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List of Mechanical Design Engineer / Draftsman Resumes( 156 )

Design Engineering >> Mechanical Design Engineer / Draftsman( 1094 )

»Piping Draughtsman : Preparing Piping layout plan, P&ID, HFD, Piping General Arrangement,Plot layout, Preparation of Plant layout and Sewerage Networking piping drawings, Preparation & Good Knowledge of L- Section in Sewerage Treatment Plant. (234 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Managed independently material & maintenance planning and administered preventive maintenance and break-down areas successfully, Prepared reports and maintained ISO documentation under specified norms and maintaining the inventory statements and releasing production orders and preparing material master. (334 views )
»Mechanical, Piping & Structural Draftsman : Extraction of General Arrangement & Fabrication Drawings, Preparing General Arrangements drawings, Fabrication drawings & Fabrication Detailing of Steel Structures Industrial complexes like Pipe rack, Supporting Structures, Piping Support, Over Head Transmission Piping Layout, Equipment Layout, Isometrics, Bulk MTO, Steel Structural Drawings, back-up MTO Calculation, etc (270 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Solidworks & Autocad, Understanding the problem and making a rough sketch of concept of the required machine, Drawing of machine components and making assembly on Solidworks. (661 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Auto CAD,Pro-E Wildfire,CATIA ,Unigrpahics, Ansys,Hypermesh, Ability of effective application of GD & T and design concepts, Optimization of design and error handling, Ability to handle customer need and satisfying in the sense. (525 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Valves designing and drafting using AUTODESK Inventor (375 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Installation of machine and structure and its auxiliaries, Maintenance of all equipment at the site related to project and its accessories, Make all requests manually for both trouble shouting (Shut down) and planned maintenance. (484 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Autocad, Catia, Jigs -Fixtures & Gauges design for machining process, Design review & RFQ preparation, Manufacturability study (545 views )
»Design Engineer : Creo, Solidworks, Casting, Sheetmetal, Teamcenter (913 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Developed possible solutions for fitment of brass insert of PB casting and selected best of them, Constructed a prototype of selected solution by using CAD software (AutoCAD, Catia-V5), Tested it for stress and strain using Ansys workbench. (715 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Solidworks, Autocad 3D, Prepare daily production report & monitoring daily projects status (950 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Autocad, Creo, Solidworks, GD&T, Manufacturing Process Plan Design Preparation & BOM Preparation (976 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Preparation of system layout Drawing, Preparation of Equipment A Drawing, Detailing of shaft of its internal (647 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Autocad, Inventor, Design, Manufacturing, 3D Modelling, Assembling & Drafting For This Machine (678 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : GD&T, Sheet Metal , Product Development , Material Selection ,Assembly, Industrial Drafting ,Concept Design, BOM Creation (788 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Designing & drafting of Control Panel, Sheet Metal fabrication for Control Panel, Involve In designing and proto typing of various Electrical product such as Auto Recloser, Sectionalizer, Circuit Breaker and Many more. (1006 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Applied Thermodynamics, Power Plant Engineering, Dynamics of Machinery, Manufacturing Methods, Automobile Engineering (1095 views )
»Mechanical Design Enginner : Co-ordinating for training, Implementing Make planning sheet Operation Sequence, Time management Process planning, Team motivation, encouraging suggestion schemes, Do-it-right meeting. (816 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Contoured Complex Depressions, Steady State Thermal Analysis, Door Inner Panel Flanges, Stamped Sheet Metal Flange (851 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : CATIA, Solid Works, Python (1008 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Catia, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor, Ansys, Mastercam, Matlab (1734 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Autocad, Catia, Pro-E, Solidworks, Ansys (1389 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AUTO CAD ,CREO CATIA NX CFD (1997 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Solidworks, Creo, NX, Catia, Ansys (2213 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Mechanical Design, Drafting, Drawing, 3D modeling , Supervison , Production, Internal Inspection & Testing of Equipment (1775 views )
