Such As Elisa, Flow Cytometry, Biosafety Procedude, Drug Succeptibility Testing, Molecular Biology Methods, Etc. (569 views )
»Microbiologist : Complete Microbial Analysis Of Herbal And Probiotics Products I.e. Total Microbial Count, Coliform Count, Total Yeast And Molds Count, Total Viable Cells Count (for Probiotics) And Pathogen Testing. (596 views )
»Clinical Embryologist : Cryo preservation & Thawing of Embryos, Vitrification of oocyte, Embryos and Blastocyst Andrology, Semen Evaluation, SDSPAGE, Agarose Gel Electrophoresis,Plant tissue culture lab, Thin Layer Chromatography, Paper Chromatography, Slab Gel Electrophoresis, DNA isolation, RNA isolation, Spectrophotometer, Centrifugation, Gel Elution, PCR, Plasmid Isolation (3955 views )
»Research Analyst : Well versed in sterile microbiological techniques allowing the maintenance and growth of bacterial and yeast cell cultures, agarose gel electrophoresis, DNA and RNA Extraction and spectrophotometer. (575 views )
»Fresher B.Sc Biotechnology : Managing Diminishing Portfolio, Case Study Of Tata global beverages, Revival of dead product, Nursery management, Labor management (3900 views )
»Fresher M.Sc. Bioinformatics : Biochemical Techniques, Cell Line Maintenance, Subculturing and Media Preparation, PCR, DNA Isolation, Pure Culture Techniques, Staining and Biochemical Tests (2065 views )
»Microbiologist : Water quality testing, Detection of Sulphite Reducing Anaerobes, Aerobic Microbial Count, Air monitoring, Equipment hygiene and Personnel hygiene test, Colour,Odour,Turbidity,TDS (619 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : Quality assessment of milk & milk products (596 views )
»Fresher Biostatistician : Contribution to the theory of estimation in the presence of Measurement Errors, Estimation of Population Mean, Ratio and Product using Auxiliary Information in Presence of Measurement Errors (688 views )
»Fresher Aseptic Microbiologist : Culturing and Aseptic Technique, Enumerating Bacteria, Identification of Pathogen, Inoculating agar plates, Serial dilution, Plate counting, Most probable number determination, Using a spectrophotometer, Biochemical tests, Serotyping (782 views )
»Fresher M.Sc. Microbiology : Plant Biology & Bio Technology (7986 views )
»Microbiologist : Regulatory audit, Sterility test, BET test, Validation (724 views )
»Microbiologist : R&D, Quality control (799 views )
»Fresher Plant Biotechnologist : Cloning, Bacterial Transformation (788 views )
»Microbiologist : Quality control, Quality Assurance Manager (962 views )
»Fresher Microbial Biotechnologist : Plant Tissue Culture Techniques (900 views )
»Fresher Microbiologist : C ++,DBMS, Bio Informatics (4668 views )
»Microbiologist : Identification of bacteria, Bioinformatics, Plotting graphs (4436 views )
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