»Fresher Graduate Engineer Trainee : Solidworks, Ansys, Manufacturing Technology (1173 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Automotive Interior Trim, Plastic Part Design, Fuguai identification and rectification, FAT of machines to OEMs. (1212 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Plan and conduct all the related activities to accomplish project timely, with quality, safety as committed, Reviews and approves official letters, drawing, documents for erection purposes. (1402 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Autocad, Catia, Electrospining Process, Statistical Analysis, Laser Shot Peening Process (1181 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Arranging materials, Preparing check sheet for maintenance & done sap work for consumption of materials, Fixing vendor team for maintenance, Assembling & dismantling of gear drives. (1049 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Put up on different machines where different processes were there like casting, annealing, milling, rolling and trimming, Observing the process how metal sheets converted into another shape as per requirements. (1321 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Creation of concept modeling for structure and related mechanisms, Analysis and verification with team to prove the design to meet the requirements. (1167 views )
»Mechanical Design/ Planning Engineer : Design, model, and test prototypes for products, Using computer-aided design to create detailed designs and specifications, Knowledge about sheet metal component and development part. (1106 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCAD Training, Advanced Engineering Drawing, Basic Primavera Training, Organized and maintained files for all facilities and project documentation, Managed to draft and plot conceptual and final plans. (1133 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Welding, Piping, Leak testing, Proof testing, Documentation, ISO metric drawing interpretation, Heat treatment, Codes and standards, Destruction testing (1057 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Industrial Machine Installations, Manufacturing & Production Areas, Industrial Automation Projects. (1053 views )
»Mechanical CAD Design Engineer : CAD,CAM, CAE,UNIGRAPHICS, PMDD,Product/Mould Design. (1347 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Mechanical Design & Production, Creo, Autocad (1377 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Creating the Dimensional Drawings, Main Assembly Drawing, Part Drawings and the complete Bill of Materials for Part modeling, Sheet Metal. (1129 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCad 2D & 3D Modelling, Machine Design, C & Blue-J Languages (1225 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Unigraphics, Creo, Catia, Autocad, Engine Testing, Various Engines, Engine Assembly, Axle Assembly, Chassis Assembly. (1294 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Preparing aluminium sheet of fabrication drawing and related development drawing, cutting list, hardware & accessories list with related grid work. (1408 views )
»Fresher Graduate Engineer Trainee : Design, Manufacturing Technology, Unigraphics (NX CAD/CAM), Auto Cad, Ansys (1294 views )
»Mechanical Design & Development Engineer : Responsible For Developing Various Ranges of Control Valves for Low, Medium and High Pressure Drop Applications (I.E. Globe, Eccentric Rotary Plug Valve, Butterfly Valve) (1261 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Design and drafting tooling required for boiler pressure part manufacturing such as, Tube Bending Dies, Swaging machine Die , Tooling for Panel Bending machine , Hot bending machine, Flat Stud welding machine, Orbital welding machine, Panel welding machine, Automatic cutting edge preparation (ATCEP) machine, Tube chamfering machines (1486 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Pressure Vessel Design as per ASME standards, Experienced inMatrix 3D Designer Tool, Certified in CATIA V5 for designing. (1267 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : CAD Designing, Automobile and Its Automation, Unigraphics NX CAD/CAM, Solidworks, Autocad, Basics of CATIA (1296 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Solidworks, Autocad, Compressed Air Production Vehicle Suspension (1165 views )
»Mechanical/ MEP Draughtsman : Draft, plans and detailed engineering drawings for equipment, structures, installations, and fabrication projects, Prepares and revises engineering drawings, shop drawings, details, sections, SOPs and similar documents as directed (1291 views )
»SPM Mechanical Design Engineer : Solidworks, Solidcam, AutoCAD, Excel,Thorough knowledge of BOM and PPAP documentation. (4891 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AUTOCAD, CATIA, NX-CADD, Development of solid model with the help of 2D layout, Efficiently drafting, detailing, section with BOM, GD & T, Machining Symbols, etc. (1339 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Preparingbill of materials, Planning materials required for CNC machines, Assembling cylinder components and spindle components, Preparing purchase orders, Sorting out customer problems, Checking quality of products (1108 views )
»Mechanical Designer : Autocad, Microstation, Soildworks, Tekla, Frame Wroks, PDMS, Preparation of General arrangement drawing for Reformer, Designing of Radiant section for Reformer (1424 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Creo, Solidworks, Unigraphics, Catia (1257 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Auto Cad, Turning and Machining, Draughtsman Mechanical (1700 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Preparation/ Checking of Fabrication drawings with Complete Parts list Including Material Specification, Preparation of Drafting, Detailing & Checking of Transportation Structure for Equipments (1317 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCAD, CATIA & ANSYS, Measurement and Instrumentation, Manufacturing Science, Elements of Mechanical Engineering, Product design and Product tooling. (1409 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Knowledge about methods of designingbrackets, clips, connectors, Hands on 2D Checking With ECN, Prepares project documentation, and participates in design review at various design phases. (1332 views )
»Mechanical Draftsman : Piping & Pressure Vessel GAD, Piping Layout, Isometric & Support Details as per requirement of project. (1459 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : PRO-E,AUTOCAD,CATIA (1278 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Solidworks, CATIA, PROE & ANSYS, Solar Grass Cutting Machine. (1268 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Reviewing the RFQ from customer and preparation of quotation, Benchmarking activities of Seatbelt’ DAB, and STW components and discuss with CFT team. (1301 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Prepared G.A & Detail Fabrication drawings with Bill of Material for Pressure vessels, API Tanks, Knowledge for using Codes for drawing preparation. (2965 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Autocad, Creo, Catia, Solidworks, Unigraphics, CAE, Ansys, Hypermesh, CAM, Delcam Powershape & Powermill (1294 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Experience on Pro/E Wildfire, Familiar with Sheet Metal Operations, Knowledge of manufacturing processes like Machining & Forging. (1212 views )
»Mechanical Engineer Trainee : NDT level II, Auto Cad desiging, HVAC( heating ventilation) (1251 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Plant lay out design (main equipment and auxiliary equipments), Right Equipment selection to meet the desired production capacity as per the feasibility report, Work shop requirement and detailing. (1296 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Foundry, Machining Shop , Design and development of battery charging and testing unit by using non-conventional energy source. (1144 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Conventional Lines, Drawing Sheets, Orthographic Projections & Drawings, Isometric Projections & Drawings (5117 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Product life cycle management, Mechanics of materials, Design of machine elements, Mechanical vibrations, Fluid mechanics (1155 views )
»Draughtsman Mechanical : Detailing & Checking the drawings of Heavy engineering fabrication work, like Reaction Vessel, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, , Screw Feeder, Screw Conveyor, Ribbon Blender, De-aerator Storage Tank with supporting structure and their Bill of Materials for Chemical Plant, Sugar Mill Plant & Power Plant. (2652 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Design & drafting of various types end fitting (Hydraulic), Follow up development activities of new design end fitting, Design & drafting cuttings tool (as per machine), Reverse engineering of end fittings. (2184 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Autodesk Inventor and Solidworks (Part & Surface modeling, sheet metal, assembly & drawing mode), Customization of Design Process, Geometric Dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) (1615 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCad, Metal Detector Robot, Control a robotic vehicle using motors (1280 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Auto-CAD, Pro-E, Handling manpower according to shift, Working with mechanical graduates in developing new part of RE max and 4s RE chassis line. (1358 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Material Structural Drawing &Detail Drawings For Peb Structural Manufacturing Isometric Drawings, Preparation Of Fabrication Layout Structural And Maching drawing, Fabrication,Erection, Racking system in workhouses & malls, Project work. (2196 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Making cutting sketches for cnc cutting machine, cutting plan of plates,Allocations of header pipe & tubes for main bank, economiser, super heater & panels etc, Checking the marking of fitter, lay outing of main bank tubes, economizer tubes etc. (1692 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Preparation of HVAC Shop Drawings as per Standards and Consultant’s requirement, Preparation of SCHEMATIC Drawings for Fresh Air, Chilled Water & Exhaust, Preparation of Shaft Co-ordination Drawings for HVAC Services. (2420 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Autocad 2006 & 2009 (1977 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Autocad, Erection of Electrically actuated Sluice gates (1200 mm x 1200 mm) for under water reserviour to control the water for pump house, Erection of HSB type cooling tanks and their pipe line with accessories (1624 views )
»Pro-E Mechanical Design Engineer : Solid Works,Pro/E Tool (Modules like Modeling , Detailing and Sheet metal & Surfaces), Preparation of Bill of Material & detailing of concepts & releasing them. (1827 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : 2D Drafting and 3D Modeling (Autodesk authorized), CREO(ProE) for design - Basic, Advanced and Sheetmetal (PTC authorized) (1492 views )
»Pro-E Design Engineer : Pro-E, Asst Design Engineer, 3D Modeling, Assembly, Detailing. GD&T,Designing Fixture and Rig ,Various Testing Machinery (1787 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Catia,Hypermesh,Ansys,Done Project In Spur Gear With Asymmetric Tooth Profile And Hydraulic Cylinder Assembly (1495 views )
»Mechanical Cad Designer : 3DModuler & CNC Programmer & Drafting. (Uni Graphics & Pro/E) (1621 views )
»Mechanical Draftsman : Design and Engineering Drawings for Civil Engineering Projects, Urban Planning, Town Planning, Roads, Drainage, Sewerage and Potable & Fire water System. (1964 views )
»Mechanical Assistant Manager : Maintenance of CNC machine such as PMT, CNC Micromatic external grinding machine, Kirloskar, Budrus, Maintenance of External grinding conventional machine such as MTD Spline grinding, Schaudt Grinding, Heald, Parishudh. (1908 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Preventive and Break down Maintenance of Head Pulley, Tail pulley, Bend pulley, Snub pulley, Difflector pulley, Take-up pulley Plumber Block and Carrying Idlers. (1528 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Auto CAD,Pro-E Wildfire,CATIA ,Unigrpahics, Ansys,Hypermesh, Ability of effective application of GD & T and design concepts, Optimization of design and error handling, Ability to handle customer need and satisfying in the sense. (20480 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Preparation of detailed drawings, Piping Layout Diagrams, P&ID diagram, weld maps, traceability drawings, single line isometric sketch of the piping layout, GA drawings, Manufacturing Drawings. (1527 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Hydraulics and pneumatics system, CNC machine programming, Machine design, Quality control and reliability, PLC (1514 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Catia, Solid Edge, Ansys, Autocad, Responsible For End-to-end Creation Of The Parts, Assembling And Bill Of Materials In Catia, Drafting Of The Model As Per Standards. (1433 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Prepare 2D Drawing of Plant Exist Layout & Proposed Layout including Part Drawing, Fabrication Drawing & Machining Drawing, Fabricate the Part of Paper mill Equipment as per part drawing like Jumbo Press Section, Wire Part Section, Dryer Section, Size Press, Calendar, Pope Reel, Thickner, Vibrating Screen, Head Box Section Etc. (1516 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Designing of Water Treatment Plants (WTP Filter and Softener & other units), Designing of Sewage Treatment Plants, Designing of Organic Waste Convertor, Designing of Swimming pool equipment layout and piping details. (1281 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Designer : Efficiency Increasing system by using preheating methods, Piston used in all type of engine like petrol, diesel ,steam, hydraulic engine etc. (1438 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Preparation of Exterior Drawings for Aluminum facades, Structural Glazing, Aluminum composite panels, etc, Study of Architectural / Structural Drawings and prepare Tender Drawings keeping in view of the architect concept, Area calculation and preparing BOQ. (1565 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman/ Designer : Preparation of ISD drawing, CSD drawings & all sectional drawing for it�s clarification, Preparation of MEP detailed drawing, Designing of ducts using Duct later, Designing of pipes for open piping and closed piping using Standard graphs, Preparation of pipe fitting schedule for HVAC Drawings, Preparation of as built drawing coordinate with engineers, Preparation of chilled water & ducting schematic drawings. (1725 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Posses knowledge of Continuous Galvanizing Line, Slitting Line, Pickling Line, Rolling Mill Equipments & Production process of Strips,Project drawings, Part drawing, Plant layout & civil foundation of Process lines, Mill equipments & Auxiliary, Piping drawing hydraulic & pneumatic. (1638 views )
»Design Trainee Engineer : Designing Elevator Ancillaries, Handling Customer Queries, Preparing Various Document Related To Elevators Such As Job Order, Material Issue List & Etc, Site Observation, Autocad 2d & 3d. (1484 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : AUTOCAD, Pro/Engineer, ANSYS, C, Designing And Implementing Cost-effective Equipment Modifications To Help Improve Safety, Reliability And Throughput, Developing A Project Specification With Colleagues, Often Including Those From Other Engineering Disciplines. (1556 views )
»Fresher Machine Design Engineer : Dynamics of Machines, Designing, Workshop, Automobiles, Posses knowledge of practical Mechanics and CAD Designing. (1439 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Drafting Part Drawing of Twin Boom Stacker, Portal Reclaimer, and Stacker cum Reclaimer, Bucket wheel Reclaimer, Scraper Reclaimer, etc. with Complete B.O.M., Drafting of various types of Structural Drawings, Fabrication Drawings with machining tolerances etc. (2187 views )
»Turbine Design Engineer : Responsible for detailed planning & scheduling and coordinate onsite activities at Turbine DCS, and Turbine Field to ensure smooth work progress and timely execution of projects. (1797 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : I.C Engines, Heat Exchangers, Basics of solid works, Auto CAD, Catia, Present learner in ANSYS, Basics of C, HTML. (1502 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman/ CNC Programmer : Auto CAD/CAM, CNC Programming,VisiCAM SURF, Press Tool Designing, Design & Devloper, 3D Moulding. (2272 views )
»Design Engineer : Design & development of various standard and non-standard butterfly valves, Design calculations such as Torque, Shaft Diameter, Shell Thickness, Key, Taper Pin, Fasteners, Electrical Actuator selection, Making 3-D Models & Assembly of Products. (1616 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Designed A Hybrid Vehicle With Catia, Designed A Car Parts And Assembled To Make A Complete Structure Of A Car, Material Selection Of The Brake Disk, Caliper And Pad Based On Cost Efficiency With Respect To Strength, Weight, Wear, Life And Performance. (1591 views )
»Fresher Design Engineer : Excellent Skills In Catia (auto Cad, Rhinoceroce, Solid Works), Good Knowledge For Part Modeling, Surface Modeling, Drafting And Assembling In 3d, Knowledge Of Plastics, Rubber, Metals, Injection, Stamping, Paints And Manufacturing Methods. (1907 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Engineer : PRO-E & ANSYS, Designing and implementing cost-effective equipment modifications to help improve safety, reliability and throughput, Developing a project specification with colleagues, often including those from other engineering disciplines. (1651 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Designer : ProE, Ansys, Autocadd, Modelling And Analysis Of Planetary Roller For A Trolley, Draught System Pa,fd&id Fans And Lubricating System. (1471 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Responsible For Design & Development Of Car Lift & Elevator, Design Calculations For Stress Analysis, Field Problems Solving And Support Of Sales Representatives And Distributors, Solid Modeling & Detailing Of Vertical Honing Machine Components. (3358 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Auto Cad , Solid Works, Fabrication Drawings, Staircase drawings, Details, Bill of materials, Structural Drawings, Details and Bill of materials, Fabrication Drawings of Transformer. (2082 views )
»Machine Design Engineer : ProEngineer Wildfire, Solid Works, Auto cad, Solidedge, Preparation of assembly diagrams of complete machines, detailing out of components & preparation of Bill of material, Design Plan, Review, Verification and Validation of design. (3543 views )
»Design Engineer : Component designs, Injection Mold design /development ,Two / Three plate mould, Blow moulds, Hot Runner molds, Component designs , Progressive-cutting-tool design/development, Forming-tool design/development. (1448 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Design and Fabricator, Autocad, Auto Machine of hot Billet Feeding into Reheating Furnace, Lamina Flow Stirling Engine. (1829 views )
»Diesel Engine Design Engineer : Diesel Lobby & Locomotive, To Maintain The Minimum Stock Of Material In Department Required For Trouble Shooting & Maintanance, Manpower Distribution. (2079 views )
»Machine Designing Engineer : CAD/CAM, Machine Designing, Manpower planning & Allocation Responsible for shift activities of coke oven and record of production stock. (1711 views )
»Mechanical Draftsman : All Mechanical Drawing Through Auto Cad, Preparing There 2D G.A., Detailing & Bill Of Material, Tasks Will Involve Updating And Creating 2D Drawings Of Structural And Equipment Including Part-drawings, Conveyor Component Like Scraper Mounting Arrangement. (8400 views )
»Fresher B.Tech Mechanical : CAD & PROE Softwares, Experiment investigation of performance characteristics using powder mixed Dielectric in EDM process. (8554 views )
»Mechanical Draftsman : AutoCAD, Experienced in Designing all mechanical Equipments required for pumping stations and various mechanical work for pipeline work also. (2323 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : Injection Mould , Die Casting Die, Press Tool, Jigs & Fixture Designing, Core cavity generation, Solid modeling, Surface modeling, Drawing development, Automobile, Unigraphics, Master Cam, Knowledge of ProE (2008 views )
»Fresher B.E Mechanical : Heat Treatment, Autocad, Pnuematic Cup Making Machine, Harnessing Solar Power In An Efficient Way (1445 views )
»Fresher Graduate Engineer Trainee : Design software Solid Edge, CADEM, Ansys, Hypermesh, Power Plant Operation, Hydrostatic Fluid Analysis Of An Inflating And Rolling Tyre (1598 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Designed the wind tunnel for radiator performance testing analysis and monitored heat treatment processes using data Acquisition Systems with Bench link tool. (1723 views )
»Pressure Vessel Design Engineer : Pro-e, Catia , Solid Work, Ansys,Valve,Stack, Reactors, Tanks, Skids, Condensor, Evaporator, Heat Exchanger, Programmable Logic Control, Designing, Analyzing, Automobile Field (4437 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Catia, CAD/CAM/CAE, Electromagnetic Braking System, Heat pump as alternative to solar water heater, Nanotechnology (1663 views )
»Cranes Component Mechanical Design Engineer : Pro/E Wildfire, KissSoft (2620 views )
»Control Valve Design Engineer : Catia, Pro-E, Solid Works, Auto Cad (6179 views )
»Pro-e Design Engineer : Solid works, AutoCAD (4644 views )
»Fixture Design Engineer : AutoCAD, CATIA ,UniGraphics (9358 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : PRO/E, Ansys, Sheet Metal Design (3992 views )
»Mechanical Process Design Engineer : Intergraph SmartPlant P&ID, Micro station (2100 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Ansys, Dynastac, Pro-E, AutoCAD (2528 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Desigh Engineer : Ansys, MAT Lab, AutoCad (3133 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Design Engineer : Pro-e, Wildfire, Catia, Ansys (7841 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : AutoCAD, Fabrication, Equipment design (6124 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Pro-E Wildfire, CATIA (2165 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : AUTO CAD , PRO/E(Wildfire) , CATIA, Harness routing, Sheet metal modeling (2404 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Preparing Cost estimation & Preliminary Bill (2423 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Autocad, Installing and commissioning (2049 views )
»Crusher Plant Mechanical Design Engineer : Pro E, Wildfire, AutoCAD (3802 views )
»ProE Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Pro Engineer, Alibre, Solid edge (2047 views )
»FEA Engineer : HyperWorks, ANSYS, Pro-E, AutoCAD (3722 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : ANSYS, CFD/CFX, HYPERMESH, PRO-Engineer, Solid works, AutoCAD (2209 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Auto CAD, ZW CAD (2542 views )
»Mechanical Engineer : Monitoring And Analysis DPR (1983 views )
»Mechanical Engineer : Autocad, Maintenance & Production (1993 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Pro-E, Wildfire, CATIA, Auto Cad (2279 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Scraper Chain Arrangement and Shovels (2867 views )
»Mechanical Draughtsman : AutoCad, Strucad Modeling (4863 views )
»Mechanical Design Draftsman : Auto CAD, BMS Panel, DDC Panel Wiring Drawings (3161 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : Auto Cad, Solid Edge (2306 views )
»Mechanical Design/ Development Engineer : AUTOCAD, CATIA V5, PRO-E (2885 views )
»Mechanical AutoCad Design Engineer : CADCAM, Autocad (10081 views )
»Fresher Pro-E Mechanical Design Engineer : Auto CAD, SOLID EDGE, Ansys (2349 views )
»Mechanical Design Engineer : ProE, Wildfire, Solid Works (2320 views )